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In June, the star of one of the most famous adult films published a book through about how she became an erotic film star with the making of “The Devil in Miss Jones” in 1972. The book reveals her life for the next 30 years after the release of the film.

Her full biography can be found at her website:

Click here to buy The Devil Made Me Do It by Georgina Spelvin.

She was kind enough to take the time to answer the following questions via email.

The film “The Devil In Miss Jones” followed the release of “Deep Throat.” How much of “Deep Throat” being a mainstream success, and getting mainstream acceptance, played a part in you taking a role in the movie?

None at all. I had never heard of the movie “Deep Throat,” or Gerard Damiano, when I sought and got the craft services job for his shoot. When he offered me the role, in addition to the job cooking, I must confess the first thing that entered my mind was, “A LEAD ROLE in a movie?” The second was, “A hundred dollars a day – plus twenty-five a day to cook? There’s next month’s rent!”

In the past few years we have seen adult film actresses once again gain acceptance by the public. How different is this from what you experienced back in the early 70s?

The “star treatment” I got for a year or so after “Devil” was released was, I must confess, delicious. Perhaps not as satisfying as the “star treatment” I got playing Gladys (the Shirley MacLaine role) in “Pajama Game” in the ‘50s – especially on the South African tour for Twentieth Century Fox. It’s heady stuff, whatever the venue. But as Emily Dickinson said, “…fame is a dubious meal on a slippery platter.” I was surprised and embarrassed by the fame that followed the release of “Devil,” and I certainly never expected to be accepted by polite society at that point. The polite society I grew up around spoke of such things, if at all, in a whisper. Still do. If the ladies of adult film are being accepted by the public now, I’m glad to learn of it.

What led you to retire from the adult film industry?

At thirty-six years of age, I was rather old for the genre when I appeared in “Devil.” Ten years later, I was ten years older. I’m amazed I lasted as long as I did. I didn’t exactly retire. I got a day job.

What led you to a career in computer design?

That day job. It was as a secretary for the department of a medical society that published the in-house organ (a slick magazine) for the membership. Our printing service begged us to start sending our copy digitally and even gave us a computer so we would. It was the first such beast to make an appearance in the staid halls of the association. This was in 1984. When my boss asked who wanted to ride the thing, I nearly broke my arm volunteering. I needn’t have shown such enthusiasm. Nobody else wanted to touch the thing. It was the beginning of a long-lived love/hate relationship. I talked them into trying a desktop publishing program I was dying to get my hands on for the layout of the book. It took a lot of memos, but we finally got one and I taught myself to desktop publish. I knew even then that I was going to build a book some day. I always thought that when my dancing days were done, I would grow up to be a “Lady Writer in a floppy hat, relaxing on a white wicker chaise in the shade of a moss-laden tree while sipping a tall, mint-y drink and penning poignant prose.”

Why did you decide to write a book chronicling your experiences after filming “The Devil in Miss Jones”?

Well, actually I didn’t. Many adult film stars did, of course. And I was approached by some publishers who were doing other porn bios, but they all had their own idea of what such a book should be – and it wasn’t what I had in mind. I was stubborn. I was determined to write it myself. I even bought a floppy hat. OK. So it took me thirty years. I’ve been busy.

Your Wikipedia page says you suffered from Polio as a child, but recovered and went on to be a dancer on Broadway in such musicals as Guys and Dolls, Sweet Charity, and The Pajama Game. How much of this is true?

I have one leg a bit smaller and shorter than the other. It was speculated when I was in my early teens that an illness I had suffered at about the age of three had probably been polio. I don’t know if it was or not. Yes, I did dance on Broadway in “Pajama Game,” as mentioned, and “Cabaret.” I was in a production of “Guys and Dolls” with Vivian Blaine that played the White House for President and Mrs. Johnson. I was Shirley MacLaine’s dance double in the movie “Sweet Charity.” Pretty close for Wikipedia. They insisted for a long time, until I figured out how to edit their stuff, that my “real name” was Dorothy Mae. I mean, really. Why not Felicia, or Brittany? Dorothy Mae?!

How did you get your roles in the Police Academy movies?

Paul Maslansky, the producer, wanted a “name” adult film star for the podium scene so they tracked me down. Another piece of dumb luck.

What are you up to now?

I’m up to my ears in books and mailing envelopes – trying to let the world know the book’s for sale: mailing out media kits, doing interviews – and thank you so very much for doing this one – dealing with the damn web (major brain burn) AND trying to find time to work on the sequel, “Going Down in Flames.” It took me thirty years to write the first book. The second one shouldn’t take me more than about six months. I think I’m getting the hang of it. Thanks for asking. And thanks to Lulu for making it possible to get my story printed – the way I want it told.

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  1. Hoibbie Streicher

    Glad to see that we both made it to the new Century. I am 61 yrs. old and not getting around very well.I have neuropothies in all 4 limbs ( the nerves seperated from my muscles)and, ostioarthritis of the entire spine.I am 100% disabled as these problems do not reverse themselves.BUT,I am still the “Devil” and rascal I have always been.

    I hope we stay in touch for a long time to come.Being the old guard,we have responsabilties to our generation of misfits.

    Never stopped loving you,

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