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We are continuously reevaluating our help section to learn what topics our users are looking at, and try to help them find the answers they need. However, we also recognize that it helps to see things in action and how they are supposed to function. As a result, we have been creating video tutorials to  help walk users through some of the different aspects of our site. Currently, we have tutorials for “How to publish a book”, “How to create a book cover”, and “How to make a photo book”. You can see all of our video tutorials here.

How to publish a book

Now we’re looking for feedback from our users. Please comment with what aspects of our site you would like to see a step-by-step video tutotial for and we will try to create one and add it to the site.

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  1. I have found that tutorials are very helpful. We have put together very similar tutorials on our site as well. Check out the link of tutorials we’ve done in our Lab.

    As always, making self-publishing easier for the users is of most importance. Great job!

  2. The way I write my books.
    I had five good typist beside me,while i was writing,they were busy typing the scripts.But they feel week,and i was not feeling week.An in the night,i write rom 2am tilldown.Sometimes ican come up with one or two books.l am in Lagos city,l will soon come up with more,if not the industry delaying me.The religious leader is in Lagos City.I encourage the youth,to be engage in writing.Put pen in ypur pucket daly for jotting,but l do not do that,l write when the fit is on,at anytime even in the toilet.

  3. I have been exploring the possibility of switching from another online publisher. I have two questions.

    My book there is 5.5 inches wide by 8.5 inches high; full color; it has 39 text and image pages, so is set up thers as a 40 page book with Perfect binding. I notice that you do not do perfect binding for such a size. Is there a reason?

    Second, I tried to download templates, but they could not be read by Adobe Reader.

    Any suggestions?

  4. Nick Popio

    Thanks for sharing your tutorial!

    Each trim size has different specs. The digest size (5.5×8.5) has a minimum page number of 80 and a maximum of 740. For a full listings of our trim sizes and their specs, please go here:
    As for the download templates, did you receive an error? The Read Me file should be the only one that requires Adobe Reader to open. The other files are .doc and .png.


  5. Anonymous

    tutorials are really helpful. glad you are making great improvements on your tutorial. this would surely help lots of people including me.

  6. writing articles is not easy to do. i am glad that lulu can help me when it comes to packaging my articles. i do not need to look for another expenses just to be able to publish my articles in a book. thanks lulu. thanks so much

  7. i am glad i heard about lulu. i do not need to go on running for another expenses just to be able to publish my articles. thanks lulu. thanks so much.

  8. Don’t know if all tutorials are need or not. Are there any video tutorials that are needed or they all written text?

  9. tutorials are really helpful. glad you are making great improvements on your tutorial. this would surely help lots of people including me.

  10. I think that LULU is a helpful site for my articles.
    And thanks for u guy made some of the tutorials for us.

    Its easy for me to use lulu. thanks very much.

  11. Harriet Goode

    I want to publish essays and photos for my family and will need only 10 copies. The books will not be for sale or available to the public. Is this feasible on Lulu?

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