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It’s a new year, and many of us have already made our New Year’s resolutions. My list of resolutions this year include losing 5 pounds by the first weekend of February, taking more trips, and finishing the role-playing game I have been writing. Losing the weight is a bit daunting, but I have a good exercise regimen, and I am eating pretty well, so I’m not as worried about that one. Writing, on the other hand, is a very daunting task. Carol wrote an excellent blog entry in early December entitled “My Epic Battle With ‘The Nothing'”, which described one of the problems most of us run into…the blank page. In her post, Carol gives us some good tips for winning the battle against “The Nothing”, and I wanted to touch on how you can turn a New Year’s resolution into a creation you can share with your friends and family.

One of the problems with New Year’s resolutions is that we often set goals for ourselves that are either too easily ignored or too difficult to achieve. One way to avoid these concerns is to have a long-term goal that requires regular, but not overwhelming work. See where I’m going with this? If you decide to write a book as one of your resolutions this year, pick a milestone for each week, and meet that milestone. For our example, let’s say it’s 500 words. 500 words isn’t much, but if you wrote 500 words every week of the month, you would have a total of 26,000 words by the end of the year. If we use the standard 250 words per page, then you’ll have 104 pages written. You can set the bar wherever you feel comfortable, and don’t stress out if you miss a milestone. If you haven’t finished your book by the end of the year, then your resolution for next year can be to finish it, or to get it edited.

Happy 2009, and get started writing!

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  1. Excellent advice, Nick! In 2007, I made a resolution to write everyday. No matter if it was one sentence, or one page, or one chapter. It really paid off for me, as I had two complete novels done by the end of the year. I finished the second one on New Years Eve going into 2008! And I published the first manuscript on Lulu the following June.

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