Understanding Lulu: "Can I talk to someone?"


Update:  Our specialists are happy to help you find the best solutions to all your publishing needs via email or LiveChat.  Feel free to contact them by visiting our customer support page.

For this month’s post, I’d like to address one of the most frequently asked questions:  “Is there a number I can call to talk to someone at Lulu?”  As a web-based company, our services are offered through the Lulu.com website and our customer support issues are handled through emailed electronic tickets.  These tickets are useful because they provide something for the customer voice team to reference as a customer’s relationship with Lulu grows.  Customers can send in photos of what they are referencing along with their order and content ID numbers, allowing everything to be consolidated in one place.

We recently upgraded our system and moved all tickets to a more streamlined database in an effort to improve organization and efficiency in our response time.  We also doubled our customer voice team in just a four-week period!  All this hard work is to get Lulu’s support back to the standard of a two business-day turnaround.

That said, a recent addition to Lulu’s masterpiece publishing package is phone support.  A Lulu specialist will be assigned to a project and will work with an author by email and phone.  This specialist is dedicated to helping an author’s publication reach its full potential.  While there is a price for this, a dedicated specialist might be a good investment for an author depending on how much help they think they might need.  Lulu offers several professional publishing packs for anyone that wants help through their publishing experience.  These packages continue to evolve as the needs of the customer change.

Self-publishing is an industry that empowers authors to realize their dreams and ambitions, and Lulu is always growing and improving to keep up with your needs.  Presently, there are a number of help options for an aspiring Lulu author to seek out, such as excellent video tutorials, an extensive FAQ page, an in-depth help knowledge base, and customer voice team members that are just an email away!

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  1. I am glad to here that LuLu cares. I very much dislike it when a computer comes on to answer my questions. It makes me feel like a number. Thanks for your concern.

  2. Monika

    Addition to the previous post. I have tried to email support@lulu.com, but this email address failed to deliver. I can’t believe that I am now not able to contact lulu in any other way than posting on your “Understanding Lulu: Can I talk to someone?” post. No email without being logged-in. No phone. No technical support, as my log-in doesn’t work? A company which can NOT BE REACHED? You’re kidding. I DO need access to my account within the next 24 hours. Please resolve this matter and email me at designhouse@live.com.ar

  3. AJ McDonald


    I am sorry that you have had trouble with your password. The ticket system requires you to log-in so that your account information is linked to the ticket. A customer service representative can easily log into your account and see your projects and order history to expedite the whole process. It is against Lulu policy for anyone to email customers outside of that ticket system. I will personally send you an email to the one you provided with a new log-in password, but it will be through an existing ticket that I create for you which will provide an easy reference for myself and any other customer voice team members that may help you. I again apologize for any frustration, but please know that I want to help get you a solution.

  4. Monika

    AJ, Many thanks for your help!

  5. Hi I need to know how to let friends & family know how to order. I want to make sure the inside white page, has Psalm 118:24 under This Is The Day The Lord Has Made Let Us Rejoice & Be Glad In It!

  6. mirella


    Do you provide Illustrations with your Children Books Imagination Pack? I am very interested in this package.I have many questions I wish I had an email or a # where I can talk to someone.

    Thank you;


  7. AJ McDonald


    I am thrilled to hear you are interested in writing! If you follow the link at the end of my blog post it will send you to an email form where you can ask any questions you may have. As far as illustrations go, all content that is published through Lulu must belong to, and be provided by the author, we do not provide illustrations. We are partnered with fotolia however, one of the internet’s largest stock photo companies. You may find some cool stuff to use for your book there. Once you launch a project, you can actually link directly to fotolia and pull any images you like. Hope this helps!

  8. Curtis

    The former Live Help (using the IM method of emailing for Lulu assistence) option was tremendously helpful. It cut a LOT of corners for me and I was able to put my book together in half the time. It seems that it would be a much better option than time consuming telephone calls. Why was Live Help eliminated?

  9. Tom Hewitt

    Thanks for your help, AJ!

  10. AJ, thank you. In the meantime, I got an explanation from a colleague of yours here on Lulu blog. But I really appreciate your interest and the fact that you’ve offered to help!

