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My European Adventure

If you’re like me, then you probably still have all the pictures from that fabulous vacation you took last year taking up memory on your digital camera, or if you were really productive, then you might have transferred them to your computer. Now they’re sitting in your “My Pictures” folder, and you’re wondering what to do with them.

Fortunately, we have an answer; publish a photo book on Lulu!

Recently, I took the pictures from my trip to Europe last spring (yes, as in 2007) and made a book using the Lulu studio. I was amazed at how easy it was. The entire process took less than two hours of my time, and most of that was choosing which pictures I wanted to use. Did I mention I had a lot of them?

With the Lulu Studio photo book tool, you can control

  • The binding and trim size
  • Which of the different themes you want to add to the style and look of your book (ex: modern, wedding, summer vacation, holiday, etc.)
  • The various formats for each page complete with allotments for captions and text.

Once you’re done, voila…you have designed and published your very own photo book. Not to mention, freed up a little more space on your memory card.

Helpful Hint: Remember to edit your pictures, if need be, before uploading them.

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  1. Thomas Gregory

    I really enjoyed the book by Cary Allman. It
    inspired me to do a book on my travels in the Greek Ilands and espeacially,Crete where I haave a small villa in the village of Agia Galini, near Matala on the Libian Sea. I found the commentary very expressive and the descriptions made me feel I was there, I have a small farm on my Family’s ancestral lands in the Val de Loire. So, many of the photos were nostalgic for me!!
    Hopefully Cary will produce another book on his next holiday travels! ι ςιση ηιμ μθψη λθψκ ιν ηισ ςριτινγ, Υασοο!!!