A New & Improved Lulu Search Engine

We are happy to announce a new feature to Lulu’s Marketplace which will dramatically improve your ability to search, browse for and find content relevant to you.

The new Lulu 2008.4 release brought the usual amount of bug fixes, but the new feature released was a new search engine based on Solr. You don’t have to know what Solr is or why it’s important, but what you will notice is a new search box in the results displayed from your query that looks like this:

search ui screenshot

This new search box is contextual in nature, meaning that features are only displayed in response to your actions. This means you have a powerful arsenal of search options, but the screen isn’t cluttered with check boxes and drop-down menus. To try it out for yourself, just search for anything on Lulu. You’ll see the new search box at the top of your results.

In addition to the snazzy new interface, we made plenty of other changes that will help shoppers better find what they are looking for. Some of these improvements include:

Have you had a chance to see the new Lulu Search in action? Let us know what you think by commenting on this post.

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One Comment

  1. Giuseppe

    I don’t know who to write, but I have important suggestions to give for the cd audio section of the site… if you have an address I can write to, please give me it… or if you can post them to someone of the creators, well, here they are.

    I believe the audio cd part is a bit the Cinderella of Lulu, at the moment. So many things to improve! But bands and artists, and listeners also, are so exactingly!
    A music cd is (more today than ever, as an object of choice in opposition to mp3!) a piece of art and should be perfect as the ones sold in shops!

    Many things can, and should, be improved a lot.

    1- Why don’t you give the “pro user” the possibility to upload a premade iso file? So we could be sure our project is identical to the cd’s we sell in shops? I refer to pauses between tracks, track names visible in certain cd players and important features one cannot manage just uploading the simple .wav files
    For an example, My band’s cd features a special cd-rom session and Lulu version won’t!

    2- Then, I suggest you to improve a lot the artwork part… why not letting us upload a full .pdf artwork for the booklet, instead of single parts? my artwork consists of two foldable pages, but I found I had to cut it into single faces. and I just can’t imagine what could happen if my cd had a full 24-page booklet :-O You should try and give a look to what photobucket offers to its users, it’s GREAT, just like a little online photoshop. And you should add to it a possibility to have a preview of the result (i.e. with a prospect of the plied side of the cd). Science fiction? Not for an important company like Lulu.

    3- Last thing: you should offer alternatives to jewel cases, at least the widely used and beloved digipack…

    I believe an important company like Lulu should always be one step ahead of people’s expectation and I’m sorry to say that’s not the case with audio cds.
    Giuseppe Iacobaci

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