Improvements to Customer Service

First, and foremost, I would like to thank you for your continued support and valued feedback. One of the things we have consistently heard is that our support has not been sufficient and we want to assure you that this is not our intent. All of our customers are important to us and it is always our goal to provide you with a positive and successful publishing experience. As Customer Support and Services Manager I would like to personally apologize for the experiences many of you have encountered with untimely responses.

Lulu’s business is growing at a rapid rate. Self-publishing is no longer a novelty and more of you are interested in connecting with someone at Lulu to better understand our business, our site and our policies. Unfortunately the support and services team has not implemented measures quickly enough to meet this demand. We are working to accommodate this growth, and have already taken steps towards rectifying the situation.

In order to better serve you, we are implementing several efforts to improve the customer experience:

· Staffing
We have analyzed our growth data in order to effectively scale our team to support the demands of the Lulu customer base. Lulu is actively seeking the talent that is necessary to support you.

· Customer Relationship Management

We are implementing a new CRM system that will allow us to view our customers at a glance. This will enable us to learn more about each of our customers and allow us to tailor our support based on your needs.

· Customer Messaging

We are in the process of creating a page on our site that will provide you with your rights as a customer of Lulu. This page will be provided by the support and services team to include information about our support policies, order policies, shipping methods and times as well as up-to-date notices about volume and response times.

· Top 10 List and Support Knowledgebase

We are creating a page within Help that will provide you with an up-to-date list of our top 10 inquiries in Customer Support and the resolutions for them. We do realize that this may not help every customer but it will address many of the most frequently asked questions. We are also creating new tutorials to help you navigate the Lulu site and assist with the creation of your projects. Please let us know what you would like to see from us by commenting to this post.

· Feedback-Based Decisions

We value your feedback and realize that, without it, we cannot improve. We have implemented a process that allows us to take your feedback and use it to structure plans for improvement. Please continue to provide honest feedback so that we may continue to evolve into the support organization that you need us to be.

We believe that all of the above will help Lulu’s Customer Support and Services to serve you quickly and accurately. This is an ongoing project, and we will continue to look for new ways to improve your experience with Lulu. We appreciate your business and your patience and apologize for the difficulties you have encountered up to this point. Here’s to the future!

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  1. Bob

    My project title is incorrect (I left a revision number in place after the book title) and I have already approved the project for distribution. Is my only option to un-publish the project and re-publish it?

    This is my second request for this information. I hope I hear back this time.



  2. I cannot get anyone to answer me on ANYTHING! It has been over a week since I got my editor’s analysis and I’ve been trying to find out how to buy editing services and no one has replied under the old system or the new one which is ridiculously complicated. Could your reference numbers be any longer?

  3. Sandra Parker


    Please provide an order or project ID and I will be happy to escalate this issue to one of our customer support associates.

    Thank you for your response.

    Sandra P

  4. Ben


    Thank you for your comment and please accept our apologies for the delay. I have escalated your issue to the service fulfillment team who will be in touch with you shortly.

    Kind regards,


  5. Dave

    I have been trying to get a book published, that I submitted to Lulu in April. I have gone around and around with your customer service department. At this point, I think I have completed all that has been requested of me, and it should be ready to go, but I cannot get Cary A. to respond to my emails. You REALLY need a way to escellate customer service issues, that includes a telephone number. We have been more than patient, and I want to get this published. We have dozens of people saying they want a copy of this book, but as of yet, we have yet to receive our first copy. Email me for the ticket number, lulu order number, etc.

  6. I really miss the confirmation emails we received with the old system. Now I’ve sent my manuscript for formatting and I don’t know if anyone received it or if it was sent to the right place. I sent it three days ago, and I’d love to know that the formatting team received it. I know Lulu is busy and there are a lot of manuscripts to work on, but as a customer, I just need to be put at ease. I also hope I won’t be waiting for weeks… PLLLLEEEEAAAAASSEE? (I’m on my hands and knees)

  7. kiley

    My impression is it’s better to get a new ISBN # than using a pre-existing one; pls clarify, thx.

    Also I miss ‘chatting’ live online with a live person.

  8. Rick


    I know contacting you through a blog is very poor form, but I’m at my wits end…

    I’m desperately trying to reach anyone on this, but I can’t get through anywhere through lulu’s email support system (and I got the support ticket from a Lulu rep on June 1st… over a week ago!)

    Here’s what I’m trying to do –

    1. The author I manage for is going to be giving away copies of her book on a nationwide TV shot (she can’t tell me the exact details, but that’s what is happening). Her order for these books (3238385) needs to be at the TV station by monday. So whatever costs are required to expedite, we can work those out.

    2. (far less important than #1, but still no answer otherwise).

    Her book (ID #6389583) needs to be set to approve/deny status because another her books was rejected because the fonts were too close to the edge. This book requires the same fixups and we would like to get that done by today so that people can order this book after the TV show on Monday.

    my personal email address is can be found in my post submission.

    This could be a huge breakthrough and another VERY big success story for Lulu… if not, the author I’m working with will be livid and make my life hell (seriously)… so yeah, if I have to pay you $20+ to make this happen, I will. Seriously… whatever it takes at this point.



    PS. I totally understand all the reasons above as to why service/emails have been difficult. And normally, I would not be rushed at all. It’s just that when the s*(% does hit the fan on the author’s end, even a “we will give you an answer in exactly 3 days” would at least be comforting… no response after a week tends to be a bit concerning that all attempts to get help are for naught… then crazy managers like myself have to make posts like this, and nobody likes that… not even me :)

  9. Stephanie Hart

    I would like a response to my questions, so that I can put my project into circulation. It would be extremely helpful to have a contact person who would answer my questions and make this process easier.

    Thank you for your consideration.
    Stephanie Hart

  10. vonda jessup

    I have written and illustrated my chidren’s picture book. It has been edited and is on a pdf file. The cover is also ready to go. Now who can I talk to to tell me my next step. I see all the “publish yourself” 1,2,3 etc. that does not answer my questions. Is there some one who will call orI can call???? I talked to a Will P.He assigned me a ticketID
    LTK152020089923X Isent questions ,that was 2 weeks ago, and have never heard back. I would love to publish with you company but this seems quite slow. Vonda Jessup

  11. Tizer

    Thank you for the information on Lulu’s plans. However, I’ve been trying for about a month to get a replacement (or refund) for a damaged book and still not even got a meaningful reply, let alone a replacement, even though I’ve contacted Lulu numerous ways (including several times in Support Escalation). At Lulu Customer Support you need to get to the core of the problem and respond to customers quickly and with useful information as other on-line companies do. Coincidentally, I posted the following in a Lulu forum thread yesterday and it sums up the situation.

    “…in all honesty I have never known a service site with such bad support as Lulu. For example, my ISP runs a marvellous support system where they get back to me in a few hours by email *and* on the web site (always), or I can pick up the phone and get them quickly for an immediate response if it is urgent. Every post I put into their support system is logged and I can look back at them all, together with their replies, on one page, at any time. Their Help pages are well laid out with genuinely helpful information (not the single line definitions that Lulu often has). The staff are always writing in the forums and answering questions and solving problems there. Any changes to the service are flagged up very obviously in the forums well in advance. Customers are warned in advance of any maintenance issues or faults that might affect them. Why can’t Lulu do the same? No wonder people are turning away. I would like Lulu to be successful, but that means pleasing its users, not just existing for its staff and shareholders.”

  12. Sandra Parker


    Thank you for the valuable feedback. In an effort to assist you with your issue please provide an order number or email address.

    Sandra P

  13. Sandra Parker


    I do understand your concerns. I believe that the manager of our bulk order team has responded to the issue revolving around the shipment. I have responded to the support case regarding the revision of the book and requirements of the book for distribution.

    If you have further questions please let us know. Thank you for your feedback.

    Sandra P

  14. Sandra Parker


    Please provide more detail on your ticket/case so that I may escalate this to our services fulfillment team for resolution.

    Thank you.
    Sandra P

  15. Sandra Parker


    Thank you for the feedback. We are looking into why the new ticketing system does not provide confirmation emails when issues are submitted and hope to resolve this very quickly.

    Regarding your services order, it looks as though our services fulfillment team submitted your work and responded to your case yesterday.

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions and please continue to provide feedback as to how we can improve.

    Thank you.

    Sandra P

  16. Sandra Parker


    We would need more information to determine the best answer to your question. Have you submitted a ticket/case to our distribution team? If so, please provide the ticket/case number or your email address so that we can research and provide a proper response.

    Thank you.

    Sandra P

  17. Lisa

    My book has gone onto but is not showing any description, and is displayed as out of print/unavailable.

    I have emailed several times and filled out the form on the new report system and still heard nothing back.

    Can you please tell me what the problem is and when it will be rectified. Thank you.

    My old ticket number. LTK152021191807X

  18. Dawn S. Davis

    It has been a couple weeks since I asked this question. Still no answer. This is my 6th book. I never buy the “Published by Lulu.” I always use my own ISBN #. This time I didn’t find a place to enter my ISBN upon submission. Lulu put a number on the back of my newest book, below the bar code and no number above. Nothing says ISBN. So is this the official ISBN or does it mean something else? Is my company still the official publisher of record, I hope, and not Lulu. Ticket number you sent me by email 7164751.

