Forums – Rubbing Elbows, Virtually.

Forums are virtual meeting rooms where people with an Internet connection from all walks of life can come together and mingle. Think of forums as a party where the discussions are typed out and only one person talks at a time. The people at the party might be writers, photographers, teenagers, single parents, lawyers, pool boys or even sports fanatics.  Each person has a unique point of view and will add something different to the discussion.

Most forums found on the Internet will have a specific theme. There are gamer forums, support forums for people dealing with personal challenges, parenting forums, heck – there’s even a forum for one of my favorite movies.

I know you’re thinking, “Carol, this is all fine and dandy, but why should I care?” The benefits of virtual networking with other people of the same interests are many.  To name just a few: discussing your latest book, tips for book signings and sharing tips on marketing. You can meet people who have already been there, and some that have even done that, learn about new contest opportunities, discuss industry standards, request reviews and just be yourself with other creative folks.

If you didn’t already know, Lulu has some of the best forums around! What makes our forums great are the people who make up the Lulu community. Sure we have a forum for almost every category, from Official Lulu News & Announcements to Marketing Discussions, but it’s the people who contribute that make a community special. If not for the people, it’d be like going to a seriously boring party; no matter how tasty the food or how pretty the décor, I’d be bored senseless if there were no one interesting to talk to! Luckily, the folks in our forum community are writers, publishers, and artists – just like you.

If you already have friends on Lulu, why not start a Lulu Group! It’s sort of like hosting your own virtual party. Members use Lulu Groups to cooperatively display and sell related content on a Lulu storefront and work together on different projects. If you don’t think you’ve got what it takes to be the moderator of your very own group, search around and see if one of our existing groups meets your needs.

Come join us in the Lulu forums. The party’s already started!

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  1. Stan Carr

    Sounds great! Networking works in job search. Anyone, how do I get my book on bookstore look up. Every time I go to Barnes & Noble ask about my book they cannot find it.
    My book is an inspiration fiction.
    My interest are education, sports, politics, and life. Thanks. Fatty