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Flick(r) Your Photos to Lulu

In last week’s post, Adam told us about some new enhancements to Lulu Studio.

I’ve been wanting to join the flickr-nation and with this new Lulu feature, I had nothing stopping me from creating a photo book.  If you haven’t given Lulu Studio a whirl yet, here’s a step-by-step of what to expect when you merge your Flickr account and Lulu Studio to create a photo book.

So I logged into my flickr account.  If you don’t have a flickr or photo bucket account, sign up for one – either or, whichever you are more comfortable with.  Once you’re all set up, start uploading photos to your hearts desire.

So I put my photos on Flickr:

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What’s new with Lulu Studio™ Photo Books and Calendars

We’ve recently added several exciting new enhancements to Lulu Studio™ for both Photo book and Calendar publishing. Most of these changes are aimed at adding greater flexibility and options for customization as well as making the Studio easier to use. Here’s a look at what’s new:

Reordering pages – With a click and a drag of your mouse, you can now move and reorder individual pages to appear exactly where you want them to inside your book. Simply click on the “Reorder Pages” button in the lower portion of the Studio™ to pull up the page editor. Then, click and drag the page thumbnail to reorder that page within your book or calendar.

Autofill Pictures – Along side the new page reordering feature there is also a handy time-saving Autofill button that will allow you to pre-populate your book with the photos you’ve added to your project. From my own experience, this tool can be especially useful when used in combination with the page reordering function, especially if your book contains a lot of photos.

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Fighting CF with Bikes and Books

With the awesomeness that is the Olympics going on, there are lots of inspiring hero stories being told.

But not every hero is at the Olympics. There are people out there doing heroic things everyday. One hero we recently discovered at Lulu is Walter van Praag. He might not call himself a hero, but I think he is.

Last year, in order to raise awareness of Cystic Fibrosis, Walter, his wife and a small crew rode what they called The Great Cystic Orient Fibrosis Express, or COFE. They cycled the route of the Orient Express, from Paris to Istanbul. That’s over 2400 miles! Walter himself has Cystic Fibrosis (CF), and did this ride to inspire healthy people, people living with CF and people with other disabilities.

Since the ride was completed last year, Walter has published two books on Lulu: Coughing the Distance: Paris to Istanbul With Cystic Fibrosis, a book chronicling his adventures on the ride, and Walter and the Mucous Monsters, a children’s version written by his wife.

Walter has lived a life full of adventure and excitement, and shows that living with a disability is far from limiting. His adventurous spirit and athleticism has helped him far exceed the expected lifespan for someone with CF. With COFE and his books, Walter is showing the world how un-limiting disabilities of any type can be.

Tips & Tricks: Book Previews – Entice your Reader without Even Trying

In an earlier blog post, Nick talked about the benefits of having book previews. Here we’re going to talk about how to create and what things to keep in mind for a great book preview.

If you’re anything like me, reading the description of a book isn’t enough for me to buy it. It’s a start, but those first few pages are key. Many times I find myself standing in the bookstore with almost the first chapter read when I start heading to the checkout counter. That’s what a book preview is! When the description isn’t enough, a book preview is a great way to draw people to your book.

A couple of things to consider when setting up your preview:

  • Are you just previewing the first pages of your book (The table of contents, the copyright page, a blank page, etc) or are you previewing enough that the reader can get a feel of what the book (or CD) is about? Don’t waste your time or your reader’s time with the first pages of your book. If they are pages you would skip in the bookstore, pretty sure the reader will do the same for your book. Give them something they want to read!
  • Preview doesn’t equal the whole book… unless you want to. Put up what you are comfortable with. If you do want to put up more than a few pages, think about having a free download of the first few chapters.

Now on to the how-to… Step-By-Step Preview Generation

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Go for the Gold with

Four years have finally passed, and you know what that means – no not a lunar eclipse – the Olympics! Today, the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics will mark the official start of the competitions. Let the games begin!

Every new Olympics brings stories of inspiration, courage, and perseverance; and even though you may not be in China to personally witness them, Lulu has plenty of stories of athletic glory that are sure to give you goosebumps.

When you think of world-class runners several notable names come to mind- Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Carl Lewis, and, of course, Steve Prefontaine or “Pre.” Steve Prefontaine – Rocketman (), written by Bree Donovan and the late runner’s, sister, Linda Prefontaine, is the true story of Pre told through the eyes and voice of the fictional character Owen Morgan.

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iRead, You Read, We All Read On weRead

logo_wereadWe have some great news, Lulu has teamed up with weRead! If you aren’t familiar with weRead yet, you might recognize it under it’s previous name, iRead, the popular social networking application for book lovers.

Now, in addition to publishing your books on Lulu, weRead will enable you to connect with well over two million readers across a variety of social networks. You can even create your own author page, and  interact with your fans!

Another feature of weRead is that it has the complete catalog of all books in print. Readers will be able to rate your mystery and adventure book against “The Da Vinci Code”, and your period romantic comedy can be easily compared with “Pride and Prejudice”.

weRead’s discovery and recommendation engine allows users to find the types of books they will be interested in quickly and easily.  Who doesn’t want more people finding, reading, and sharing your book?

weRead works on many of your favorite networks including:
… even your own blog or website!

To get started, you can either:
•    Go to and register for an account, or
•    If you already belong to a social network listed above, simply follow the link to install the application on your profile

To help you get more familiar with weRead, and what you can do with it’s features, we will be doing a series of posts focusing on how you can use weRead to promote your work and interact with the largest possible audience of consumers. Some of the topics we’ll be covering include tips for setting up an author page on weRead, and using weRead to market your work.

I hope you’re as excited as we at Lulu are about our new partnership, and be sure to keep an eye out for more Lulu and weRead tips & tricks.