  19. Tizer

    Sandra, re my problem with the damaged book:
    Damage defect, Order # 3130399, Ticket# LTK152021610935X

    The order was back in early May and I have tried to get help several times under my `Tizer’ name and under the author’s name `Victor Shackleton’. It has been in this Support Escalation thread since June 1st…
    I have sent a photo. I originally contacted the printer direct and they agreed it was their fault (discoloured and creased cover). They tried to get Lulu to raise a re-order but even they could not get any action after emailing two Lulu staff.
    Thanks for any help you can give!

  20. Larry P

    I am a new author and new to lulu. I purchased a pubishing pack on June 9th and have not heard from a soul. What now?

  21. I just wanted to drop a note to highlight how deep the nightmare goes for those of us unlucky enough to have submitted a project on May 31st only to find that Lulu had turned into a no go zone for meaningful communication two days later.

    Myself, my partner and a close friend have started a small Role Playing Game enterprise in the UK. Our Core Book was to be published via Lulu and due for release June 1st. This we did. There was a small technical fault at our end.

    This has so far taken two weeks to resolve and is still not fixed from the UK end. Meanwhile a customer and friend in Australia has received his copy of the book, printed. I’ve seen photos.

    For the whole gory story take a look at:

    For my thoughts on what’s happened so far:

    To say that all this is not good enough is a gross understatement.

    You want to see how high my esteem for this company has been? Might be helpful so you know how far it has fallen. Look at how much I have worked my butt off championing not just POD but specifically Lulu:

    This is atrocious.

  22. Dawn S. Davis

    Actually I received two numbers in the same email from Lulu, received on May 29th. The other one is LTK152021701025X. I can’t sell my books until I get an answer. The number Lulu put on the back on my new book starts with a 5 and is 13 numerals. But it is not listed as an ISBN number in my account. What does that number mean? I have my own number on the title page.

  23. Hi. I have LOVED Lulu oover the last year, but the recent markup in price was not something I liked. After hering I could get my book back to the normal price, I was elated, but I was also told it would be corrected within 2 business days. It’s been over seven now, and I am really getting frustrated. Mainly because NO ONE from Lulu will respond to the emails (four total) I have already sent. I am a new author, and I cannot price my new work at $30.00 total for a paperback ( I would’nt buy Stephen King for that). I just wish someone would at least respond, but be HAPPIER that my book be priced regualrly again.

  24. P.S. In addition to apologizing for the non-proof-read email I wrote above, I also ask this..I saw that ON Amazon, the revision I made to the cover of my book “Insight” does not reflect what I have done on Lulu. Does this mean anyone who purchases the book there will get the old version of the cover?

  25. Hoerberg, Maximilian

    00262901; 00262903

    Four of my book-projects which have ISBN-numbers (PBY USA and PBY Germany) stand still since April because customer service does not function. More than 20 of my PBY Germany projects were suddenly interrupted by Lulu (only refund of fees), so I would have to transform them into PBL projects. For the two above-mentioned numbers there was no reaction, no confirmation of receipt.

    Lulu-answers tell me, that the persons who answer seem to know nothing about PBY USA and PBY Germany.

    All problems I have result therefrom that Lulu did not inform the customers that PBY Germany will be stopped and that Lulu will move in UK and US.

  26. Sharon Young

    I’ve recently published a handful of books on Lulu and “purchased” (free) distribution packages for ISBN’s and released them to be searched on Amazon. Around June 5th I get an email telling me that you’ve selected my hardcover book, “Madame President ?” for listing on’s Marketplace. That’s NOT one of the books I’ve released for distribution. In fact it has no ISBN! I have a paperback version that is appropriate. The hardcover has uncorrected errors. I think you released the wrong book! I’ve emailed twice with no response. It’s giving me heartburn because it’s not the right book. I abandoned the hard cover book quite awhile ago. I need some resolution!

  27. Donald Bueltmann

    I have finally finished my first book. I have a question concerning a conflict on cover sizes. I have left 3 messages and still looking for a satisfactory answer to the following question:

    I’m confused over what appears to be a conflict in information. In Don Campbell’s “Five Steps to Publishing Your Paperback Book at Lulu – Second Edition” Page 38 the specs for a 6×9 book are given as:
    6.375 or 1913 pixels wide
    9.75 or 2925 pixels high

    The template on Lulu shows:
    6.125 wide
    9.25 high

    Neither of these seem correct for a 6×9 saddle stitch book with no spine.

    Please, please help me. My book is already uploaded and the cover is ready to upload once I determine what to resize it to.


  28. I keep trying to use the book cost calculator and it will not work. Do you know when this will be fixed? I use this tool often and hope it is fixed soon.
    Thank you.

  29. I have been trying to get a print-trimming issue with my latest book project resolved for weeks now. Initial attempts to blame my pdf design were resolved when I proved in a number of different ways that the design was correct, as was the page size of the finished pdf. When I proved that the design was correct, all further communication from your company ceased. Further attempts to get back in touch with someone have gone completely unanswered. My ticket complaint # is LTK152021056243X. The project is “Atlantic Liners: A Trio of Trios” (8.25″ x 10.75″ casewrap hardcover). Please have someone get in touch with me ASAP so we can get through this, because I am about to find another publisher and take my business elsewhere, unless this print-trimming issue is resolved ASAP — this is not my first runaround from your “customer service” department. Thank you.

  30. Jim Hamrick

    How do I find out if Lulu is still going to publish my book. I have have had no input since may 29th. the ticket number was/is? Ticket ID: LTK152020687869X
    Jim Hamrick

  31. Randy Siegel

    On Monday, June 8, I filed a complaint (new ticket number 00262986, 00260082, and 00260084). I have not gotten any response. This was a huge order, and all my books came with the wrong cover. I need immediate replacements (I already had to conduct a workshop with the wrong covers.) PLEASE have someone contact me.

  32. Alicia Boudreau

    I placed an order on June 9th via for our high school yearbook supplement. I have not received an order confirmation nor is it showing in my account that they have been ordered. I only received a fax stating that our credit application was approved.
    I need these ready for distribution on July 1st and even paid for expedited shipping. I haven’t been given an order# so I can’t email since that # is required to do so but the project number is 7255797.
    Can someone please contact me ASAP? PLEASE?

  33. Yaron Glazer


    I appreciate your general efforts to address customer service, but in my specific case there has been no service forthcoming.

    I first bought a primer publishing pack on May 28 (Order number 3212488). I have since tried contacting Lulu repeatedly, using both emails and your online forms (original ticket # LTK152021424300X; a small sampling of additional ticket numbers assigned to me: 00260710, 00261597, 00261599, 00261600, 00261601).

    Your website promises, under author support for the publishing pack, “We will work with you during the publishing process. Our support specialists will guide you through each step, communicate any issues or updates, as well as deliver the finished materials for review.” In my case to say this has been an empty promise is as kind an assessment as I can make.

    I have already, through hours of painstaking reading on your forums, worked my way through much of the process on my own. I have also commissioned my own cover. At this point, my request is simple. I want you to cancel my publishing pack and credit the money I’ve already paid towards other Lulu services (most likely a distribution pack and Published by You fees).

    I would appreciate some sort of human response from your system or notification that you have replied to my post.

  34. Hi, I have published a book called “101 Famous Quotes From Alice In Wonderland” with Lulu and now it is for sale on Amazon. There is one problem with Amazon, because when I tried to buy it through them, I was informed that my book can’t be mailed to Australia! And that it is Lulupress settings that inhibits this. I need my book to be for sale internationally, not just in US.
    Please, can you help with this?
    I have another book about to be published but now I’m wondering if I should create it in Create Space instead.

  35. Hoerberg, Maximilian

    On I have a no. 1-bestseller. Would you please inform me why my Lulu account shows for the last month “EUR 0,00″ for payments for sold books?

  36. Dear customer sevice,

    Since I have published my nearly four weeks ago, I have very small sucess in exposing my brand new book to the public at large. Please tell what is the best way to get my book sell @ ? I am not familiar with your marketting tool at this point. Thank you for your support.

    Best regards,
    Vary Kao

  37. Hi Sandra,
    I am trying to get help on an order I submitted very late last night super rush. Is there any way to call you, or to have you call me
    303 548 7192
    Charles and in urgent need
    anything for an old fashioned phone call…..

  38. Adam

    I have sent this message about 5 times (through the website or “reply to this email”) over the past few weeks and have received no response. I am more than a little fed up at the lack of replies.

    My case number is 171785 (old ticket ID is LTK152020696782X). I ordered three hardback copies of my dissertation which I never received. I have been in contact with FedEx, and it turns out the package was delivered to the wrong address. They never recovered it and are responsible for replacing it.

    In my messages I have included the name and number of the FedEx representative that Lulu needs to contact to have my order replaced. Dead silence.

  39. How did my book fair in the May contest in which winners were supposed to be announced yesterday?

    What Should I Eat? A Food-Endowed Prescription For Well Being
    by Bill Misner PhD @:

  40. Erica

    I contacted LuLu weeks ago with a question and have still not received any type of response other than a general e-mail describing the “new support system”. I have not received my revenue from the Amazon Marketplace that was automatically put into place by LuLu, nor have those that ordered my book received their books yet. I don’t know where to turn at this point with there being no official number to call and receiving no response via e-mail. I have not seen any other ways to contact LuLu but I need answers because it appears to be a scam when people are purchasing my book yet not receiving it nor am I receiving any revenue for their orders.

  41. Hi Sandra,

    I’m having a problem getting the shipping address corrected on my proof copy order placed just 2 days after you posted this. I submitted a couple of tickets on this and no one has responded except Carol on the support forum.

    I believe I liked the live help better.

    Granted this is my own mistake, but I feel SOMEONE should respond to my ticket which I did immediately after ordering when I spotted the incorrect “ship to” address.