  11. Mark Starr

    I want to publish a series of books using the square format books, but it seems the spot where you drag your photo isn’t square, as it chops off my border on the top and bottom, leaving it on the sides. I e-mailed the help system but got no reply on this. Do I have to change all of my photos to get them to fit the box? Thanks for any help-

  12. AJ McDonald


    I am sorry you haven’t heard a response from customer service yet, I looked up your name but couldn’t find your ticket. Either way, the photo book itself will be a square, the format of the pictures within depends on the theme you choose. You can choose which page layout you want in the Lulu Studio if you want, you can also drag and drop your photos in. The photos will “auto-snap” into the empty field box and depending on the size and shape of the photo in correlation to the field box, yes, some on the photo may be cropped off. You can move and resize the image within the studio to combat this formatting however. Otherwise, you will have to resize your photos to fit the drop zone. I hope this helps! Glad to hear you are interested in publishing!

  13. --David

    I think LulU should seriously consider telephone support to the masses (not as some paid-for add-on). Even if the support number were a toll call, your buying customers and authors would feel better about TALKING to someone in person. It’s just good business…

  14. Dudley

    Bet you guys who reply to the letters think that life is pretty depressing – but keep up the good work because Lulu does deliver and excellent product and the gain is ultimately worth the pain.

  15. AJ McDonald


    Thank you very much for your post – it was a nice pick-me-up!

  16. AJ, you’ve been a great help. I finally got an email back today, and my book has been listed on Amazon! Great!

    Just one more question, though, if you don’t mind? When I make sales via Amazon, do I still get revenue via Lulu, or will it be through Amazon?



  17. AJ McDonald


    Thank you! It was no problem, glad you got the help you deserve. In regards to your Amazon question, your revenue from that will be added to your Lulu revenue. Amazon reports sales numbers to us once a month and then we add that to your Lulu revenue figures. You should receive your Amazon revenues the following revenue period (or the following month).

  18. Carlo Federico Scara

    I came into your world just this morning, and would like to say how happy I am, seeing that I can be guided through this new wonderland. I have a few questions of course, as all greenhorns have, but I will come back soon. For the time beeing, thanks for the mere fact that you exist!!!!

  19. Alicia Renee Young

    Hi I am just a few days away from publishing my first poetry book on lulu. It is 20 pages long hard cover landscape 9×7 is it possible I can order them in bulk? Possibly 50 or 100 copies? Also how would I go about getting an ISBN # do I need to purchase one of your packages to receive one? Thanks for your help.

  20. AJ


    You sure can buy in bulk. You’ll need to get in touch with a bulk services rep to do that though. You can reach them here: http://www.lulu.com/customerservice

    In regards to an ISBN, you can get one for free from Lulu.com or bring one you already own. More information here: http://www.lulu.com/services/distribution

  21. I have my book all ready to go and I have my own ISBN but I can’t find where to enter it to the project. When I revise and change the distribution the ISBN opportunbity appears but my book format is no longer offered. What to do?

  22. Thank you for this article, but I am still concerned especially when it comes with support for shipping questions and issues. If an order is lost or fails to get delivered and a person did not have tracking because of the huge expense of shipping through Lulu, they are just lost. Sometimes, being able to talk with someone and get clear answers on what to do next can help.

    Many people I work with are not web savvy. So I end up following up on their behalf when they buy books… and its frustrating.

    Another article idea would be to address the high shipping costs associated with Lulu.com. If you’ve already done this, I haven’t found the answers. It would be great if the USPS or even UPS were independent options… as I know the rates are better than what we see when publishing books.

  23. Martin Owens

    I need to have a book published but can not follow your web site for some reason, please help

  24. Martin Owens

    How much does it cost to publish a paperback book, please help

  25. Louise Knight


    A change in circumstances has meant I no longer hold the email address to which my account from 2008 was linked. Can someone please issue me a new password to the new email address I have provided you with, so that I can access my account again? Many thanks for your help!

  26. Joseph Vargas


    Hello, I was charged twice for an item I bought, what are the steps I have to take for this problem to be solved.

  27. Morgan

    Joseph – our support team is happy to help with that. The steps are easy – you can get help via live chat or fill out a case number here: http://lulu.com/support.

  28. cara


    I have been trying to work with the Lulu system for 2 weeks now–they messed up my order which I need by this friday and it is yet to be printed. the live chat is frozen. i spoke with someone on live chat yesterday who calmed all my nerves and said it would be settled by today–i would have an email, a case number, i have NONE.

