Design Chat: Tips and Tricks For Making The Most Out of Lulu Studio!


If you are interested in participating in the live Design Chat, please send an email to: We will send the URL and password to the first 10 people who respond.

You’ve been telling us you want us to return to Live Chat, and we’re working on doing just that. As part of the response to that request,  I’ll be hosting a weekly chat that focuses on using the Lulu Studio to create photo books, cookbooks, poetry books and calendars.  I am one of the Studio designers, so I’m looking forward to sharing my experience and expertise to help your projects be the best they can.

The chats will be every Wednesday from 12PM to 1 PM EST, and will cover a wide range of topics. Currently, we can only support 10 users, but I will be posting summaries here after the chat for everyone to review.

Some of the discussion topics I have planned are:
1. How to use the studio
2. how to create better projects
3. how to format text
4. how to optimize photos
5. tips and tricks
6. answer questions
7. new features

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  1. Orv

    No offense, but what people want live chat for isn’t web demos; what they want is a way to get in touch with people who can fix problems. It’s gotten nearly impossible to get shipping errors and the like resolved since live chat was eliminated. Email requests are simply ignored, and you don’t provide any other way for people to get in touch. Just look at AJ’s last post for a dozen or so examples of this.

  2. Nick Popio

    I can certainly sympathize, but what Caroline is offering is helping people with their questions and issues with the Studio along with her expertise. If you have an outstanding issue, and you haven’t received a response from customer service yet, please email the reference id to me at along with a summary of the issue, and I will try to get you some answers.

  3. Orv

    Thanks, Nick. It’s actually my SO who is having the issue, but I’ll pass that info along to her.

  4. In the cover studio, I’d really like to get some kind of cheat sheet with all of the sizes or aspect ratios for all of the pictures in all of the covers. Once you’ve compiled the list, I suspect you’ll find that the list is unreasonably long. I try to publish in a couple of different sizes, and spend an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how big my graphics need to be.

  5. Caroline


    we were thinking the same thing! Actually yesterday we introduced a feature in the Studio where each image cell has the dimensions in it, both in inches and in pixels (if your image is at 300dpi). I think this should make it a lot easier to properly size your images.

  6. Douglas G. Pollard

    I have a book published on Lulu. OF Mooncursers and other Spun Yarns. Lulu does not recognize my E-mail address, my old e-mail address or my password. How can I get into my LULU account. Once you get locked out of your account there seems no way to to get to the account Douglas G. Pollard Sr.