Introducing The Improved Lulu Studio!

Drum roll, please!

Lulu Studio v2

Last night Lulu released a few updates to our site. Some were long awaited fixes to problems like the preview bug, (yes, preview is fixed!) and other changes were things that probably didn’t affect you in the least. The biggest change you will notice is the improved sleek new Lulu Studio v2!

Lulu Studio v2

As you use Lulu Studio v2, you will notice the shiny new design, the new and more user-friendly interface, and all with much faster performance!

Lulu Studio v2

For a complete list of release notes, click here!

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  1. Thomas J. DePrima

    The lead-in to this blog stated that, ‘Yes, the preview has been fixed.’ If you call this fixed, I’d like to go back to the old system. The preview for BOTH my books has problems.

    On project ID 1287398 (A Galaxy Unknown) a banner image is superimposed on every page of the preview, making the top part unreadable.

    On project ID 1318133 (When The Spirit Moves You) nothing comes up at all. I sought on-line help and was told to delete the preview, wait a day, and then reload it because the computers have buffer problems. I tried it. It didn’t work. Since then I’ve tried to reset the preview at least half a dozen times. Presently, nothing comes up, and I can’t make any progress with your system.

    I’ve reported these problems in writing, but have heard nothing back. The problem with the preview on the second book came about because a reader reported four typos. I made the four simple corrections but the preview information on file was wiped out. Uploading a corrected story shouldn’t affect the book information file.

  2. Carol

    Hi Thomas,
    Your previews look fine to me. One takes a little longer to load (a few seconds) but it looks good.

    I sent your issue to Customer Service, but I think that if you are still having difficulty you should send an email to
    Many thanks!

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