Announcing Lulu’s May Author Sales Contest

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May Contest Results Update:

We apologize for the delay in announcing the official results for the May Author Sales Contest. Although most of the contest winners have already been notified, we are still confirming the official results for our 3rd place winner. Once these results have been fully verified we will officially announce our winners, we expect within the next couple of days.

Thank you for your patience and your continued participation in our Lulu author sales contests.


May Contest Standings Update:  05/19/09

Here’s a look at the top-selling authors as of May 17th, 2009.  We’ll be updating the standings regularly before the winners are officially announced on June 15, 2009.  Be sure to keep checking back!

1. Swords & Wizardry
2. Carolyn Vance
3. Garrett Thompson
4. Bill Misner
5. Kara Louise
6. Freya Ashby
7. Rena Klingenberg
8. Richard Mulligan
9. Timothy Chou
10. Sherry Santos

There is still plenty of time to enter and stake your claim to $2,750 in prize money. Remember, we’re offering a $1,500 cash 1st place prize, a $750 cash 2nd place prize and a $500 cash 3rd place prize for this month’s top-selling authors.




Back by popular demand, we’re rolling out this month’s Author Sales Contest to include all categories!  The rules are the same, who ever sells the most, wins.

The three highest selling authors in May will receive $1,500, $750 and $500 respectively, with the top three titles (and a few honorable mentions) highlighted on the site and Lulu newsletter. As an added bonus, the first place winner will also be treated to an exclusive interview posted prominently here, in our very own Lulu blog. Click here to see March’s winners.

To enter the contest you must register through the entry form on the Author Sales Contest page.  Registration is open now through the end of May.  For more information head on over to the contest page and sign up.

Good luck everyone!


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  1. Looking to see the March winners BUT the link in the blog went to the May Contest. Just wanted to see what I was up against before I joined, but could not find the March winners.
    Lilly Holcomb

  2. Bibhu Padhi

    Impressed–no, stunned by your and your authors” success. Would love to be on your author’s list! May I?

  3. btyan bass

    please check out my new book-know what to do when strangers come around-helps our kids to flee from kidnappers…

  4. ditto for me as to the navigation problem … interested in seeing the winners, but only if the direct link works

  5. From the beginning I have loved my association with Most writers get it after a month or so, that if you don’t market your book, no one else will know about it! Lulu has given me a voice. I am yelling and people hear me. I hit all the spots where people go to read. Thanks Lulu.

  6. Aja Lloyd

    Hey Lulu world check out my book Deep Thoughts From A Twisted Mind here on lulu i discuss everythin from politics in the nations capital to the recession from MY point of view. It’s dope get your copy now!!!

  7. Jeff


    These contests are great. I’m glad that Lulu is giving recognition to the authors that use Lulu and its services.

    I would like to know more about how these contests work – for example, the current leader in “sales” seems obvious… she’s giving away many of the items for “sale” on her Lulu page. So, are you calculating sales based on number of transactions or amount of money “earned”?

    Obviously I’m biased – I have titles that sell reasonably well given their specialized subject matter (ie: they’re not best sellers, but they ARE selling). The retail cost is north of $100/book. Which results in a greater percentage of revenue generated compared to thousands of free or nearly free transactions.

    Maybe I’m spending too much time watching the Biggest Loser and how they’re doing their calculations… but I would like to see the playing field leveled for those of us bringing in more revenue.

    Thanks again!

  8. John

    No point bothering to register. Seems Lulu forgets all about its International authors all the time.

  9. Anonymous

    this is one thing that inspires author to do write well. this can make them eager to write.

  10. Anonymous

    your authors are really awesome. imagine, they really did their best to succeed this far. congrats.

  11. Are we going to see an update to the rankings after the one as of the 17th?

  12. Good luck to all the May contestants from the winner of the March contest!

    My understanding is that it’s print products only and total # sold is all that counts. I agree that it might be fun for lulu to do a max revenue contest sometime, though that wouldn’t help a low-margin seller like Fight On!

  13. LuLu announced that on June 15, 2009 they would announce the winners of the “May Contest”….Hmmmmm, Who won? Is that a fair question?

    Respectfully yours,
    Bill Misner

  14. Who won May contest?
    Where can we find the results?

  15. yeah who won the contest?

    pls post the results tia!