New Barcodes on CDs and DVDs

In an effort to streamline our DVD and CD creation process, Lulu has recently implemented the use of barcodes. These barcodes are very small (1.5” x 0.5” or 3.81 x 1.27 cm) and will appear on various sections of the CD and DVD finished product. The implementation of these barcodes is strictly for the purpose of keeping the various pieces of your project together during production, and is not for the purpose of assisting in retail sales.

The location of the barcode varies.

For DVDs:
* the barcode appears on the back of the case in the upper right-hand corner, 0.125” (or .32 cm) from the spine and 0.25” (or 0.64 cm) from the top.
DVD Case

For CDs:
* the barcode appears on the back of the insert in the upper right-hand corner, 0.125” (or .32 cm) from the top and side.

CD Insert

* the barcode also appears on the tray card (back of the case) aligned to the bottom right-hand corner.

CD Tray Card

On all discs:
* The barcode will appear horizontally, 0.375” (or .95 cm) from the edge of the disc, 1.48” (or 3.68 cm) from the center.
Disc Template

You can find templates with the proper dimensions in our help section here:


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  1. Does this mean the Lulu CD burning process is again working? It was definitely not working a few weeks ago when I tried to burn a CD for my storefront hosted here. I was one of the ones that left messages to alert that it was not burning a ISO image #. Please let me know (I will post on Forum also) as I still wish to burn my Piano Jazz CD here in a LULU version. Thanks, michael guy

  2. carolhousel

    Hello Michael,
    I believe I answered you in the forums, but just to be clear, yes the CDs and DVDs are working!

  3. Joel

    We don’t want the bar codes on the compact disk itself. Is there anything we can do to have that particular bar code removed?

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