    HELP ME!! give me a phone number so i can call!

  29. Greg Chalik

    I have an account, though not used it for a very long time. I tried to log in, but although recognised (it says Welcome Greg Chalik momentarily) the next scree is asking me to create a new account. Trying to contact support does the same.

    I requested a new password, but that doesn’t work either.



  30. Morgan, Lulu

    @Greg Chalik – Hi Greg, I am passing this along to our support team so that you can get help logging in. They will contact you using the email address you entered when you submitted this comment. If you are able, the fastest way for you to reach support without a password is the online chat during standard business hours EDT. Here’s the link: http://ar.gy/.8Y

  31. Marcus

    I forgot my password and it when i click on the forgot my password link, i type in my email and click reset and it sends me to a blink page and doesnt email me anything this is sooooooooooo frustrating !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. I sent in a query asking what kind of discount I could expect if I ordered 25 copies of my book – A to Z of Imaginary Fish. This was about a week and a half ago. No answer. I sent a follow-up email a week or so later. No answer.

  33. justin glenn

    I ordered one book from Lulu.com, and since then I’ve been inundated with unwanted promotional emails from lulu.com. I don’t see any way to on the e-mails to unsubscribe. How do I do that?

  34. Morgan, Lulu

    Lulu takes data privacy very seriously. All of our marketing emails have unsubscribe urls placed at both the top and bottom of our emails. Moreover, users can opt-out simply by replying to a marketing email, expressing their desire to opt-out. Finally, users can also log-in to My Lulu to update their notification preferences. We will take your email address (the one you submitted with this comment) off of our mailing list. Thanks.

  35. Ariel

    I have published an ebook and when I have attempted to order it, the order status remains on “fulfilling.” More people have told me that they are having the same problem trying to download my ebook. This ebook is very important as it is my college’s literary magazine and people need to be able to download. Thank you.

  36. amanda

    I am having the same problem, i wanted to use Lulu.com for my final dissertation as they have always been great in the past, however its now over a week and i paid for fast delivery too! This project has a deadline and now i have to look elsewhere, im annoyed that my inquiry has gone unnoticed as well. Please let me know what is going on with my published work?

  37. Morgan, Lulu

    @amanda – I am very sorry to hear that. Our customer support team has identified your case and will respond directly to you.

  38. Alexis


  39. Morgan, Lulu

    @Alexis – Our support team will be happy to help with that. Please contact them here: http://ar.gy/.8Y. Thanks.

  40. Norma Wedge

    I have never come across such a web site or company that are uncontactable as yourselves. I am trying to chase up an order that Payment authorisation failed.

  41. Morgan, Lulu

    @Norma – Hi Norma – we are sorry to hear about the difficulty. Have you contacted our support team? You can reach them via email or live online chat? Here is their link: http://ar.gy/.8Y. If you have tried contacting them and would like to share your case number with me, I’m happy to escalate your case. Thanks, Morgan

  42. Miah

    My order was shipped on May 8th and I still do not have it. I have tried and tried to figure out how to contact someone and cannot because of a glitch that will not let me reset my password! How frustrating! Please help!

  43. Morgan, Lulu

    @Miah – I apologize for the trouble you’re facing. I will have our support team contact you. Thanks.

  44. J Davis

    its been a few days now and i havent heard anything about the book i ordered. is there anyway i can get a status update? i ordered it before i joined the site and now its not even showing up in my orders but i do have a receipt emailed to me and a number 7204975. please help :(

  45. Morgan, Lulu

    @J Davis – We are happy to help. Our support team will be able to answer this for you. Please just fill out a case here: http://ar.gy/.8Y. Thanks!

  46. J Davis

    i have actually already filled out a form and got sent an email saying it will be looked into but i havent heard anything and i just want to know when i should be expecting the package so i can have someone there to receive it.

  47. A friend asked me to check out lulu.com. I am the author of “The formula for reincarnation (the rebirth equation)”, “Most perfect exchange: the cost of liberty” and “It is time we truly know why Jesus wept” I want to know how I can freely convert some of my ebooks to paperback and other lulu services.
    N. K. David

  48. Morgan, Lulu

    @N. K. David – Yes, you can easily publish your eBooks to paperback and hardcover by uploading the files to our publishing portal (http://ar.gy/1F5E). For more detailed support, please contact our support team (http://ar.gy/.8Y).

