Author Interview: Poet Nikhil Parekh

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I first learned of Nikhil Parekh in the Lulu Community forums. He posts multiple poems in the Poetry Corner forum every day, and I found myself very curious and wanted to know more about who this very talented writer was.

Poet Nikhil Parekh

Poet Nikhil Parekh

Hi, Nikhil. Thank you for agreeing to do this interview with me for the Lulu blog. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Nikhil Parekh. I am a Love Poet & Five-Time World Record Holder with the Limca Book of Records India (Only 2nd in official world rankings to the Guinness Book of World Records) for my Poetry. I am located on planet earth as is everyone around me by God’s grace. But pragmatically speaking I live in Ahmedabad, a royally sweltering city of India. To know more about me, my poetry, poetry books, awards and works please visit me online at or

So, to begin with, I would love to know how it all started.

Wrote my first poem at age 12 yrs or so. That was about a ‘dog’ whom I perceived as a peaceful friend. Penned a few sprinkling of poems during this time. After that didn’t write till age 21 yrs. But after completing college and my Civil Engineering studies I have been writing in my mortal capacity since last 9.5 yrs or so. The ramification of which has rendered over 7000 pages of my Poetry on God, Love, World Peace, Womb,  Anti Terror, Environment, Life, Death, Lovers, Love, Unity, Brotherhood, Humanity.

What drew you to poetry?

God is the greatest Poet and his enchanting Universe the greatest poetry. If we look around us there’s poetry of the most unassailably majestic forum unveiling by the grace of God. That is my ultimate inspiration. Human beings are fickle in attitude; they might inspire one instant; the other moment they’d baselessly ostracize. Therefore the entire credit of my writing and poetry goes to the Creator and his undefeated Universe. I write poetry which is uninhibited and replete with analogies to deliver a strong message for the betterment of all living kind.

What are your poems about? Do you have any running themes?

I write poetry spontaneously. Whenever a thought strikes me; it might be at any hour; but if I feel the magnetic impulse to write, I’ll do it. Therefore there’s no running theme. Its unabashedly natural. I’ve written thousands of poems on Anti Terror, Environment, Global Warming, Adopting Girl Child, Children, Friendship, Love, Peace- at times evoked by what was happening around me; at times when things seemed all peaceful and mellifluous; but because my fantasy/perception took me there. So its all absolutely natural. That’s the way I am. I don’t set myself tasks; because then that’s not poetry. That’s monotony and robotic work. But whatever comes my way in its most uninhibitedly vivacious form; I set upon to do with the romantic winds of existence tingling my stride. Another thing; before I set to type a poem on my laptop; its already there; every bit of it in my mind evolved as it should be written. My hands then become my quintessential tools to pen the rhapsody of unblemished thought down.

Has poetry changed your life in any way?

Only God can change things and govern the planet as he likes. All of us humans and living beings; irrespective of caste; creed; religion and color are nothing infront of the Lord Almighty.  So Poetry hasn’t changed my life; but because I was destined to write Poetry by his grace; it has given me my direction to live. It has revitalized my beleaguered persona to triumph with the spirit of love. It has perpetuated my existence with the freshness of truth- as blazing as the rays of the invincible Sun.

There is a poem of mine “Writing Poetry” and what it means to me. I’d like to share this with all my readers. The same can be read online. (This describes in all its unflinching profoundness and answers your question)

Have you visited Lulu’s new Poetry site, Lulu Poetry From a poet’s perspective, what do you think of the site? is a revolution for poets across the world. I was stupendously enthralled witnessing it now under Lulu helm. The most popular domain for Poetry and Poetry’s largest website on the internet is truly amazing to view. This website has so many resources, contests, patronizations, feedback for poets that its almost a one-stop destination for poets globally. Being online it unites poets from across the globe into a religion of friendship and provides them an efficacious platform for their works. Though I couldn’t find a section for poets from India (India isn’t listed in countries when you submit for the contest) at the website. Am sure it’d be introduced soon. As time unveils, I feel would be the internet’s most royal answer for poetry. I for one look forward to this internet Poetry giant to unveil itself in its entirety.

Nikhil Parekh, 31 yrs, from Ahmedabad, India– is a Love Poet and Five-time World Record holder with the Limca Book of Records India (Only 2nd in Official World Rankings to Guinness Book of World Records) for his poetry.

These 5 world records held by Parekh with the Limca Book of Records are for:-

  • “Being the 1st Indian Poet to be published/featured in McGill English Dictionary of Rhyme which is the World’s Number 1 English Rhyming Dictionary—for his poem: Come Lets Embrace our New Religion”
  • “Being the 1st Indian Poet to have won Poet of the Year Award at the Canadian Federation of Poets which is Canada’s National Poetry Body endorsed by Governor General of Canada”
  • “Being the 1st Indian Poet to be published in a Commonwealth Newsletter for his poem on AIDS which is ‘Aids doesn’t kill. Your Attitude kills.”
  • “Being the 1st Indian Poet to win an EPPIE award for best poetry e-book”
  • “Writing the most number of letters to and receiving the most number of replies from World Leaders and World Organizations”.

A complete compilation of his poems, poetry books, world records in poetry, projects, awards and works can be browsed online at or

Visit Nikhil Parekh’s Lulu storefront.

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  1. I am new to this and getting started at publishing some of my 42 poems and a life story with epilepsy and overcoming it.

    My primary question is “do you allow or have a way to submit or upload individual poems to get replies on them?” If so, what would the procedure be?

    Thank you. Kay

  2. I love poems but I think poems doesn’t like me. I wanted to write poems, but somehow I don’t know where to start. So my question is, what are your techniques in making poems?
    St Joseph Statue