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picture-132This week the American Library Association celebrates the freedom to read with Banned Book Week (September 26-October 3). Lulu is a strong supporter of literacy with projects like “Lulu For Literacy”, and our belief that everyone has the right to publish, and this year we want to give back to the ALA.

To kick off BBW and as part of our commitment to literacy as well as to raise awareness, Lulu has published five books (Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, Frankenstein, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Black Beauty, and The Call of the Wild) in the public domain with a special cover, and a description that illustrates why the book was once banned.
Through October, one dollar from of each of these books sold will be donated to the American Library Association. Please help us support the ALA and the literary freedom!

Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

Call of the Wild by Jack London

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  1. To be honest, I find this to be rather hypocritical on Lulu’s part. As a company Lulu does next to nothing in, obvious, support of GLBT authors. It never showcases GLBT content on its promo/front pages. Lulu might not ban GLBT content, but it certainly does very, very little to promote,encourage, support and advertise it.

  2. MInnie

    I have been a loyal costumer of Lulu for about one year. Today, I was trying to place an order for the same amount of books I had order about two months ago. Then I paid for shipping and handling $14.95. Today I found the cheaper shipping and handling was 77.49. I cannot understand the increase, how on earth things got so expensive all of a sudden. I did not place my order and I am going to find another service that does not change their charges so suddenly and drastically. Very disappointing.

  3. Nick Popio

    Lulu is an open platform for all types of content. GLBT members are free to post their content just as everyone else is. We are not purposely omitting any author, book or genre. If you, or anyone, has particular content (either your own or someone else’s) that you think is should be highlighted on our homepage or Twitter account, then please email me at with the suggestion and we will consider it

    That obviously sounds extremely high. Can you tell me where you are located and the content id of the book? I will look into this and see what’s going on.

  4. Jan Berinstein

    Bravo! Lulu’s statement in support of freedom of the press is admirable.

    Glad to see Lulu taking a strong stand on this important issue, especially now.


    Author, “Formatting Legal Documents With Microsoft Office Word 2007”

  5. Rosana Modugno

    Thanks, Nick! I’m glad to hear that Lulu is stepping up! I love you! (Lulu, that is)

    Nothing personal Nick. lol

    Rosana Modugno
    “301 Crazy & Creative Pet Names”

  6. Hi,

    Yes, the Shipping is totally messed up.

    It automatically chooses as a fixed radio button the most expensive shipping at as much as USD 170.

    People other than me who are not regular users of don’t know what to do and don’t buy the wares because for an item costing USD 10 the shipping is shown as USD 170 even within USA.


    Best Wishes,

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