A couple recent happenings here at Lulu…

  • Free ISBNS and Expanded eligibility – Did I stutter? No, seriously! For a limited time only we are offering our PBL (Published By Lulu) ISBN service w/ retail distribution, free of charge! Click here for more details.

In addition, we’ve also just recently introduced a new expanded eligibility plan for distribution which should allow more published content into our distribution programs than ever before. Check to see if your book is eligible and sign up today!

  • Lulu users in the UK will be pleased to learn that we’ve expanded our payment options to allow payments using the Visa Electron in £ (GBP). In the coming months, we hope to offer even more payment options in both £ Pounds Sterling as well as the € Euro.
  • For Photo book creators we’ve expanded on some image editing features in the Lulu Studio™ allowing users to rotate the angle of their images within a photo book. If your digital photos were taken at an angle that prevents them from displaying right side up, simply hover your mouse over the image to display a “rotate” icon which will allow you to rotate your image 90 degrees at a time.


Lulu Studio now allows you to rotate imageswithin your photo book.


  • Flash Previews are now available for Lulu Studio™. We’re happy to announce that we are able to offer the same Flash-based previews for Lulu Studio photo books that we offer for our full line of book products.





  • Lulu’s Community Homepage has had a bit of a makeover. While aside from appearance, not a whole lot has changed, we think you’ll find the new layout much more appealing and user-friendly.





Additional release notes and other fixes have also been posted here in the forums.



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  1. You all are doing great things for us!

    Can you tell me how to apply to become a Community Service Provider?


  2. Carol

    Hi Patrick!
    Thank you for the compliment.
    Information on becoming a Service Provider can be found here: http://www.lulu.com/en/help/index.php?fSymbol=how_do_I_become_a_provider

    Best wishes,

  3. Neil LaChapelle

    I am having some trouble with the free Published by Lulu offer. I am pretty sure I meet all the eligibility requirements. I click on the link next to my project, and it takes me to a page that reads: “There was a problem with your request… You can only purchase one distribution for one project at a time. Please check out before purchasing another ISBN.” I haven’t seen any other message after clicking on that link. Please advise.

  4. Adam Guida

    Hi Neil,

    It’s hard to say, but if you book meets the requirements listed here in our Help section here: http://www.lulu.com/en/help/index.php?fSymbol=distro_eligible for Published by Lulu, then you are most likely eligible. If you’re still having trouble, please speak with a customer service representative by clicking on the “Live Help” button on any page within Lulu.com


  5. Estou ansioso para publicar os meus livros no Lulu Editora, e assim divulgar tabalhos que considero importantíssimos.

    Acudir com assuntos relevantes sempre vão dar mais propriedade a literatura.

    Abraços a todos da comunidade

    Paulo Cavalcante,
    São Luis

  6. Adam Guida

    Obrigado San Luis. Boa sorte!

  7. You have been of great assistance to individuals and small publishers. We are very thankful to you. we are concerned, however, that you are increasingly moving towards paid services and taking larger commissions on sales and services that your offer. Is this a strategy that will lead to you ending the free or low cost services that you have provided the little guy in the past?

  8. PZ


    Is it still available? It doesn’t read as free on the page link lisred in this post. it reads that the cost is 99.


  9. Nick Popio

    Hi PZ,
    Yes, it is still available for free.

  10. Kay

    I’m curious why Lulu is no longer accepting applicants for service providers in the U.S. Is there a set number of providers allowed from each country per number of number of books published by writers in those countries? Also, what about those of us who maintain citizenship in two countries with primary residence in US? Lastly, what is the specific criteria used to select service providers? Must they maintain active service in order to continue? When/how often are providers reviewed to ensure compliance and continued offering of services? Thank you for addressing my questions. I’ve been a long time user of Lulu (almost since the site was established).

  11. I am SO frustrated with this website. It is constantly locking up when dragging photos onto layout pages. The images waiting to be dragged will disappear. I downloaded flash 10 and still am having problems. I would really like to use this site, but am about to give up. Four days of trying!!!

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