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For our U.S. and Canadian customers, Lulu has recently introduced a new address verification system into our checkout process. This new system will allows us to validate shipping addresses against the USPS (U.S. Postal Service) address database which will help prevent delays and other shipping related problems from occurring.


Sounds exciting right? Well, even if this is perhaps the most boring blog entry I’ve ever written, we’re pretty excited about making shipping more efficient (what can I say, we’re easily excited), but we also wanted to make sure everyone was aware of this change in case you run into problems later on. We believe this new system will improve our service and prevent shipping problems from occurring, but there may be a few cases where a customer runs into a problem even when entering an address that is technically correct.


Unfortunately, a computer isn’t as smart or adaptable as your local mailman and so they can’t always validate an address that is technically deliverable because of a minor misspelling or omission of info. When entering your shipping address, please be sure to include your full address, including the correct abbreviations where applicable for your St., Blvd, or whatever type of road you live. Also, be sure to include such terms as apartment, suite, floor, room, etc. Avoid simply omitting these terms, replacing them using “#” or just including the number.


A full list of the common and correct abbreviations can be found here on the USPS website.


If, for any reason, you run into any issues entering your address during checkout, please see our Common Shipping Validation Errors and Solutions page in Help.