Design Chat: Making the most of your photo books & calendars

designchat1We’re getting into that season where you start to think of holiday gifts. Why not save money and personalize your gifts this year with a photobook, calendar or cookbook?  If you’ve never used the Lulu Studio tool before, or just have questions about how to make your projects even better, then join me for Design Chat this Wednesday at noon (EST).  We’ll go over how to use the Studio in general as well as “tricks” on how to customize your project with your own fonts and designs.

Send an email to: and the first 10 people will be sent the URL and password to participate in the chat. Looking forward to helping you making beautiful books!

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  1. While my first few books have all been generic B&W history books, my next one needs to be a “coffee table” book with lots of mixed B&W and color pictures, possibly in an oversize format. I sent an email to sign up for the design chat. Making a book look professionally designed is not easy for me.

  2. When is 12 noon in European time, would like to chat about getting an hardcover to my poetry art book.

  3. Caroline

    12 noon should be 18:00 European time

  4. After weeks of work I have been informed by LULU staff that my photo book cannot have an ISBN assigned. Auto replies kept telling me to go to the help pages, but the help pages didn’t help. I am so angry and frustrated after loading up a photo essay on parrots. 28 stories submitted, photos processed, and now it is all for nothing. Depressed, disgusted and disgruntled.

  5. Nick Popio

    I’m sorry you’ve had a negative experience. Can I ask what size your photo book is? Maybe we can figure out a solution.

  6. Leon T. my rep. never got my defected cd sent back correctly.2nd one skips cut off my name, lulu sticker put on sloppily, white tag they put on covers my lamb, my uploaded files work on my files at lulu, they took my money, I paid to ship back defected one, want a correct cd sents so others can order the way I have, Michele L. Siemasko, they do not return my help emails?….Lulu not a reputible company I thought would help professionally make my cds???

  7. Nick Popio

    I’m sorry you are having difficulty. Can you tell me the reference id and/or case number that customer service gave you? I will try to get you some answers.