Just in time for the holidays…

Lulu has discounts that are sure to delight you, your friends and your wallet!

This holiday season, Lulu is offering $10 off when you purchase ten or more copies of your 8.5 x 11 or 6×9 B&W perfect bound paperback book. That’s a savings of $1 per book!

Got more than 10 people on your gift list? Purchase 25 copies of your book and your savings double to $2 off per book or more — saving you up to $60.

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Better hurry, these holiday specials are only available for a limited time.

Start saving now.  Log in to your Lulu account, go to your My Projects page and click the shopping cart next to your book to buy and save!

Make sure you receive your order in time –place your order before our holiday shipping deadlines.

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  1. Nick

    Hi, I’ve been complaining in Live Chat about postage costs, which are crippling. 14.25 to mail a book increases my retail price by almost 50%. I have to be losing sales because of it. Fuel costs have dropped again, so why are we being penalised? Lulu badly needs to address this problem! Thanks- I’m a very satisfied customer in every other respect.

  2. carmelo martinez

    I wish lulu had a gift certificate option for a present to an aspiring author. For the Holiday season I appreciate the discounts, but not everyone is shopping for just themselves and something as personal as picking out how to print or publish someone’s works can only be done by that individual. Lulu makes it hard to give a gift! Please create a gift certificate program.

  3. Nick Popio

    Can you give me the CID for your book? I would be happy to take a look and see if there are any potential solutions for your book. However, currently, we are having to print some of our trim sizes in the US and ship them internationally, which has resulted in the increased price. We are currently investigating solutions to this, and hope to have this resolved in the near future.

    A gift certificate option is something that we are looking into. Unfortunately, that won’t be available this year, but it’s a great idea, and one we would love to implement.

  4. Nick

    Hi Nick, it’s 2279215

    Last thing I heard they were being printed in Spain (most of this book sells in Ireland). Thanks for posting the comment, I really do hate to criticise Lulu.