    Perhaps you should offer some kind of “double check” before the order is really finalized when you send an order receipt, to give the customer yet one more option of making a change before the order is finalized.

    Thanks and hope to hear from someone soon before my order is shipped out!

  42. Why is my book, The Gourmet Healthy Heart, published on Feb. 5th, 2009, listed on as “out of print”? Anyone else have this problem? I have sent an inquiry, ticket #LTK152021235662X, to Distribution Services at Lulu — on May 31st, and again two weeks later, but have yet to receive an answer as of June 14! It was approved for general distribution, no NOTHING!

  43. Peter Youd

    Hi, I purchased a book from you and have been sent the wrong one. I have sent two messages via your website and despite the assertion that someone would be back to me within 1-2 working days, I am still awaiting a response.

    a) It doesn’t help your authors much if you can’t get the orders right
    b) It doesn’t help me that when I wanted a book on beekeeping I got something called “Barbarians of Lemuria”, in French
    c) If you are going to carry out all your customer service interfaces by e-mail it is essential that you keep your promises and respond promptly.

    Please can I have a response.

  44. Marc Gillham

    Hi Sandra

    I’ve tried raising a support issue using your on-line form for three days now but it always comes back with the message “We’re really sorry. Our support system is having some trouble. It should be working again in a minute. Please reload this page to try again”. Anyway, I’ve stumbled across this blog so thought I’d try and get some help here if I may.

    It relates to order # 3224272. This has been received but it was incomplete. Item # 7148619 was missing (Knockspell Magazine #2 (perfect bound) by Matthew Finch (Print)).

    Can you please look into this for me?

    Many thanks,

  45. Rick Scott

    On 6/16/2009 I paid for a book (The Barefoot Beekeeper) through Paypal and never received the download. When I click on the download in the email you sent I get that I have already received it, which is not true. Case number for this issue is 00265803. I would appreciate someone looking into this as I would like to have the information I paid for.
    Rick Scott

  46. Tizer

    In response to Sandra’s post:
    Thank you for the valuable feedback. In an effort to assist you with your issue please provide an order number or email address.
    Sandra P”

    I replied (also on 12 June)…

    “Sandra, re my problem with the damaged book:
    Damage defect, Order # 3130399, Ticket# LTK152021610935X

    The order was back in early May and I have tried to get help several times under my `Tizer’ name and under the author’s name `Victor Shackleton’. It has been in this Support Escalation thread since June 1st…
    I have sent a photo. I originally contacted the printer direct and they agreed it was their fault (discoloured and creased cover). They tried to get Lulu to raise a re-order but even they could not get any action after emailing two Lulu staff.
    Thanks for any help you can give!”

    But she has not responded and nor has anyone else at Lulu, to this blog post, to my many emails and Help posts, and to my Support Escalation posts. WHAT IS A GUY SUPPOSED TO DO TO GET A REPLY FROM LULU???

  47. Bob Cook

    It has now been 3 weeks since I emailed you, and the only response has been you have switched this to a ticket number. That was nearly 2 weeks ago.

    I paid for a marketing and publishing plan, and have not received any support or feedback.

    I am very dissatisfied with the Lulu experience.

    Tkt # LTK152020360191X.
    case #171771

    Now all I need is to cancel the revisions and get my money back for the services you have failed to provide

  48. Sandra Parker

    Rick (Scott),

    Thank you for your post. Please accept my sincerest apologies for the delays. I have responded to your case with instruction on how to download the items you have purchased.


    Sandra P

  49. max

    Dear Sandra,

    Would you please inform the community when the Customer Service will begin to function?

    Max H

  50. Judy Miller

    I have had difficulties with getting replies from an email where the note back to me said someone would contact me in a certain amount of time. I have never been contacted in a reasonable amount of time. I need support and one ad about Lulu said they work with people, authors, who are not good on the computer. I’m guilty. It has taken me days, weeks to clean up my book online with Lulu. I accidently sent my un edited manuscript to the editor and got a response. The editor gave me great feedback, but I had no idea my manuscript was going to be edited. I’m getting near ready for a good edit from Lulu. Do I have to pay more? I already spent over $1000. on my package just so that I would be given special attention since I am having a terrible time getting around the website to do what’s needed to get my book out there. When I have gotten a reply from someone, many times I don’t understand what in the world they mean by what is said to me. I am having a lot of trouble getting all my pictures for the book in order and I’m not getting much help on it. If you’re too busy as one member referred to, then maybe you should expand with your growth. I think you can be better and thanks a lot for improving customer support.

  51. Dawn S. Davis

    It has been 2 1/2 weeks since I asked this question. Even though I received an email on May 31st giving me a ticket#, I still have no answer to my simple question. What is the number lulu put on the back of my book with a bar code? It is not an ISBN. I have my own ISBNs but there was no place to enter the number when I sent lulu my latest project. Since I have my own number on the copywrite page and I market my own books, I decided it didn’t matter if there was no number on the back. When I received my books, there was a number on the back. What is it? Ticket # LTX52021701025X, book ID #7164751.

  52. Gary Wright

    Yeah, they changed Customer Service alright…to NO SERVICE!!! I have published before with lulu and there was so much support avaialbel, I have made four attempt to write you, 13 attempts to upload (including USTrade Templates, etc.), and no help…none. nada. nothing. Those dumb ticket numbers are worthless if they are not used to contact the cliets…that is me, bTW!!! I want help and I have been patient for two months waiting for even one reply!!! Come to work, call us, do something constructive. Gary

  53. Louis P.

    I have e-mailed Lulu 2-3 times seeking a resolution on being falsely charged for 2 books I never ordered, and have not had anyone contact me for over 2 weeks.
    Does anyone care? I’d like to see some improved customer service. Is there a phone number where I can talk to someone? Thanks.

  54. Yong Joo


    It has been 7 days to complain about my book situation to your company.
    I haven’t heard from you what ‘s going on.

    I ordered 7.44X9.68 size. I received my books on friday from and I am so disappointed about the size…THAT WAS TOTALLY WRONG. They came with 7.5X7.5 square size. Lot’s of my text didn’t show up at all. The quality of image are awful.
    I can see the white line on my images.I already sent my images to approve the problems to Federica. But I haven’t heard from Federica in 5 days. I have no patience to wait more in this situation.

    I paid over $20 to delivery in 2 days to get this books earlier. Now It has been almost two weeks to publish. Your company should make sure the books before you send them to me.
    This is my thesis book. I need to get my right size book asap.

    Hope I am looking forward to hear from you.

  55. Annamarie

    You really need to fix customer service. I’ve denied a bill to my credit card because I was double billed. I don’t understand what is going on with my book. Why if you are releasing the book to Amazon anyway did I pay for distribution?

  56. I have a very simple question but have yet to receive a response.

    We would like to publish a book similar to the “Eat for the Cure” perfect bound book currently advertised on your site.

    Can Lulu publish a book with color pages (say 30) and B&W pages (say 170) in a perfect bound 8.5 x 11 book? If so, what is the cost for 200 books?

  57. Sandra

    Have several projects started, am working on them offline. Am not encouraged about using your service, or recommending purchasing to family and friends with such negative customer service reports. The issues reported on this blog are truly serious. Let me know when you have restored the reputation that has built Lulu to a viable business.

  58. Getting desperate. Purchased and PAID $ 30 for Library Visibility on MAY 26, 2009 and am still waiting for LoC number to insert in the front of my 5th book published with Lulu over the last 4 months. No answer, no reply to anything. Is anyone there?

    I understand the revamping going on but . . .

    Project # 7200185 Can you help?

  59. Nathan Gold

    After reading the comments here and in other locations, I am almost ready to kick myself for using this service. I have sent email requests to your support service 3 times with only an automatic response.

    The service seems great if you don’t need any help or answers to questions like how can I make the cover graphic look better on the preview or how come my co-authors name is listed on the search results, but mine is not.

    Please respond to my questions. They are all in your case tracking system.

    Until next time,
    Nathan Gold
    Chief Demo Coach
    The Demo Coach

  60. les Holcomb

    You produced my book “Island Home Stories”. For year it could not be released because someone at Lulu said its cover was 150 dpi and some said 300 dpi. I addressed it every three months or so and each time it was approved and then cancelled. I even called the people at Dixie Press and they called Lulu and straightened it out. Bu then few hundred people had looked at it and I got feedback from colleagues here and abroad that they could see it and buy it over the website.

    It was insanity dealing with all these people who contradicted each other and turned a simple process into a protracted nightmare.

    Finally I gave up, pulled it back and figured I would give up on the book and move on.

    If you want me back as a Lulu supporter then it’s time to straighten it out. If it’s too much bother, don’t. I had referred several writer friends to lulu, but warned them about the cover madness and poor communication.

    Thanks for asking. You have a good product but right now I am just printing out books on letter-size paper, stitching them together, having a printer trim the edges, making covers, and sending out the first 50 or so as author’s proofs, to see if there is a market. That seems to be working so I always break even.

    I had invested $1,000 in the first book prior to Lulu and was able to sell “proofs” selling it in local book and grocery stores, and to other writers. Only recovered $300. Can’t afford to do that again.
    I can’t go through working with disconnections between production and distribution and having someone anonymously and repeatedly pull the plug on the project.

  61. Please, oh please, bring back the best thing that Lulu ever had. Bring back “Live Help”. The current forms of help offered by Lulu are nowhere near as fast or efficient. “Live Help” was the human side of Lulu and was the best PR tool you had. Since losing “Live Help”, which I regularly used, Lulu has lost its face and its soul.

