Tips & Tricks: Make Your Book Green!

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Make your Book Green – eBooks for earth friendly publishing!

eBooks are books in electronic format. Like other electronic data, they can be distributed easily across networks, downloaded immediately and viewed on a screen. With several eBook readers now on the market, making your book available to a wider audience just got easier.


With this month’s installment of tips and tricks, here are some things to keep in mind when publishing your eBook.



Before starting with your eBook you should:

  • Select appropriate typefaces to make it visually appealing and easy to read for a longer period of time.
  • Keep your eBook well organized and easy to navigate. Make sure your eBook includes images that will enhance its appearance and compliment your subject matter.



Your eBook should include:

  • Opening Page: This page should include the title of your e-book and an image or Logo that fits the topic you are writing about.
  • Foreword: Information with regard to your copyrights, disclaimers or other important information.
  • Instructions: If needed, you can provide instructions how to navigate your eBook.
  • Table of Content: To assist your readers in easily locating each section of your eBook.
  • Chapters: Divide your subject into approximately 10 – 12 chapters. Chapters should be displayed in a larger, bold font. Each new chapter should start at the top of a new page.
  • Create a clean lay out to give your eBook an interesting and professional look and feel.

Lay out:
Your eBook should be well organized so that your readers can easily find important information.

  • Establish a hierarchy of type sizes for headlines, subheads, etc.
  • Be consistent with formatting.
  • Use lines to organize information.
  • Outline a photo or separate it from other elements. The use of space (negative space), is very important as it gives the eye a visual rest, makes a layout easy to follow and can draw attention.
  • Use borders to enhance your eBooks’ appearance and to lead the reader thru the page.

eBooks can be created just like a website. In order to navigate through the pages, you’ll need to include good navigational links on each page.

An eBook cover reflects your image. Well-designed covers will increase sales. If you need tips on what makes a great cover, read our previous post on covers: or let the professionals take care of it by going to our Lulu at your Service:

Now that you’ve created your eBook, make sure your audience can take it with them!
Lulu offers services to optimize your eBook for the Sony eBook reader and the iPhone ( Don’t miss out on reaching your digital audience!

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  1. Hi —

    We LOVE this ebooks idea; and intend to deploy it in future publications.

    We also have a request/ suggestion;

    Would it ever be possible to allow publishers to include a video trailer embed on the individual book’s page — or at the very leat — on the storefront page?

    Our books, for example, each have video trailer shorts we have created to help with marketing. /it would be so nice if we could associate them with the lulu pages; rather than have potential buyers in a disconnect between the video and the purchase site.


  2. Pradeep Verma

    Thanks for a great newsletter regarding ebook tips and tricks. these tips are really wonderful.



    I am in the process of finishing up on an e book that I would like to publish, but I would like to sell it. Does this service enable that capability?

  4. Lauren Parker

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m glad you are enjoying the tips and tricks section of the newsletter. Please pass the newsletter to your friends.

    * 4465 PReSS – We will have a tip and tricks section on video trailers and how to use them on Lulu in one of our upcoming newsletters, so be on the look out for it.

    * Pearlie Jones – You can sell your eBook on our site. Go here for more information on publishing and setting up your eBook for sale through the Lulu Marketplace:

    Keep reading the newsletter and thanks for the feedback!


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  6. David Garcia

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