  49. Olivia G


    I have to get in touch with someone of your support team, in emergency, for delivery matters. As my message on your email address failed, please email me as soon as you can.

    Many thanks in advacance.

  50. Morgan, Lulu

    @Olivia – Hi Olivia, I am having someone reach out to you directly.

  51. Tom

    I have mislaid my log-in password. I have tried to reset it on numerous occasions during the past two weeks but have not received a reply to my registered email address. All spam filters have been checked. I have even tried to log into Lulu via a new account but unsuccessfully as the new account log-in detects my registered email address and will not let me proceed further. I would be most grateful if someone will email a password reset code to my registered email address. Thankyou. Tom

  52. Morgan, Lulu

    @Tom – So sorry for the difficulty, Tom. I will have someone contact you to resolve this issue. Thanks, Morgan.

  53. R. James Sawtell

    So I receive a notice from paypal that your company has charged my credit card with out my knowledge, the email address provided you don’t monitor and I have to create an account just to possibly get help via “chat”.

    Simply ridiculous and unacceptable.

    Have someone e-mail immediately with a phone number so I can discuss this matter.

  54. Morgan, Lulu

    @R. James – Sorry for the difficulty. We’re happy to help sort this out. I am going to have our support team reach out to you directly.

  55. R. James Sawtell

    Thank you Morgan, however it has been 2 days now and I haven’t heard anything from your support team. Heck I don’t even know what was supposedly ordered….

    I personally find this troubling, and while it is not my intention to cause a problem for your company within a public forum such as this, at least your response has shown at least someone is listening. Any further assistance is appreciated.

  56. Morgan, Lulu

    @R. James – Hi James. I am following up with our support team to ensure that they respond to you quickly. I apologize that you have not heard back yet. Just in case, have you checked your spam/junk folder? Thanks, Morgan

  57. Tom

    Hi Morgan, I refer to my post of 9th of July. I still do not have Password Reset. I have receive an email of sorts from Shannon O. at (Lulu Support), allegedly, but as it requests personal info (ie credit card info. and billing address) I am not willing to divulge this to on line especially as Lulu already has this info, and the email may have come from a chance phisher. I can give you the title of one of my books though and hope this matches up with my e-mail address. Try:
    “The Times Table Book” Thanks. Tom

  58. Morgan, Lulu

    @Tom – Sorry to hear you still haven’t had the password reset resolved. Shannon O. is indeed one of our team members. She will need 3 identifiers in order to verify the password rest. One will include the last 4 digits of your CC (not the whole number). I will have her follow up with you this afternoon. Thanks!

  59. Marcelle


    I am having trouble loging in to my account. Although I click on the forgot password to reset it, I did this 100 times but I don´t get any email from you about my password. Not one have reach my inbox. Why is that?

  60. R. James Sawtell


    Paypal has reversed the questionable transaction from my account and refunded me, so I’m just going to conciser the matter closed.

    For the record, I never received contact from your support team, and yes, I did double check my spam mail and filters to confirm this.

    I thank you for your responses, however if I had a reason to recommend or register with your company in the future, based on your support teams lack of assistance I would not.

  61. Morgan, Lulu

    @Marcelle – Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with password reset. I will ask our support team to email you instructions directly to the email address associated with this blog comment. Thanks, Morgan

  62. Morgan, Lulu

    @R. James – I am happy to hear that paypal has resolved the issue, but I apologize that our team did not get back to you in time with some help. I am following up on this for you to make sure that we use your feedback to help improve our process. Thanks for taking the time to let me know. Again, my apologies for the frustration. Best, Morgan

  63. Richard

    I was just forwarded a “Save up to 25% on your next purchase” email. I do not want to receive these emails, but when I click the “Unsubscribe from marketing emails from Lulu.com” it’s a dead link. Please explain.

    Also, please don’t direct me to the Live Chat people, because they are bozos, and the Email lulu link on the page requires me to create an account.

    I would like a marketing manager’s email so that I can forward this bum email to them.

    Thank you.

  64. I publish more then 5 years books at Lulu but since the change today I can’t go into my own account!
    For the rest Good company!

  65. Nice company!

  66. Morgan, Lulu

    @Arne – Hi Arne, I will have a customer service representative contact you to help you log in to your account. Thanks, and I apologize for the inconvenience.

