sm_book-coverI think that I have talked about how is home to some pretty amazing pieces of content in nearly every post I have written. One of my most recent discoveries was created by Jon Norris over at OnWired is a a full service graphic design, web development, and online marketing firm located in Cary, NC and is run by a friend of mine, Tony Chester. They design some pretty amazing websites, so if you are planning on creating a website for your book, blog or whatever, shoot them an email.

Jon was kind enough to answer some of my questions about how they used to create a book to leave behind when they visited clients.

Can you describe what you made using and why?

We created a small full-color paperback book to serve as a leave-behind sales piece. In many cases, when we go to visit prospective clients, the person who contacted us initially is very familiar with us, but the powers that-be have no clue who we are. We wanted to be able to easily share with them a bit about our philosophy, our process, our services, and our experience, all wrapped up in a nicely designed package, since they are typically the ones who ultimately decide whether or not to hire us.

Why choose Lulu for your leave behind project?

Cost and convenience were big factors, but the key reason is that Lulu does print-on-demand in small quantities. That way, we don’t get stuck with hundreds of copies of a book that we may want to tweak from time to time.

Your project was pretty unique. What issues did using present for you and how did you overcome them?

The only challenge we had was uploading our PDF. Since it was full-color, the file for the book was about 500MB. Our connection at the office kept timing out, but we finally got it to upload from home.

Any plans for more projects using

We’re actually writing a book right now on how to go from being a freelancer to running your own agency. We’ll be selling it as a PDF ebook, but for those who want a physical copy, we’ll be once again turning to Lulu.

A bit about OnWired:

OnWired is a full service graphic design, web development, and online marketing firm located in Cary, NC. We started out as a couple freelancers just trying to make our way in the world, but we’ve quickly grown to become one of the premier web design agencies in the Southeast. As we continue to grow, we’re looking to expand into new niches and offer some new services.

Give them a call @ 919-647-9403 or email @