  62. The Management

    Am forwarding this comment from a prospective author, for your kind information, reference, and possible FAVORABLE ACTION!
    Sent: Sun 6/21/09 3:20 AM

    Dear Edwin,

    I attempted to order a copy of your work for Dr. Haines and found myself contending with a web site that is incapable of differentiating between the person ordering your book and the person that is to receive it.

    Also, I could find no way to contact Lulu directly by telephone.

    It appears to me that Lulu is geared only for Internet manipulation and such manipulation seems only to come from them if, somehow, one is able to figure out their keys.

    I’m not happy with my initial experiences with Lulu and they need to create a more user friendly web site as well as a means for normal people, such as I, to access them and to contact them by telephone, if necessary.

    All I wanted to do was to order a copy of your work to send to Dr. Haines as we had promised to do.

    Most Sincerely,


  63. David V Carrasco

    I had some poems on the site at
    How do I find them now they are still my copyright I believe.Please let me know how to find the poems on your site.
    Thank You
    David -D-

  64. Hi Sandra

    For the last weeks I have emailed customer support and NO ONE has bothered to send me a reply.

    here is the situation:
    I have ordered two services from Lulu. These are:
    Order Number: 3171130
    Order Date: 2009-05-22 13:45:00
    Order Status: SHIPPED
    1 of 1-Year Listing on by distroservices (Services) $19.95

    Order Number: 3257129
    Order Date: 2009-06-09 04:12:00
    Order Status: SHIPPED
    1 of Excerpt Promotion by LuluServices (Services) $50.00

    I checked on the order, and now LULU NO LONGER provides the 1 year listing on EBAY.

    Also, I have requested SEVERAL times about the Excerpt Promotion and again NO ONE REPLIES.

    Please kindly let me know the status of the above queries as the lack of communication is giving me serious concerns.


  65. Your new unique Case number is: 169311
    (Replaces your existing Ticket number: LTK152021575620X )
    Your unique Reference id for emails is: [ ref:00D56zQ6.50056bK8T:ref ]
    (Must be in the subject line of any emails)
    Thank you,

    Lulu Customer Support

    [ ref:00D56zQ6.50056bK8T:ref ]

    What would I like to see?
    I would like to see inside my account located here:
    Don’t tell me my PUBLIC email address is associated with the above links ID like that other message I have not received a reply to in over 2 weeks. How did that solve my problem? Telling me false things?
    I used my PRIVATE email for sign on to
    Thanks for all the updates notifications being sent to my private email address….and notifying my PRIVATE email address that I have messages waiting for me!
    Yeah it has been OVER 1 MONTH now trying get resolve! I would like to see email help center work & really deal with a person not a computer generated message. Your system says it does not have my email…hummmmm why do I receive all these notices then? Care to call me? Since my call to lulu didn’t get me a live person either? The duration of this unresolved issue is absurd! Not getting a reply is also rather rude & my patience is worn thin. The difference in emails is the location of my files. has no files as I use it to communicate my issue. Because The Help Center Said I need to be signed in.
    Last issue took 5 months to resolve! & yes it was with my PRIVATE email address! I need a person to communicate with. Or just delete the whole thing out…something…

  66. please know my previous message is not directed to you personally…I am tierd of waiting for real help…

  67. Hi Sandra:
    Just wanted to let you folks at Lulu know I am really pleased with results when my novel was shipped to me via Fed-Ex. It’s coming along very well–Thanks for keeping prices low – and quality high in you BOOK publishing department.

  68. Charles White

    I have sent the below message in numerous emails to Lulu and posted on several Lulu Forums, and have received NO RESPONSE! I need to order copies of my own book, as I have orders pending. Ever since Lulu selected my book for Amazon Market Place (without my requesting this) I have not been able to purchase my own book. Numerous emails to Lulu have not been answered. I NEED TO PURCHASE INVENTORY OF MY OWN BOOK!!
    Charles White
    Book #413728

    I decided to post in this forum in hopes that a live person would read this. I published a 8.5 x 11 inch 356 page hard bound book about two years ago. I order my book in lots of ten to twenty and sell them myself. They sell for $129 each. To date I have sold over 350 books. Recently I received an email from Lulu informing me that my book had been selected for Market Place. Shortly thereafter, my book appeared for sale on More recently, I went to order additional supplies of my book, only to find out that “IT’S NOT AVAILABLE”. I believe this nonavailability of my book has something to do with my book being on Market Place. I do not know this for a fact, and I WAS NEVER TOLD THAT THIS WOULD HAPPEN BY LULU, when they notified me my book had been selected. Most infuriating has been my COMPLETE INABILITY to get an answer from Lulu regarding this issue. I have sent 4 emails on this subject over the last week and HAVE RECEIVED NO ANSWER! I’m pretty upset about this. I didn’t ask to be included in Market Place, and I wasn’t told that I could no longer buy my own book. Unfortunately, I cannot get any answers from Lulu. If any of you know the answer to this, or if a Lulu person reads this, I’d sure like an answer. Respond in this forum, or email me directly at:

    Thanks for any imput.

    Scottsdale, Arizona

  69. Will Gibson

    Sandra and Lulu

    Wow! I had formed a favorable impression of your company over the past few months as I moved toward selecting self publishing because of the limitations of submitting through the query system with traditional publishers. I am interested in promoting my project directly with ‘book in hand’ as opposed to simple manuscript submissions.

    I believe this is an additional benefit of self publishing for, maybe more ‘serious’, writers that wish their book to garner attention and sales that can later attract those established publishers. In my case, the subject matter is also time sensitive and waiting the 12-18 months for typical fruition in the book world is not an appealing option.

    But coming back to Lulu as I near that point of choosing a self publisher, these comments and your apparent lack of customer service and direction is, quite frankly, SCARY!!! Is Lulu in FREE FALL or just experiencing GROWING PAINS as you indicate or is it more deep rooted?

    Without clarity and a response to my concern from you, I will only be left to guess. You seem well intentioned, have written a good entry for explanation on this subject, and I wish you the best. Thank you for your time.

  70. Aaron Roston

    Dear Ms. Parker:
    I applaud you for putting yourself out there, but I have to admit: It’s good to know I’m not alone.
    There have been some good things about my Lulu experience: no start-up costs, an easy user interface, a good quick way to get a decent cover and interior layout, a nice-looking product. Unfortunately, it’s ended there, because currently I’m in “Distributed by Lulu” hell.
    My book was approved for listing on Amazon on February 19th. Currently, it is still listed as “Out of Print.” It has always been listed as “Out of Print.” Your records probably have a record of my complaining about this since the end of March. The first excuse I got was that distribution was slow, but that it would be fixed soon. On May 8th I was told you had “resent the information to Amazon.” I spoke to Amazon, and they claim to still be waiting on you. Here’s the current reference ID for this problem:
    ref:00D56zQ6.50056ig8y:ref, case #00268975.
    In addition, I am still not listed at Google Book Search, despite being told in March that this would be taken care of as well. The reference ID for that problem is ref:00D56zQ6.50056iBsL:ref, case #00264642. So what all this means is that despite having signed up for “Distributed by Lulu,” I’m not being distributed at all.
    If these problems are resolved, it is highly unlikely you will ever hear from me again; until they are resolved however, I feel obligated to complain about them until they are fixed/addressed.
    Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.
    Aaron Roston

  71. I think the writing was on the wall when Lulu removed LIVE HELP from its Web site. Apparently, the bad economy has taken a toll on them.
    The time it takes to get a response to a problem is horrendous, let alone the time it takes for a correction.
    Lulu has great potential, but the company needs to become organized before someone steals their show.

  72. I agree with Will Gibson. If Lulu is failing, it is only appropriate to let us know so we can move on. If, Lulu is simply having growing pains, than I want to know on a more routine basis.

    I have requests for services in, without response, going back several weeks.

  73. Al Allaway

    wHY ALL THE HYPE ABOUT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. i’M STILL WAITING FOR ANSWERS ALMOST four weeks old. Lulu is great about ignoring stuff (over 20 e-mails still waiting for reply). If there was any way to get to management by phone, you’d better believe they’d get their ears burned.

  74. Doug

    I think Lulu is the best what exists in this direction. They only need a little time for optimizing their Customer Service System software. Thus, I will come back hereto in one month, which could be sufficient time for Lulu to start newly. In the meantime I will be busy making some more new Lulu-books.

  75. Matthew Zicari

    It has been 22 days since I have heard from support regarding my publishing pack that I purchased. I have uploaded the alterations doc. as instructed. I have sent almost 20 emails but have heard nothing from LuLu.

  76. Hi folks at Lulu: I’ve had good results so far. But I’m concerned about continuing to upload manuscripts in the future. I’ve read about the economic struggles Lulu is facing. Layoffs and restructuring at Lulu was a featured article on MSN. It was featured after my thanks for keeping pricing low. Could that be the reason there is no live support available these days? I also would like to know if I can speak with someone live before continuing my association with Lulu. Hope you can work problems out. The economy has affected us all–especially writers. Please respond.

  77. It has been 22 days since I have heard from support regarding my publishing pack that I purchased. I have uploaded the alterations doc. as instructed. I have sent almost 20 emails but have heard nothing from LuLu.