  67. Morgan, Lulu

    @Richard – Hi Richard. I will have your name removed from the email list. Please allow for a few days for this to be processed. Shall I assume that the email address associated with this blog comment is the same email address you’d like removed from the mailing list?

  68. Morgan Siem, Lulu

    @Richard – I have followed up with our team and it appears that your email address (the one associated with your blog comment) is not in our system. This means you should not receive additional marketing emails from us. If, for some reason, you do receive another one, please let me know which email address it is sent to so that I can help you remove it from our list. Thanks!

  69. Rachel Cartwright

    I have made several attempts to understand the revenue breakdown and the discrepancies I see from my end. Please tell me how to chat or call someone from LULU. The FAQ do not address my questions. I want to publish more but this lack of ability to talk with someone is causing me to question my decision to remain your customer. Please advise. Rachel

  70. Morgan, Lulu

    @Rachel – So sorry for the frustration. You can contact our team via email or live online chat here: http://ar.gy/.8Y. The issue you are seeing, though, may be related to a bug that we are working on fixing right now. Here is more info on that: http://ar.gy/1XC4

  71. ursula

    I need help! How do i reach someone at lulu? I cannot publish or order my calendar I made and i need too asap!

  72. Morgan, Lulu

    @ursula – Hi, we are happy to help. Simply contact our support team here: http://ar.gy/.8Y. Thanks.

  73. Rod Taylor

    I bought an e-book on Aug. 8th 2012. the receipt number is #7393381. I paid $10.45 by Visa. I was in a place where i could not successfully download the book due to internet fragility. I am trying now but do not know how. The website will not accept my registration for an account despite trying several passwords. How do I get a refund or another chance to download the book? HELP!!!

  74. Morgan, Lulu

    @Rod – Hi Rod, I have asked our support team to reach out to you at the email address that you used to leave this comment. They should be in touch shortly. Thanks, Morgan

  75. bill frisk

    so this is the worst customer service i have ever had

  76. Morgan, Lulu

    Hi Bill – We are sorry to hear that. We are more than happy to help. Do you have a case number that I can reference? If not, you can create a case with our customer service team here: http://ar.gy/.8Y. Thanks and I’m sorry for the frustrations.

  77. Lillian

    Terrible email support. I ordered a book from these people and I don’t like the idea of them asking for a phone number when they’re sending via media mail. Also they charged my credit card and took my money yet the invoice stated I didn’t provide an address. I’ll give them 14 days if nothing. I’m going to dispute with paypal and file a Better Business Bureau complaint. IMHO this company needs to clean up its customer service relationship with buyer convenience.

  78. Lillian

    Terrible acknowledgment. I ordered a book from these people and I don’t like the idea of them asking for a phone number when they’re sending via media mail. Also they charged my credit card and took my money yet the invoice stated I didn’t provide an address. I’ll give them 14 days if nothing. I’m going to dispute with paypal and file a Better Business Bureau complaint. IMHO this company needs to clean up its customer service relationship with buyer convenience.

  79. Morgan, Lulu

    @Lillian – Hi Lillian. I’m sorry to hear that you are having a frustrating experience. If there is anything we can do to help, our support team is more than happy to assist. They can be reached via live chat and email here: http://ar.gy/.8Y. Thanks, Morgan

  80. I am going to your competitor… TODAY! I complained about a damaged book well over a month ago and have heard nothing! Time to publish my new book and I have no time to wait. I am very busy and this makes me upset because I like lulu. If I can’t talk to a human then we need not do business any longer. Good day!

    PS One of your competitors called me on the phone while publishing my first book. Asked why I didn’t publish with them? I told them I was happy with lulu. I thought all of you did that but I see that I was wrong. I am glad I retained their number.

  81. Morgan, Lulu

    @Amaru – I am sorry to hear about your recent experience with us. Our team does take customer service very seriously. I have located your case, and it appears that we sent a reply asking for images of the damage for additional information but have not heard back from you. Did you receive the email? Sometimes they get trapped in spam or junk folders. Can you please check for our email there? As soon as you reply back, we’ll be able to continue helping you. Thanks.

  82. Rose

    I paid extra for quick delivery of 3 to 5 business days and have still not received my books. I self-published with Lulu and would assume that they would not accept extra for quicker delivery if Lulu could not deliver. I am frustraaaaated.

