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If you’re like me, then your family can be incredibly hard to shop for. Sure, there are books, dvds, and other forms of media every year to pick from, and they might even enjoy a few of them, but ultimately those gifts lack a personal feel. I always end up feeling a little guilty when my mom opens her present, and…it’s a book! So, this holiday season, I am planning on digging through my digital photos and putting together a personalized calendar for my family members. Shh…don’t tell my mom.

Luckily for me, Lulu has some excellent options for creating a customized calendar. With the calendar creator, I can choose what month the calendar starts in, how long it runs for, and create a custom holiday list. I can add the birthdays of all my family members, anniversaries, family reunions, and anything else I think of along with more standard holidays. When I’m done, I can make it a private calendar or let other family members (those who don’t get one for a gift, or if my little brother wants one for his dorm room) buy copies from the Lulu site.

Calendar Options

Calendar Options

If you need a gift idea this year, check out Lulu’s calendars, and create a personal and practical gift for your whole family.

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