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twitterEver since the world sat glued to the TV waiting for Oprah to send her first Tweet, I have seen more and more people join Twitter and get frustrated because they “don’t see the point” of it. There is much more to using Twitter than just letting people know what you had for lunch or that your cat threw up again. Smart authors can use the service to gain a valuable audience that can turn into readers. Wil Wheaton used Twitter and his blog to increase his network and when his book, Sunken Treasure, was released it rocketed to the top of the Lulu Top 100 Sellers Chart.

As with anything, gaining Twitter followers does not happen overnight. I initially wrote about how to use Twitter last year to find an audience, but with more and more people using the service, having your voice heard can be difficult. These simple tips should help you gain followers and stay followed by those who can turn into readers of your content.

Censor Yourself: Before you post anything, think if you’d actually like to read the Tweet if it came from someone you were following.

ReTweet: I often ReTweet links or posts that I find useful, interesting or humorous. I find that people whose Tweets I have Retweeted often Retweet my Tweets (say that 3x fast). This allows my message to reach an even larger audience.

Don’t Spam: An alarming trend is happening, many people are simply sending out the same message to every celebrity using Twitter over and over. These messages are not read by the celebrity and often cause the sender to be unfollowed or blocked.

These simple tips can help you build an audience and establish relationships using Twitter and ultimately help you sell more of your content.

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  1. Thanks Dan. I recently joined twitter, and although I only have just under 30 friends -at the moment,many of them have shown an interest in some of the books I have written here on Lulu. I would advise the folks here to join.

  2. Thanks for the comment. It really isn’t about having thousands and thousands of followers. You just need the *right* followers to be successful.

  3. Anonymous

    yeah, there are so many people in twitter that it is too impossible that there is one person would even notice your blog. but if you are a creative one, you can surely catch more attention. what is important is, you know how to create a catchy title. that is the most important thing to do.

  4. Hiya,

    You make some very good points here. Especially reguarding ReTweets and Spaming.

    But I think this article I found earlier on SEOmoz gives an interesting counterpoint by pointing the value in the more personal stuff.


  5. Dan London

    Thanks for the comments.

    Good find with the SEOmoz link.