  83. Morgan, Lulu

    @Rose – I’m sorry to hear about the frustration. Our customer service team may be able to provide some more insight. They can be contacted here: http://ar.gy/.8Y.

  84. Kristie Smith

    I, too, have been ignored for the past three weeks, and I have placed a large order. My books have not been delivered and no one has answered me through email. The books are nice but the customer service stinks!

  85. Jonathan Woods

    I joint Lulu on 18/10/11 and purchased the book The Complete Guide To Cupping Therapy (e-book) I was unable to access the book after paying for it and now I am unable to log back onto the site. Please help!
    regards jon
    please reply this time!!

  86. Morgan, Lulu

    @Kristie – I’m sorry to hear about the frustration. Do you mind sharing your support case # with me so that I can have it escalated?

  87. Morgan, Lulu

    Hi Jonathan – I apologize for the frustration. I am going to have our support team email you at the email address that you have used to create this blog comment.

  88. Mike

    I have placed an order from Lulu but it was misdelievered by Fedex. Fedex requires the seller to file the claim. I have been contacting Lulu to follow up with Fedex about this case but so far no words from the customer support at all. The customer service is simply awful !

  89. Morgan, Lulu

    Hi Mike – Our records indicate that your case was responded to on Friday. Have you received the reply?

  90. I have tried at least 3 times during the last month, with two different credit cards to buy the Vatican II (V2H) Organ Accompaniment and SATB Hymn Scores with no success. I have the order numbers, and the follow-up emails always indicate a failure. Please advise about how I can buy these books. Thank you.

  91. Morgan, Lulu

    @Fr. Donovan – Our support team will be able to help. Their contact page is here: http://ar.gy/.8Y. Thanks!

  92. Robert Buckley

    I recently ordered an additional 40 copies of my book, Ophelia’s Brooch. I placed the order with the wrong delivery address. (My default address is my home – but we are leaving for Alabama on Jan. 8th and I doubt they will be printed and delivered by then.) I have tried to send a message to deliver to my son’s address (same town) but I can’t see to get through. Can you help. My order # is 7801065. Address where I want them delivered: Sean Buckley, 770 W. 12th St., Marion Iowa 52302

  93. Aurora

    I need help contacting support from lulu. I have been charged twice for ONE COPY of my portfolio. I need a refund! Does anyone know if there is a phone number I can reach them on?!

  94. I am currently shopping around for a small-run book publisher that would be able to handle doing one-off custom books. My website, Xploritall.com, is a new Travel & Adventure Planner where users can add interesting places, activities, and events to their favorites list. When the user has a travel destination, the website automatically gathers all of their relevant favorites for that location and generates a custom Travel Guide for them. We would like to add the option of offering a printed copy for sale. We would prefer to have this process automated, for both our own resources as well as customer convenience. I see that you are no longer accepting new API users. Do you have any other solutions that would work for our needs? Or, could you refer us somewhere?

  95. Hubert Julien Noyon

    Já escrevi para vcs mas não recebi uma resposta direta às minhas perguntas, por isso as faço de novo: como mandar o original a ser impresso e para qual endereço. PDF?
    O livro será em francês e deverá ser acessível a partir da França.
    Favor informar o preço do porte para a França e para o Brasil.Há um desconto para vários livros juntos?

  96. Trying to return a book and get no response from anyone and didn’t log in to purchase it. Now does not show up in my purchases and trying to return and there is no phone number. Somebody help. Thankw

  97. Phillip Stevens

    Would like to speak with someone about publishing a book through Lulu.
    Please call me at 949-644-4759
    I am ready to upload my book for publication but need to speak with someone about the size of the book.
    My book is in landscape format, perfect bound, 32 pages,
    full bleed color. Book size is 8″ x 10 3/4.
    Please call

  98. Sheree Wormley

    I’m kind of an old school person when it comes to customer service. I prefer to speak with an actual person. However I am now forced to write a post because I cannot find any other way to get in touch with someone.
    Here’s my problem. I ordered a book from y’all recently and when looking up the tracking number I noticed my zip code is wrong. So I did what I think anyone would do and called FedEx…just to find out I am not allowed to change my zip code so my package arrives on time. Turns out only the shipper can do that…and unfortunately that is you. I sent an email to y’all earlier today and have not received a response. I really hope y’all decide to get an actual call center for your customer service one day. I’m hoping someone will get back to me soon and will be able to make the necessary call to FedEx so I get my order on time. Thank you

  99. Meg @ Lulu

    Hey Sheree,

    Our customer service team indicated that they have responded to you. Just want to make sure you received that response, please let me know if you have not.


