Blog Maintenance (3/19/08)

The Lulu Blog is moving house, and a few things may be a bit wonky while we do. Please pardon the mess, we should have things straightened out shortly.

Well, it appears that everything is working again. Thanks for your patience!

The Management

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  1. Michael

    Hi. I am trying to find help on how to embed fonts in the existing pdf file. I have acrobat and GSView, tried converting to PS and back to pdf,
    but it did not work so far.

    Will appreciate your advise.

  2. June 6,2008

    I know this is an old link. But I’m what is going on with logging onto the LuLu home page or ..just opening it for that matter.
    Which I have been trying to do for a month or more.
    I also called your office and left a message to find out and as of yet have recieved no reply.

    I’ve never had problems before opening that page before. I figured maybe there was some construction going on or something. Has something changed on you website? Some kind of upgrade or something.

    Thank You