    Your new unique Case number is: 171693
    (Replaces your existing Ticket number: LTK152019552846X )
    Your unique Reference id for emails is: [ ref:00D56zQ6.50056bKl3:ref ]

  78. Michelle Henderson

    I understand the problems that increase as companies expand, and the economy worsens. I know that I am not the only customer with concerns! But, I bought the most expensive publishing pack which included “Author Support.” Cary A was a wonderful support, and my book was in the final stages. I have not received any updates or support for the past month. I hope that you will consider keeping this important support and service as you reorganize the procedures at Lulu. It is only fair for the costmers who have paid for this service.

    Thank you for your time,

  79. Jane

    Hi there
    I am desperately trying to reach someone about my order no. 3284159

    I have a looming deadline and have had no confirmation email that the book has been shipped. I would really need to change the delivery option to a fast one to ensure I receive it in time. It has already been more than 5 working days since I ordered it and am wondering how much longer it will take.

    Please can someone help me – I am desperate!!
    Thank you in advance,

  80. paulah

    i now have 3 tickets in place — for various clients…. i cannot get a response.

    #00260633 sent 6/8, f/u 6/12
    #00260632 sent 6/8, f/u 6/12
    #00269307 sent 6/22

    this last one is that a pdf isn’t be accepted by lulu — i’ve submitted pfs created in the same way and lulu has accepted them before — i even reinstalled the joboptions files…used indesign and acrobat 7…. says can’t tell if my fonts are embedded — indesign automatically embeds fonts.

    big HELP. i’m also president of the bay area independent publishers association and have been praising lulu…. but now i’m wondering. HELP


  81. Folks,

    I also have had great service with Lulu, and recently, there was an issue. Sandra responded within a couple days and told me how to fix it.
    I went through this very same channel for response, so perhaps this is the best way to go.
    Also, I saw on the Lulu site they are currently hiring people to work in thier North Carolina office. It would appear through that – that things aren’t that bad, but possibly cut backs to reduce overhead so they will be forced to charge us for the site may result in longer response time.

    Just my two non-cents.

  82. I want a refund. I can’t deal with Lulu anymore.

    Order# 3066241

    This has been a horrible experience. I basically paid LuLu over $800 to be ignored.

  83. my order for last 8days is forfilling ive sent endless emails and have 109 book order but you can forget that i wont my books i orderd or my money back im giving 5working days to reply to me or ill be taking legal action and going eles were in last to days i brought 139 people 100 sined and 23 uploaded your there because of word off mouth well please help me or refuned my money …. 5days

    3295304 / 3207922 order numbers

  84. Chris

    Sorry to repost this but my question has not been dealt as yet.

    On June 9th I ordered the Excerpt Promotion and no one has given me the courtesy to inform me of what is going on.

    Furthermore, I also ordered 1-Year Listing on by distroservices (Services) on May 22nd, and no one has contacted me about that, and I now see that the service is no longer available.

    Also, for the last two months, my book on Amazon has been listed as “Out Of Print” AND you have it listed incorrectly (ETH ETH*ETH NETHdegreeETH ETH NiETH’ (The Chosen) (Russian Edition) )

    I would like answers as soon as possible as I, like many others, are getting tired of the lack of communication from Lulu.

    It is one thing to advertise yourselves as a solution for writers to be published, but when you fail to give any type of REAL customer service to those who have used your service will in time create for your company a BAD REPUTATION.

    I notice you are on Facebook & Twitter. I also notice you put ALOT of effort into multiple posts a day on Twitter. Yet, you cannot apply the same effort into responding to the quieries of those who have supported you and made you a business.

    If it was not for the authors who used your service, you would not be in business, so you should really take that into consideration when writers depend on you to do what you claim.

    Lulu is NOT the only POD publisher on the block. Lightning Source, CreateSpace, PublishingRoom all offer similiar services for authors as you do. However, whenever I have made a query to LSI and CS, the response time has been VERY prompt, unlike Lulu.

  85. Yaron Glazer

    Order Number: 3212488, Date: Thu, 28 May 2009
    Original Ticket# LTK152021424300X.

    It is fast approaching ONE MONTH since I ordered a publishing pack and I am still waiting to any sort of service despite repeated emails, forms, requests to elevate, and a previous post on this forum.

    I have since gone through the process of publishing on my own, and I now expect a refund for the publishing pack I ordered as I no longer have any need of it. I am at the stage where I must purchase a distribution pack to continue, but obviously I have no intention of giving Lulu any more of my money given the current shabby state of their customer service.

    I urge everyone to avoid paying Lulu any money until they turn things around.

  86. Andrea Van Scoyoc

    As a Lulu vet of FOUR years, I am appalled at the downturn in Lulu’s customer service. Never have I had to wait so long for my e-mails to be answered.

    I miss the days of Live Help. Answers to simple questions in a matter of seconds.

    I really hope that customer service will improve soon, Sandra and that this is not simply an appeasement to placate angry authors.

    I have had a serious issue with one of my Published By Lulu books for over two weeks now and yet e-mails, and posting my ticket number in the support escalation forum has netted me zilch for results.

    Now I’m having a problem with one of my books that has been listed since last year on Amazon, yet Amazon has just now told me that they have nothing from you and that the book is not actually available.

    Am I afraid to submit a support ticket?

    Take a guess…

    I’ll be glad to have my issues taken care of once and for all…

  87. Hello Lulu Community:
    I am submitting this link as an open explanation of what I think is going on at Lulu. Like all other authors I’m concerned about uploading any new manuscripts into Lulu also. But I also believe that those who had successful results in the past are disappointed — GIVE THIS COMPANY A CHANCE.
    There prices (so far) a low. If writers who contribute to Lulu start pulling out too soon it will screw us all. Check this out:

  88. Violet Kelemen

    I waited more than 2 weeks to download my document for review. Finally AT&T checked my connection to the Internet. It was fine, however there was no document at the Lulu side, nothing to download. I got plenty promises in your e-mail response to fix the problem, but nothing was fixed. Please have the Chat Help again, it was such a great help when I published my previous book. We need an immediate help when we hung up with the process. I understand that you are very busy, however, your customers need help, not just a promise. I would love to continue publishing my book with Lulu, but I need help. Should I re-load my document, can you help me? Violet Kelemen – very frustrated.

  89. Violet Kelemen

    I could not download my document for review for 2 weeks. With AT&T’s help I found out there was no document at your end to download. At this point I canceled my process since no one would respond to my problem. Are you planning to remedy your help service to your customers. Not responding to about 8 “help” e-mails is very frustrating. I published with Lulu before and I would like to stay with Lulu, but I don’t want to get a nervous breakdown in this process because of the lack of your help/interest of your customers. Let me know if I should wait or start back with my document. I am willing to wait if you are planning to do some improvement, but I need to know. Will you send me an answer or this is just another hopeless exercise your customers are doing. Violet Kelemen

  90. Ray

    I appreciate your comments that yopu are working to improve customer service but when can we expect to get repliwes from you.

    I have been waiting ages for a reply to Case 00265446:

    I am almost at the point of moving to another PoD service.

    Please can someone respond.

  91. Doug

    I am waiting since April 10, 2009.

  92. Rania Sarri

    Hi there!
    I really hope you lulu people read this because I’ve started to worry about charging my credit card for a service which I haven’t received yet. I’ve bought one of your packages hoping it would make the procedure of publishing my book easier but I haven’t heard from you and my e-mails to the service support address keep coming back. Are you real or should I ask for a refund?

  93. Kristopher Rhen

    I ordered 7 copies of a first draft of mine, and received 10 copies of a book in Spanish. No response yet from support and no other recourse. Sad part is I paid extra for two-day air shipping because I needed these next week…

  94. HI,
    I have had one book published (ranked about 800) so doing OK. After a long delay, I am publishing a series of books, and although there are hiccups using the (otherwise) excellent Lulu system, I get over them. However, I am very concerned that when I do have a problem, there is a long delay in receiving any answer by email, and there is no telephone support.

    I am basically running my own publishing business and I really do need more timely support.

    For example, I ordered a review copy for a pretty important customer in my line of interest. The Paypal option dropped out and I am left with an “Awaiting Funds” message, but with no obvious way to pay these funds.

    I would be grateful if you would take into consideration the wider points I made, but also urgently let me know how to make this payment.

  95. Keith

    Wow..I was about to begin the publishing process with Lulu, but after seeing the complaints about customer service–no way!

    I suppose Lulu deserves credit for not hiding the dissent!

  96. Lindsay

    I have been trying for 4 weeks to get someone to respond to my inquiry. I received a first draft of my custom cover and submitted changes but never heard anything back.

    Since then, I have sent numerous emails and nobody has even bothered to respond to me.

    I find it extremely disheartening knowing that I have given my money to a company that won’t even take the time to acknowledge my emails or respond to my inquiries.

    I plan to take my issue to the Better Business Bureau in hopes that I can get a refund on my money and spend it somewhere else where my business will be valued.

  97. While I sit here and read all the complaints, I’m left to wonder why I seem like the only person in this forum to have no big issues with Lulu’s support.

    I think that there are shortcomings with the online publishing process (some of the steps are downright confusing and not very helpful), the customer service inquiries I’ve submitted on “how to do this” have always generated a quick reply.

    It’s wonderful that Lulu is adding to their support team, but I think they may want to update their online publishing code. It’s NOT a step-by-step process and needs an overhaul.

    The one thing that I find unacceptable is the fact that we cannot create “downloadable” content in the form of an ebook for the iPhone; the solution to read our ebooks must rely on a good data connection. If I want to read my purchased content offline, I cannot.

  98. Antonio Vera

    I just see the post from Mr. Kristopher Rhen
    claiming his drafts.
    He received my books in spanish (10)
    I received his drafts.
    How can we connect each other and solve the problem among us?