  100. I brought my ebook for 2.99 but was charged 5.99 au the revenue that came back was 1.26 – lulu please explain this to me urgently as you have no direct contact details

  101. Tenese

    I just purchased fitness blender 4week work out program but was charged 3 times for the same item… Need help ASAP… Each purchase 5.99

  102. John

    I have tried multiple times on the website to submit the defective order issue below. However, every time I hit the “Submit” button, the webpage fails. Since I have received no confirmation that my submission was received, and I apparently can’t call to speak with anyone, hopefully someone here can help….

    Order# 8947640
    Content ID: 14396710

    I ordered one proof of this book in January of this year (Order# 8912710-1), and it came out great. The binding was perfectly squared at the edge, and the print quality inside and out looked great. Being satisfied with the proof, I made one or two very small corrections to the uploaded files, but otherwise left the product unchanged, and submitted an order for 30 copies. However, I just received this order, and I am extremely disappointed with the quality, and they need to be redone as soon as possible. This more recent order of 30 copies is poorly bound, with rounded edges, which causes the product to look very sloppy and much less professional. On top of this, literally every book of the 30 that I have checked has something wrong with the interior printing. I have included an example of each type of problem, but found many more examples of each. None of them are usable as product. I have attached an image of the original, acceptable copy, as well as example images of the more recent, defective copies. I have orders waiting to be filled, and need a corrected order shipped out to me immediately. Thank you.

  103. I hardly drop remarks, but i did a few searching
    and wound up here Lulu Blog

  104. I need everything in English!
    I’m getting, Dutch, German, Swedish…only one I missed was Russian!
    Maybe a language choice button?
    Contact me ASAP.
    I have a ‘second’ book ready to go.
    Hope this ca be done tonight…?

  105. Laddie Crisp

    You email support is a bit upsetting! I just ordered 170 calendars for $1,629.15. Your website states “transaction failed” but my banking account is down $1,629.15. Obviously nothing failed! You got my money! This is lots of money and it is Saturday evening. I don’t think I should wait until Monday for an email response. This is an excellent case for 24 Hr a day, 7 days a week human support! This is shameful!

  106. Laddie Crisp

    Two days have passed and I’m still waiting for the email from Lulu. I went to my banker this morning and yes my money was delivered to the Lulu Publishing Inc two days ago. Lulu has $1,629.15 of my money and does not yet acknowledge receipt of funds. The Calendars made by them so far were “perfect”, but now I need 170 more and I’m left in limbo. I don’t want my money back. I want my calendars ASAP. I need to hear a human voice from them and delayed email “ain’t getting it”. A great product with poor support is soon destined for failure!

  107. Thanks to my father who shared with me concerning this weblog, this blog is truly awesome.

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    It’s probably some mix of the two, so I have to give him props for not going too
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  109. Os livros mais vendidos de 2014. Vamos conferir!

  110. I NEED to speak t someone directly to find out the exact date of delivery My order request only says BEFORE December 24th That does not help me I need to order my books for an event Before December 12th Please help ASAP I have tried changing shipping time but got same answer

  111. Melissa Peinado

    I ordered a small run of 40 books from lulu.com and received them in the mail today- the covers looked nothing like the previous versions I had approved (the cover file had not changed between versions). They have a shadow box around them, are a different shade of blue, and almost look like saddle stitching instead of perfect bound. Does lulu.com use different printers? It looks like someone printed it and didn’t care what it looked like.

  112. MC

    I am trying to contact Lulu through this page (http://www.lulu.com/support), but after writing my message and clicking on “submit” I always get an error message asking me to try again later. This has gone on for hours and hours now. I have tried different browsers. I really need to contact them about an order that didn’t arrive. Why does Lulu Jr. have a direct email address you can write to while we don’t? Please help.

  113. MC

    Hello, what happened to Lulu Support Case 01151466? They were supposed to reply within 3 business days, but it is almost a week. Thanks.

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