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Lulu HelpThe Lulu help section has been updated with quite a few new entries. As Nick mentioned, there are now a number of great video tutorials that will help you get through the publishing process, but we’ve also added a lot more information in general. There are sections on how to set creator revenue and the final price of your Lulu content and the different paper options for books. Lots of answers to common publishing questions can be found in the Lulu help section.

The Lulu help section is a perfect place for any aspiring author to start before getting ready to tackle the publishing process.

Click Here to Go To Lulu Help.

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  1. Thanks for the new tutorials, they are quite helpful

  2. alonzo reels

    can you publish someone without them giving you money

  3. ken adams

    do you offer an ‘eBook Optimization’ service?
    i have read that you do, but can’t locate anything on your site.


  4. Rosina Jacobs

    I have a problem with billing on my account. I have emailed with no reponse, I have left messages with no call backs. I see the comment below. Do you have any customer service at all. After this order I will have to use another website, you guys are too scary. Its like you are the invisible people.

  5. Stephanie Hart

    Dear Sandra,
    I published your distribution package for published by you. My first book was rejected because of the color of the bar code. I am resubmitting with a black and white bar code but want to make sure I conform to your standards in terms of the size of the bar code
    which is listed as 1.833″ wide by 1″ high. Does this refer to the bar code itself or does it include the border around it.
    The name of my project is Clouds Like Horses. I have sent a number of emails but have not gotten an answer to this question
    Thank you in advance for your help.

  6. Thanks for the replies:

    Alonzo: Lulu is free. We do offer some premium publishing services for authors who want them.

    Jann: Head over to this post for more info

    Ken: We offer ebook publishing and our standard services can help you if you want professional help.

  7. Rosina/Stephanie: Please refer to this post:

  8. Gavin Barnett

    I’m a registered publisher with Lulu. (Project I/D 4493780).
    I have questions which your support and help pages on the web cannot answer. Please rescue me! Here are the questions:
    1. In a new project (7223556), I wish to compile and market a CD which will contain i) Data on an Excel spreadsheet file and ii) Text Word)giving instructions on usage etc. I cannot get Lulu to accept upload of the two files. How do go about this?
    2. I want to have my book I/D 4493780 marketed as an e-book in addition to the existing digital print book form. Your three-step instruction(see below)fails because step three refers to an “e-book version box” which is not featured – cannot be found.
    (The 3 steps mentioned are:
    • Revise your project
    • Check the e-book version box
    • Set the price etc)
    3. When I was publishing project 4493780 your web offered a very helpful live Chat Window. Why can I not access this any more?

    4. I send e-mails from the support section but you do not reply at all.

    Yours desperately
    Gavin Barnett

  9. Hello…I have never seen such deplorable customer service in my entire life and that is saying a lot. I have been emailing your company for about 3 weeks and have received zero replies, zero! I am totally stuck on a book that should have already been published and will be pulling out of lulu as of tomorrow. How do you stay in business? And better yet, why do you stay in business? Chris Burnett

  10. Bente Olie

    Hi, how can it be possible to get no reaction from the helpteam, while my order is paid for but not being processed? I asked several times for an explenation, but I can’t get thru. Is there anyone who can tell me what to do? P.s. I’m dutch.

  11. Julie Oliver

    I, too, have been trying for 3 weeks to get some help on my project. No one replies. I uploaded a PERFECT Word doc with page numbers and headers that took me days to figure out and fix. When I uploaded to Lulu, your PDF conversion took my lovely headers and replaced them with the “My Files” assigned number + title with slashes between all the words…and it stuck that in as my header! I need someone at Lulu to fix that conversion problem. Again, my Word doc is just the way I want it. The problem is yours! Is anyone out there listening? All the Lulu problems I’ve encountered have set me back (sales) almost 6 months now. Where has Live Chat gone? I may never publish with Lulu again.

  12. Barbara Blanks

    I’m sorry to post here but I can’t find any information on how to contact the Webmaster or board administrator. I’ve been banned from the Forums and I don’t have a clue as to why. There’s nothing at the forum site to tell me how to contact anyone to ask why either. Help please!


    How do I purchase a specific book by author?

  14. Edita Warrilow

    I found your advice to get me book I have registered with you to put onto Google but am unable to find how to get this done, it is such a good idea. My book is called: How to sell your house with a real estate agent. By Belinda Brown with the ISBN # O-9684861-O-X.
    I would be very grateful if you would help me to do this.. Edita.

  15. Maria

    Whow much is the cost of printing a 100 children’s poetry books, with a full color
    & paper back cover and also 29 full color clildren’s draws? Please sent the answer as soon it is possible,

    Maria T. Arrazola

  16. Can anyone enlighten me as to how I can go about adding my author bio onto the left column of my storefront.
    I have read the help FQA’s and tried various ways, but was not able to get it done.
    Thank you.

    Peter M.K. Chan
    a author

  17. Claire Miller

    I’m about to convert a 30-40 page picture book to an ebook. I don’t know the ideal pixels-per-inch size for the photos (one per page). If I create it in Word and drag in the photos, should I reduce them from 300 to 75 ppi before inserting them? Before I submit my document, should it have a cover, title page, copyright page as part of the document, or will that be added later? Is portrait a better shape for ebook readers than landscape? Thanks for any help.