  99. Andrea Fliegel

    My debit account has fraudently been accessed for a debit amount of $256.25 from your company. I have tried to contact your company and there is no one to speak to personnaly. I am angered that I can not speak to anyone on this manner and i am now out of 256.25 until my bank dispute has been processed and cleared. Shame on your company for allowing this to happen! TAKE MY ADVICE USE LIVE VOICES TO SPEAK WITH PEOPLE THAT HAVE ISSUES WITH YOUR SO CALLED “REPUTABLE COMPANY” GET A REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPT!
    Andrea Fliegel

  100. Andrea Fliegel


  101. I came to lulu in April, and your site was different, my book still needed work but I got the specs i needed to proceed. I come back in June and the site is so complicated, it cannot be expressed in words. For Goodness Sakes, I cannot even find the place to pay the $99.95 Publish by You fee, and when i go to the help page, the directions are erroneous, cause when u go to the project page the button you indicate will be there does not appear on my screen. i know i need to pay before an isbn number can be issued to me. we spent hours formatting the book to be accepted by LULU in a PDF form because when it is uploaded in a word document the number of pages goes for 292 to 307 which means its not formatted when it is received by you the way i’ve formatted it. so we got our PDF’s to work. then i chose to use the old wizard as that is the spec’s we were working off of when we did the front and back cover, and since we did not know how wide the spine would be we decide to go with the old wizard. when i upload the jpgs into the editig field they appear perfect, when i save and publish for some reason it seems the title page is bleeding into the cover and you see the text from that page under the graphic, which is unacceptable and clearly a glitch in your software, not my data or jpgs or pdf, or issues on my end. so whatever you are doing is not really working and whatever was there before seems to have been easier, if not as efficient in your company’s estimation. So how do i get some kind of resolve with this. My case number is 00268184. Thanks for help if I ever get it.

  102. Hi! I love Lulu, but I ran into a surprising problem the last time I ordered two copies of my book Meeting with Chinas computer revolutionaries (The exact title is in Swedish so I translated it here). One copy arrived perfectly in order but the other copy contained the wrong book! Instead of a story about China’s computer pioneers, it was a pre-teen novel about the “Bottle Cap Girls”. I have written three times to customer services and complained and received confirmation that they got my mail and given me tracking numbers, but that’s all. No follow up, no correction, nothing. I’m disappointed!

  103. John Stanfield

    During the past month I have sent emails and messages on Lulu’s websites trying to get service for which I paid about $900 and have not had any response except meaningless, computer-generated promises that an agent would respond shortly. Today I got an email suggesting I had abandoned my project and inviting me to come to Lulu when I had another project. My reply was returned because they willl not accept direct email replies. Also it’s impossible to reach a human being by telephone. I had thought Lulu was having temporary problems that they were trying to correct, but since they have totally insulated themselves from their customers I now think it’s a criminal scam. I hope those affected will someway get together and perhaps file a class-action lawsuit.

    John Stanfield

  104. I have been unable to get any support since you introduced your new system a few weeks ago. Before that support by email was steady. I have purchased a published by lulu package and everything was going fine until I tried to fill in the alteration form sent by Lulu. It wouldn’t save the alterations to my book. 5 or 6 wqeeks since despite repeated emails with case numbers, ref numbers, order numbers all I have received have been automated responses with more case numbers and ref numbers. What is going on and why don’t you have phone contact? Is Lulu now some sort of scam? How do I proceed with my book or get my money back?
    Kim Parker.

  105. Oh-Oh-Oops Soon after sending compliments to Lulu for keeping prices low and GIVE lulu A CHANCE comments I began having problems with uploading my manuscript. It would be a good idea to wait until the “kinks” are ironed out or until there really is a person on the other end of Customer Service to explain difficulties or (errors – which I’m receiving) rather than invest a great deal of money that can not be refunded. Buyers Beware!!!

  106. Chris

    In my experience this is a shambolic company. I have been asking where my order is for the past FIVE weeks, with numerous ticket numbers. Even sent a letter to head office. Not ONE replay.

    Had another order delivered – with two books into one.

    A V O I D.

  107. Stephen Skelton

    I have successfully published two books on Lulu and they are both selling well. However, I have asked SEVERAL times for a simple piece of infomation and NEVER get a reply. When I allow my title to be downloaded, is the file locked so that it can only be used by one buyer? Or is it open to be further distributed to all and sundry? Nowhere can I find this info on Lulu’s website (and I have looked) and surely this is a most important piece of inforamtion?

  108. Sandra Hasenauer

    Our not-for-profit organization started using Lulu about a year ago because it was, at the time, highly rated and had excellent customer service. I used “online help chat” several times as I prepared our first projects for sale–it was great. Suddenly this spring, our items were disabled for sale with no notice (other than a comment in helps forum which I don’t lurk on daily), and now in trying to upload a new project and hitting glitches in the wizard, I get no response from customer service–we’re heading into two weeks now on waiting for a response.

    For whatever reason–financial or otherwise–Lulu seems to have let customer service go. Which is exactly the wrong move to make if you’re trying to bring your company back to financial life.

    Lulu, I’m currently researching other options for our organization. I still like Lulu in theory and if this problem can be fixed I’d be back in a shot. But our customer base is waiting for a book that we’re now several months behind in getting published because of Lulu. My time is running out before I’ll have to jump ship–I have a matter of days left.

    A response would be good.

  109. Nick Popio

    I can’t emphasize enough how sorry we are that you haven’t received the support you deserve. Thank you for all of the feedback, both positive and negative, and we are trying to get responses out to everyone.

    Vonda, Lisa, Tizer, Dawn S. Davis, J. Kent Layton, Jim Hamrick, Yaron Glazer, Adam, Emily Zants, Bob Cook, Vickie, Matthew Zicari, Paulah, and Ray, you should all have received emails from Customer Service regarding your issue. If you have any further issues or aren’t getting a fast enough response, then please email me directly at and I will try to get you some answers.

    Larry P, Leo Stableford, Sharon Young, Donald Bueltmann, Cindy Bauer, Peter Youd, Marc Gillham, Judy Miller, Gary Wright, Louis P. Yong Joo, Annamarie, Cygnet, Nathan Gold, Chris, Charles White, mmcgreer, Al Allaway, Michelle Henderson, peter benstock, Andrea Van Scoyoc, Violet Kelemen, Doug, Rania Sarri, Kristopher Rhen, Gordon Smith, Lindsay, Antonio Vera, Andrea Fliegel, Hans Sandberg, John Stanfield, Kim Parker, Karen Paxton, Charles Steinberg, Erica, and Sandra Hasenauer,
    Please email me directly at with our ticket # or reference id and any relevant information (order #, content id, etc). I will try to and I will try to get you some answers as quickly as possible.

    You mentioned the book cost calculator not working. Are you receiving an error?

    Have you submitted a support ticket? If so, can you email me the ticket #/reference id?

    Latabia Woodward,
    Unfortunately, we cannot print a book using both color and b&w pages. If you need color pages, then all 200 pages would be in color.

    The user should have been able to have a different shipping and billing address, I’m not sure why they were having trouble.

    David V Carrasco,
    We acquired from New Catalyst in April. If your poems are no longer on the site, then it may be the result of that transfer. I apologize for any inconvenience and encourage you to reupload the poems if you choose to do so.

    Stephen Skelton,
    At this time we do not currently offer Digital Rights Management, so the file is not locked, but we are planning to offer some solutions in this regard to authors in the future. You also have the option of not allowing your project to be downloadable if you would prefer.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

    Nick Popio

  110. Ricardo Lapão

    I’m feeling really frustrated with Lulu… I’ve ordered 44 copies of a book and when I ordered 25 more I received an email saing that was an error with the files! It was the same book, the same revision, and the same files!!!! What could possible go wrong!
    If that wasn’t enough, after reporting the situation opening a ticket I haven’t got any answer for more than 2 weeks…

    Understand that you are causing a huge anxiety to your customers, that have their money in your hands, and simply can’t do anything! Not even have a reply!

    Please give us information about what’s happening!

  111. Nick Popio

    Aaron Roston and Mary Electra,
    You should have received an email from Customer Service regarding your issue. If you have any further issues or don’t receive a fast enough response in the future, then please email me directly and I will try to get you some answers.

  112. Progress is being made, thanks to Nick. I have received an e-mail from Sarah L and things seem to be moving again. Thanks for that. I have two accounts with Lulu and I’m just learning DIY with Lulu’s help.

    Fact of the matter is that Lulu has exceptional capabilities with other PODs not even coming close. I do want Lulu to succeed and I’ll wait for the magic, if that’s what it takes.


  113. karen tribes

    In a nut shell, you’ve totally failed me.

    On the 1st on May I purchased a “Lulu Primer Publishing Pack” from yourselves.

    On the 21st of May I wrote to you expressing how truly unhappy I was with the service I had received so far, and that I was considering asking for a refund.

    On the 27th of May you got back to me explaining that it’s company not to give the refunds, but you were sorry that I was dissatisfied. I was told to submit a new photo for the front cover
    (something I had offered to do on the 12th of May), and submit the alterations form.

    On the 30th of May, with as I saw it no choice, I submitted the new photo and alterations form and sent you an e-mail telling you that I’d uploaded them both.

    On the 5th of June you wrote to me telling me that my ticket number was no longer; LTK152020755567X, and had been replaced with a Case number; 169094, and a Reference id; ref:00D56zQ6.50056bK4t:ref.

