What’s new with Lulu Studio™ Photo Books and Calendars

We’ve recently added several exciting new enhancements to Lulu Studio™ for both Photo book and Calendar publishing. Most of these changes are aimed at adding greater flexibility and options for customization as well as making the Studio easier to use. Here’s a look at what’s new:

Reordering pages – With a click and a drag of your mouse, you can now move and reorder individual pages to appear exactly where you want them to inside your book. Simply click on the “Reorder Pages” button in the lower portion of the Studio™ to pull up the page editor. Then, click and drag the page thumbnail to reorder that page within your book or calendar.

Autofill Pictures – Along side the new page reordering feature there is also a handy time-saving Autofill button that will allow you to pre-populate your book with the photos you’ve added to your project. From my own experience, this tool can be especially useful when used in combination with the page reordering function, especially if your book contains a lot of photos.

Image Hosting Integration – Do use Flickr.com or Photobucket to share your images online? Well, now you can use these collections on Lulu as well to help you publish a photo book or calendar. Lulu Studio™ is now integrated with Flickr and Photobucket allowing you to easily transfer your hosted pictures over to Lulu to create a photo book or calendar.

To add your photo collections from these sites into a Lulu Studio™ project, click the Flickr or Photobucket icons from the Image tab and follow the on-screen instructions. If you already have an account set up with one of these websites, it’s pretty easy.

A few additional enhancements have been added to the caption editor within Lulu Studio™ which allows for greater flexibility customizing the text that appears alongside your pictures. Now you can select the color of your text as well as choose from a selection of fonts to go long with the theme of your calendar or photo book.

A basic Image Editing Toolbar has been added to Lulu Studio™ to allow you to change several aspects of your images.

Once you’ve added an image to your book, clicking on that image will bring up the new toolbar allowing you to flip, rotate, adjust crop and resize your images within the page template.

Finally, enhanced College Themed Calendars and Photo books have been added to Lulu Studio™

Every College football fan should check out our new Collegiate Images Photo Books page to create a photo book or calendar with pictures and themes of your favorite college team:

With the Lulu Studio™ , you can add your personal photos alongside official images from your favorite team to create the ultimate football fan book. Each team fan book is completely themed to include scenic campus shots, impressive stadium images, legendary players of the program and great moments in team history.

If you’ve recently created a Lulu Studio™ Photo Book or Calendar and have had an opportunity to try out any of these features, please let us know what you think!


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  1. I recently uploaded and ordered a Calendar using the LuLu Studio. It was nice but there were a few more options I wish it had as far as customizing the calendar month area as MyPublisher.com has. We were excited to see the calendar before we made it public to sell but unfortunately we were extremely disappointed with the quality of the printing. It looked like I printed the calendar on my inkjet printer at home using fast/draft mode. The images had print lines running through them, it doesn’t matter how good the program works if the printing quality is second rate at best.

  2. Adam Guida

    Hi Scott,

    I’m sorry that your Lulu calendar didn’t live up to your expectations. I assure you that quality of our calendar prints are quite good and defects, such as those you are referring to, are the exception rather than the rule. I would strongly suggest that you contact customer support, who should be able to determine the cause of the problem, work with you to resolve it and issue a reorder for your calendar.

  3. I have an interesting question though, when would Lulu consider support languages that goes from Right To Left, like Arabic and Hebrew?

    And when would Lulu allow us – Arabian Publishers through Lulu – to show the back cover instead of the front cover (front & back according to Lulu’s scripts), simply because Lulu’s back cover is the Arabic’s front cover…

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