  18. Violet Kelemen

    All I got in the past month was promises but no action. For 2 weeks I tried to download my document for review, there was no document to download. I am very frustrated. I deleted my document. I figured maybe starting over will help. Will it? Can you tell me? Will you be offering actual help not just promises. I would like to stay with Lulu, but I need to know if I can count on some help. Violet Kelemen

  19. CW

    Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeze, I am an Author who has had LuLu highly reccommended to me by another Author who has successfully published with LuLu in the past. Past obviously being the obvious term of focus. This boards sounds like LuLu has lost control of it’s business and more importantly paid clients are getting zero assistance? Jumping ship for now guys, I will check back to see if get LuLu back to tops in the next couple of months!

  20. hi- not sure this is a ” problem” so much as a question.

    I am revising my project ( never ” approved” final yet:).

    the book specs are for crown quarto- which I want. I need to convert the INDD-pdf into specs that match crown quarto. I have the numbers 7.44×9.68 ( or 18.91cmx24.589 cm), etc. HOWEVER.. when I went into the INDD file for page setup.. and custom page layout. it is listed in/ as 36p0 and 54p0… not inches or centimeters.

    SOOOOO… what specs/numbers do I need to enter so that it fits a crown quarto layout?



  21. Does anyone ever get their order? Forget trying to contact any one and expect a response. They would talk to me before I gave them money. Also, I found a slight error in my manuscripot several weeks ago, but do you think I could get a response to upload the corrected copy —- not on your life — they already have my money.

  22. Nick Popio

    Email me your reference id from customer service at and I will try to get you some answers.

  23. Judy Miller

    After reading all these comments, I also paid a lot of money. I hope it was worth it and the book comes out right.

  24. Judy Miller

    Whoops the comment I just left was incorrect. I meant to say, “I am scared after reading all the posts here.” I also paid a lot of money into Lulu and I hope I get a good book because there is not predictable order to anything. I am in the dark a lot.

  25. Ariana

    Didn’t Lulu used to have chat helpers? I am finding “glitches” with uploading, updating and modifying items. Could not reach a chat tech as in the past (*had an old account 2 years ago). Is this feature going to be renewed in the future? I see too many complaints of e-mails not being answered and that worries me.

  26. Bryan

    In your ISBN Service Page you list:

    “Get a free ISBN from
    Assign a free unique ISBN to your title that lists as the publisher. Lulu will act as the publisher on your behalf to retailers and wholesalers globally.”

    Would I be listing Lulu as publisher in the copyright and publishing information page, and if so, what information would I list?

  27. Hi Nick,

    I wonder if maybe you can help? I wish to set the price of a book as close as possible to the manufacturing cost, rounding up to the nearest 0. The manufacturing cost is listed as £10.87. When I set the revenue at ‘0’ it refuses to accept a price of £12.00, but keeps re-setting the price to £13.82, which is the ‘marketplace price’, from which I receive a revenue of £2.36. But I don’t want £2.36! I want to sell it at the actual manufacturing cost. I don’t believe I’ve had trouble with this before.
    title: Two Hands Clappiing
    ID 7463427

    Grace at Andromache Books

  28. Charles H. Snellings

    I deperately need help getting into my account, however, the help site is not helpful to me. I have used all their suggestions, and I cannot buy more of my books. I have a signing coming up in a few weeks and I need help. Please…soemone contact me and help me get back into my account. Thanks, Charley Author of THE HIDEBEHIND

  29. Font Licensing–What you need to know about embedding fonts into eBooks and intellectual property law:

    In a recent survey we found that many authors and small independent one-person publishers were not aware that they potentially could be breaking applicable intellectual property laws by embedding fonts into their eBooks for sale and/ or mass distribution. Many people are confused by this area and incorrectly believe that their Adobe, Apple, or Microsoft end user license agreement covers them for embedding fonts into eBooks. An eBook is considered by IP law as a form of software and not an actual book. Therefore embedding fonts into eBooks and distributing them needs a specialised distribution license which is not covered by a typical end user license agreement (which is usually for 1-5 computers).

    One question we have is whether the commercial licenses that may have with font libraries like Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, ITC, Monotype etc extends to cover users of the Lulu service, or whether individual authors need to obtain a specialised license themselves in order to embed fonts in their eBooks?

    We feel it would be helpful for to highlight this area for authors and perhaps have a resource on this. If you already have addressed this, please could you be so kind as to send us a link? (Thank you!)

    Some useful links we found on this topic are:

    An alternative to embedding fonts is to change the settings in Adobe Acrobat or in any other Adobe PDF creator program to the setting that does not embed fonts. When using this setting, it is important to use standard fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial (or both for a good Serif and San Serif body copy/ title heading combination). However, please check your software documentation for full instructions, and also your end user license agreements to be sure you are not breaking any IP laws.

    We recently decided to join due to the excellent support, resources, and tools for authors and publishers.

    Look forward to following your blog posts going forward!


  30. Elizabeth Mulvihill

    My email has changed … I am one of your published authors and my old email was….my NEW email is Will your system still recognize me or does someone on youe end need to change my account info so I can access my sales and orders?

  31. Morgan, Lulu

    @Elizabeth – I recommend contacting our support team who can help you with your account. You can reach them via live chat or email by following this link: Thanks.

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