    On the 9th of June I wrote to you, using ref:00D56zQ6.50056bK4t:ref as the subject line for the e-mail as instructed, stating how unhappy I was that you hadn’t been in touch with me about the book I am trying to publish and that I wanted a refund.

    Later that day I received an automatically generated response saying that “following this email address is no longer responded to by Lulu Support. In an effort to serve you better, Lulu Customer Support has implemented a new support system. If you have an existing issue, then we have sent you an email with your new Reference ID. We will continue to address all of your preexisting support issues, and you do not need to take any further action, but if you have new information to add to your ticket please respond to this email instead of replying to your previous ticket.
    .” Respond to this e-mail that came from the address

    On the 14th of June I filled in a form on your website for e-mail support, and pasted the e-mail that I’d sent to you on the 9th into the ‘Describe the problem’ box.

    Later that day I recieved an automatically generated response saying that my case number for this issue is 00264062, and that someone would get back to me in 1 to 2 business days.

    On the 19th of June I complained via e-mail support, and once again I received an automated response which gave me yet another case number; 00267218.

    It is now the 2nd of July, two months since I purchased the Primer Pack, well over one month since I first complained, and I still haven’t heard anything back. I am so angry at your complete lack of response, and sense of urgency. It is totally and utterly appalling. The fact that I wrote a letter of complaint and yet it took you 6 day’s to respond show’s a complete lack of respect on your part towards me, not to mention how dismissive that response was. It is really unforgivable. And then, feeling that I have no choice I’ve complied with your request to forward you a new photo and amendments form, apart from an automatically produced confirmation e-mail I am yet to hear anything back. The way I’ve been treated is truly despicable. I am left feeling that you have my money, you’re not going to give it back, and that you really don’t care about me or the poor service you’ve given me.

    I do not want a reply written by someone who doesn’t know when it’s appropriate to use exclamation marks.
    I do not care that it is not your policy to give refunds.
    I want my money back

  114. Tizer

    Dear Mr Popio,
    Thanks for your intervention regarding my damaged book. Although it has taken two months to get this sorted, the replacement copy has now arrived – but unfortunately the cover is the wrong colour. I have emailed an image to you. How can the printer keep sending out books that are so obviously faulty? I get the impression that the printer does not keep a master copy of each book so that they can cross check each new print run to see if it turns out correct. But even if they did, that doesn’t explain how they thought the original faulty book was acceptable when it had a creased cover with a strange band of colour down its front. You really have got some problems to sort out at Lulu!

  115. Problem solved!

    Thank you, Nick, Sarah L. and Anne-Marie C.


  116. Jim Lam

    I’m having serious problems with my publishing process (and more importantly, customer service). The references for my case are as follows

    Order #: 3194728
    Ref #:00D56zQ6.50056jFFS
    Case #: 00269486

    I purchased a publishing pack more than a month ago, and have then uploaded my files for editing, cover design, etc. Due to the lack of progress, I submitted a request for an update on the status of my project on 23/06/2009. As of today, I have not received one single human response. Neither do I know when I can expect a response and the date I will receive the services I’ve paid for.

    I understand some people may have been overworked and it takes time for editorial work (among others) to be done. But please do at least reply to my queries and don’t make us feel Lulu doesn’t care anymore after receiving our money. Honestly, I’m even feeling being conned. I also would like an estimate on when I can expect to receive which service (edited version, book cover design, formatting, final printed book, etc.) from Lulu, or alternatively, how long each of these processes will take approximately (and I want realistic estimates).

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and I genuinely hope I will get a reasonable and timely response from Lulu.

  117. There are times when cutting a huge number of employees is the same as shooting yourself in the foot. My book, too, was “accepted” at Amazon. I just went to look. There is only one copy for sale, for $27 (the book is $14.80 direct from Lulu) – from a private seller. There is no option for purchasing from Lulu. What a mess. You’re brave to make it possible for people to see this list of misery. I’ll be back to see how it’s going. I still think you should let people pick up their books at your shop.

  118. Bern Kubiak

    Greetings Sandra Parker,(customer service)

    I have been frustrated with the lack of response time (close to three weeks after numerous emails have been ignored) and errors that could have been prevented (formatting 101-my concerns were ignored) before the “proof” had been printed. Now I am left with an error filled book that there is no way I could sell or be happy about. I need to hear from someone from LULU on how my book will be corrected and properly addressed. My bill is over ($900.00) which LULU has in the bank. With regard into improving quality control and service, one gets a automatic email and nothing personal. I think over three weeks with multiple emails from me, and nothing from LULU has left me wondering about your business ethics. My order number is 2150184 LTK152017908295X
    Also I have disaproved my book for sale, so how can it be on the marketplace on LULU for sale? Please contact me. Bern Kubiak

  119. Tizer

    Re my posts above about the damaged book being replaced by another damaged book. I’m still waiting for a reply from Lulu – how can it take so long simply to reply? Now I don’t even get an auto acknowledgment.

  120. Peter Bud

    Hello Sandra, sorry to try and reach you this way but I have a help ticket still unanswered after a week and several emails and phone messages to you have been unanswered also. I have been waiting over a month for my final formatting to be completed so I can start selling, after your then prompt support. I have no idea where my work stands and a month seems much to long even when you have lots of business. Please help! Thank you, Peter

  121. Anna Stott

    I understand how things can get back-logged but I cannot understand why I have not heard one word from anyone since June 16th. It was a letter asking questions about my alterations. On June 26th I recieved an e-mail from LuLu asking if my book was ready.
    Now that is confusing. I don’t know how someone working at LuLu would not know if my book was ready or not?
    I have written two letter just asking someone to tell me what is going on and no one has taken the time to reply.
    I don’t mind waiting. I do mind being ingorned very much so and am very frustrated that no one has taken the time to let me know what is happening.
    If someone here can contact me I would greatly appreciate it.

  122. This Company sucks, I changed my e mail address and now cant log in to LuLu and change any inf on my book, cant order it, and there is no way to talk to anyone or email them, what a piece of crap

  123. We need (live help) again.

  124. keith jurow

    I’m having trouble generating a bar code. I don’t know what options i’m supposed to select.

  125. I’m curious if any of your Lulu authors have proposed to use any of their revenue/royalty for the purpose of supporting a charity like ALS or Cancer. I do not yet have the sales to support this venture, unless it actually helped the sales along because of it. I would like to consider this option as I do a charity bonspiel for ALS in January and would love to present a cheque from my book sales. But since only 2 people have bought my book off the web, aside from myself buying in bulk to gift my family and sell to a few friends, the cheque is likley to be too small. Can this type of revenue dispersal be arranged? If not, would you be willing to donate books or other items for their silent auction in January, as an extra means of support? ALS Canada could certainly use more support.


  126. Vicky Lynn

    I am trying to set up an account on the LULU site. I keep getting a messege telling me an account is already made with my e-mail address. I ask the Program to resend my password but it doesn’t send it. I have put Lulu on my safe list on my Explorer. I have also checked junk mail to see if a responce had been directed there. Help!

  127. Hi, it is good to hear that you improved the customer service.
    However I don’t understand that I do not get any replies from Lulu in the UK.

    A reader of my book send in a complaint 6 weeks ago. At first there was communication from Lulu, but than it stopped. The reader called me (writer) to solve his problem. So I did send in a ticket. I do get an automated message that states that I can expect a reply within 2 business days. After 7 days no response. So I send another mail, 5 days later and still no response.

    Can you please send me a message, you have my mail address with this comment.

  128. Hello everyone at Lulu: I have a few Revenue Questions. Please e-mail me at to discuss why I would have to pay so much for my original work and receive a portion of it back ($4.95)from a $20.00 work of fiction that I’ve written myself?

  129. Hello Sandra,

    Still waiting for someone from Lulu in the UK to contact me. Why is this so difficult?


  130. Bryan Feldkamp

    Since you bought out where are my poems.

  131. Carl Braun

    I have submitted two tickets and all I get back is a form letter telling me you can’t help me. First, my files are missing from my projects. They were there last week. I can’t do revisions on my three books without the files. Also, the books are now being sold on Amazon. Thats great but there is no description for the books on Amazon. How can we get our description up on the site? My books are: Border War, Two Seconds and Above All Else.

    Carl Braun

  132. Suggestions.
    When a ticket is opened the customer gets a message from an auto-responder. Instructions for using the Support Escalation forum should be included in that message.
    In the forum index, move the Support Escalation Forum to the top of the page. This should cut down on the requests for service help in the other forums. Give it it’s own category if you don’t want the rest of the misc. forums moved up.

  133. Bruce

    I wish I had checked this blog before ordering 2 books from Lulu. When the cofirmation came thru, I saw there was no house number in the address, so alerted Lulu immediately. I requested the Tracking Number which would have enabled me to claim the parcel, but it took 4 requests and as many weeks before my request was even acknowledged. That acknowledgement came with the statement that Lulu could not help me, and the hollow patronising sorry statement. I was sure I entered the house number, but perhaps that omission was mine. Nonetheless, the tracking number would have saved the day, but alas, it is to much trouble for them to provide it. Lulu’s attitude to customer service leaves me with no trust in them – also without my books and without the good money they took from me.

  134. Nick Popio

    I’m sorry you had such a negative experience. If you can email me at with your order number and the reference id from customer service I will see if there’s anything we can do.


  135. Thomas

    I submitted a support request on Sunday, July 12th and have still not received a reply. I’ll be emailing Nick directly in hopes of resolving this.

    By the way, I found this thread by searching “Lulu customer service sucks”. Crappy customer service is not exactly a viable long term business plan.

