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I love using Twitter to find out what the Lulu community is up to.  Often, I head over to and type in the search field to see how our authors are promoting themselves via Twitter.  There are hundreds of recent messages from authors and buyers that have been sent talking about  I decided to find one of the authors who actively uses Twitter to find out what kind of success they have had promoting their work.

Bob McDonald, author of Flagrant Foul and Dilemma, was kind enough to conduct an interview with me via Twitter today about how he has used the latest social networking tools to promote his books.

Bob, thanks for doing this.  What methods have you used to promote your book?

I’ve pretty much run the Web 2.0 gamut – Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook, etc.  Plus I have my Web site that I’ve tried to keep search engine optimized.  BTW, congratulations.  You’ve become the unwitting first stop on my Twitter Book Tour!

Of the latest 2.0 web tools, what do you think has given you the best results?

I think Twitter has really be the best for me, considering I have this penchant for random streams of thought.

How do you look for people to follow? Do you look for authors or for people interested in sports?

It depends.  As a sports fan, I tend seek those followers.  But I also try to find followers in authors and bookstores, too.  Plus, because I’m from Cleveland, I tend to search followers from my neck of the woods.

What kind of “offline” promotion have you done?

Due to my limited budget, my offline promotion has pretty much been word of mouth.

What promotional tools would you like to see provide you?

I don’t know.  You guys have been pretty thorough on the promotional tools front.  I think a section about blogging and microblogging would be helpful to people.

Thanks for taking the time to Tweet with me!

Thanks for the offer!

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  1. Hey, Dan…

    Thanks again for the opportunity to take part in this Twitter interview. And for everyone else, I hope you get the chance soon! It’s just one of the many ways I’m sure we’ve all tried to market our books on the Web!

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