Halloween at Lulu

Nick and Carol of the Blog Team

There are times during our blog meetings where I get so excited about writing a post for a specific holiday or event that I will actually threaten to arm wrestle anyone who thinks about writing that day. I have come to the conclusion that I am pretty terrifying and that the rest of the blog team are a bunch of scared little sissy children who cry at the sight of me and my enormous “guns.” I threatened to arm wrestle anyone who tried to get in the way of my Halloween post, and as you can see I won that battle.

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday mostly because the promise of candy and utter silliness. This holiday is doubly fun when you work at Lulu (be jealous).  Lulu is fun on any given day, but mix that excitement with a Ghostbuster, angels, witches, Dr. Horrible, a Boxing Nun, and even the King himself – Elvis Presley all sitting in their cubes working, and you’ve got the magic of Lulu right there.

You can see some behind-the-scenes Halloween pictures here!

Happy Halloween from the Blog Team at Lulu.com

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  1. Thanks for Twittering me! Wish I’d been at Lulu for Hallowe’en.

  2. Jamie

    Lulu, do you have the capacity on lulu.com to take your blog, save it, put it into a book and then get the book printed? I use to use blurb.com but they no longer support blogger.