  136. Thomas

    Also folks, just an FYI… After going through this process I’m seriously looking into other alternatives for my next print run. Up to this point I was your biggest fan and biggest cheerleader. I spoke glowingly of Lulu and recommended you to my colleagues. After reading all of the horror stories on your own forums ( ) and given my own experience of non-contact by your support staff I’m rethinking my position.

    The current issue that I’m trying to resolve is small change… Honestly I wasn’t even going to originally send in a support request. But I’m planning a larger order in the fall of $200 or more. I can’t afford for there to be any print defects in that batch, and I certainly can’t afford for there to be months trying to resolve the issure if there were. The books I’m ordering are textbooks for my students. I need my order to be fulfilled correctly and if there are any mistakes (I understand that these things do happen) I need them to be corrected in a timely manner. If Lulu is unable to do that then I will with great disappointment look elsewhere.

    Believe me, I don’t want to have to do that. It’s a pain and is going to involve a great deal of reformatting on my part if I have to redo my book for another print on demand company. PLEASE get your act together. I want to be a fan again.

    Here’s hoping that someone is actually watching this comment thread and cares.

    Best regards,


  137. Nick Popio

    Hi Thomas,
    I believe Sandra has responded to you directly. Please let me know if you need anything else.


  138. What happened to your E-bay offer? Twice I made an ‘order’ but no-one came back to me for details of which books I wished to include, as promised. Appreciate a response.

  139. Hi
    I have sent 6 emails to customer support. With the last two, I received an automatic response from the same “Sandra” but no further help.
    I have been trying for 6 weeks to have someone tell me how to change my shipping from priority to media mail. I am ordering 100 books and I do not want to pay $300 to ship these books.
    The order automatically defaults to priority. I am so frustrated that I am not getting a response. It has been over 2 business days since the last 5th email was sent.
    How is a person supposed to receive an answer?!
    Thanks (I hope) for helping me quickly.


  140. Steve Young

    Ms. Parker
    I believe the customer service issues must remain and continue to spiral downward. I am brand new, just paid my entry fee just days ago and have been totally amazed at the lack of customer support.

    If I don’t see improvement, I believe a refund is in order. I have recieved no service rendered as of yet and only invision continued inadequit professional service if the service / package I purchased continues.

    Someone needs to contact me asap.

  141. Kate B

    Hi Steve,

    I believe that Alison and Sherri have responded to you directly and that your issue has been resolved. Please let me know if you need anything else.


  142. Kate B

    Olga Swan,

    I am not able to find your E-Bay Order Number. If you could please provide a Case Number or an Order Number I will contact you directly regarding fulfillment of your order.

    Thank you,

  143. kevin Lomas

    Perhaps if people did not clog up official news blogs with problems then lulu would have time to sort out the service faster …

    All I wish to say is when will these improvements happen? I have just sent a helpmail in about a long standing problem and all I got back was a standard robotic reply that does not answer my problem at all. I had one of these before and if you reply as it suggests you may have to do, you do not get a reply back. Is this part of the ‘improvements?’
    Perhaps the greatest improvement you could make is bring back Livehelp, but staffed 100% with experts, not just 20% experts and 80% helplink ‘pasters.’ Reply was almost instant with Livehelp, which was remarkable compared to other sites where you could wait for hours, but hours is better than weeks or never …

  144. Tizer

    Agreed Kevin. And perhaps this is why we hear nothing more from Sandra Parker in this, her own, blog post. Perhaps she is so embarrassed by what she has read here that she has gone away for a long holiday!

  145. Randy Fishell

    I do not intend to use Lulu again at this point. Customer service is very poor and the Help section describes actions to take that do not even exist.

  146. Hi|: I uploaded my 5 cds on lulu, can’t seem to view songs or tell other how to view, & purchase?Sincerely, Michele need live help, not a standard form from Sandra.

  147. Andres

    @Stephen Skelton: the other day I found a blurb that states Lulu is not responsible for enforcing DRM on downloads, and will do nothing to that effect. I am sure that if you look around, you will find the text. It wasn’t hard to find.

  148. Andres

    (by the way, I dislike books with DRM (see Amazon’s 1984 fiasco), so I think Lulu’s approach is just fine)

  149. Pepsy Nagel

    I have written to Lulu several times regarding some problems I am having with publishing and revenue generated. I have sold several books already but for some reason it has not shown up yet under My Revenue. I am very frustrated that I have not heard from any Lulu representative regarding my questions. All I have got is computer generated e-mails stating that due to the high volume of e-mails, someone will get back to me as soon as possible. It has been months since I wrote those e-mails. Is there someone I can talk to live to answer my questions. Just give us a telephone number we can contact even if it is not a toll free number. The Live chat was the best service you had. You should bring this back or improve on your e-mails.Please give us a contact number we can call to reach you.

  150. Fran

    I’m facing problems when logging in and there is no link or e-mail for any support or helpline. Could you please let me know how to get in contact with your customer support as my logg-in fails?!

  151. Blog Administrator

    If you go to the Help tab and then scroll down you should see a link to “Email Support”. What kind of log-in issues are you experiencing?

  152. Fran

    The logg-in issue is “a blank page” and the e-mail support link leads again to the logg-in page.

  153. Sharen

    Experiencing the same problem as Fran* today and cannot report it or request Help from Lulu because I cannot log-in.
    Blank page repeatedly. Please help!

    *From Fran above: “The logg-in issue is “a blank page” and the e-mail support link leads again to the logg-in page.”

  154. Carmenica Diaz

    Same log in problems! Just a blank page and can’t get help as I can’t log in!!!!

  155. Nick Popio

    Fran, Sharen, and Carmenica,
    I apologize for the inconvenience. Try clearing your browser’s Lulu cookies and trying again. If that doesn’t work, then let me know.

  156. Fran

    Thanks,it’s working again.

  157. Rick Taliaferro

    Dear lulu Customer Support and Services:
    Please remove “Rick Taliaferro’s Storefront” from the lulu Website. The url for this storefront is: . I do not have a storefront, nor do I have an account with lulu. The only association I have with lulu is as a reviewer of a book titled, “A Book of Five Swords and a Scroll” by Stanford D. Carman.
    I’m attempting to delete the storefront through this blog, because I’ve gone through several other dead-end routes to get it deleted.
    Thank you.

  158. Gail

    I have been searching your site to find a way to contact someone at Lulu directly. And I’ve come up empty handed. In placing an order, I was unable to change my profile information regarding billing AND it was stated that my credit card information would be kept on file. All of this makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. Especially the point about being unable to contact anyone at LuLu. Please respond. Thanks.

  159. Nick Popio

    Can you send me your email address to I will try to help you get this taken care of.

    I’m happy to try to help you. Did you receive any errors when you were trying to update your information?

  160. Sharlette Franklin

    I cannot gain access to my LuLu account and I have a book signing scheduled in a couple of weeks. No one will respond to my attempts to get help. I don’t know what to do with this type of horrible service!!!

    If there is anyone that knows how to gain access when your email and password won’t work and no way to tell a staff member to help you, please give me some advice. I wish I used another company now.

  161. Nick Popio

    I am sorry you are having difficulty. Can you email me at with the email address you used to sign up for an account and any error messages you receive when you try to log in? I will do my best to help you.

  162. Dan Beaudry

    I need some help knowing how much longer my project is going to take. It’s been over six weeks and I’m not able to get any date projections from my rep.

  163. Tesha Mulkey

    I need to contact someone regarding book orders from a retail store if possible. There is no phone # to contact. I’ve tried to use the email customer service but it takes to long. When I did receive a reply it wasn’t very helpful. please reply back

    Thank You
    Tesha Mulkey

  164. Nick Popio

    I’m happy to try to help. Can you email me at

  165. Penny

    I mentioned this problem on your forum – it might also keep publishers from making the same mistake of selling outdated calendars – and I was banned from the forum. This speaks volumes about your customer relations!

  166. I entered one of your poetry contests in 2008. I did not win the money but recieved Editors Choice Award. I did at the time purchase 2 of the poetry books in advance. I have not recieved my books and have been trying to get this situation resolved for some time now. I do have a case number, could someone please help with this.

    Rina Miller

  167. Back in June, you wrote about significant improvements in customer support. Where are they? Lulu may be growing now, but without a reliable help system, your company well implode under its own inefficiency–which is not the goal for any of us.

  168. RE: [ ref:00D56zQ6.50057kkQ9:ref ] Case: 00352578 (this case is originally pending since 2 months without solution or answer)

    Dear Sirs:

    I would be very pleased if you could handle the above-mentioned case. I tried to publish my three concerned books since March 2008. Then, in the beginning of September these books could be published (with ISBN, EUR 150,00 together). But up to now they are only available via Lulu (ISBN would not have been necessary for achieving the present status). As far as I see your staff works with wrong information or seem to be not informed about all Lulu’s service packages. A further project is depending on these three books. This ISBN was bought in 2006 and has to wait, until the present problem is solved.


  170. Max

    Dear Sandra P:
    I refer to the above-mentioned case, posted January 8, 2010 at 4:56 pm.
    Thank you very much for your email dated 11. January 2010 16:56:46, which was answered by my email dated 15. January 2010 00:36:23. Could you kindly inform me of any progress in this case? Thanking you in advance.

  171. Diana Ballard

    It would be immensel useful if a human could be reached via phone. That has been an issue with me, and I believe it is a serious issue that should be addressed as you consider customer needs.

  172. First off I would like to say superb blog! I had a quick question in which I’d like to ask
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