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Lulu Lens – How Can We Give You The Best eBook Experience?


The past few weeks we’ve been focusing on eBooks, and following your feedback we are looking into opportunities to develop an eBook product. We want to deliver a solid experience to you, and as a result, this week we want to know more about how you personally use eBooks.

We want to know what makes a good eBook experience for you and how we can try to make it even better. Do you currently purchase eBooks? If so, what device do you use? Where do you purchase them from? Please tell us what you like and what you hate about buying eBooks so we can try to make the experience as positive as possible for buyers.

Author Success Story, "Fallen Heroes"

by Barry Nugentpicture-7

Fallen Heroes is now on the shelves of several branches of Waterstones, including their flagship branch (where it was labeled a ‘cult hit’), which is regarded as the largest bookshop in Europe. I have, since then, done several book signings both in-store and at various conventions.

Thanks to the success of “Fallen Heroes” I now have an agent and an award winning TV and film production company has optioned the book itself. I am also working with a BBC journalist who will be adapting the story for a graphic novel to be published by Insomnia Publications.
None of this would have been possible without the easy to use and excellent print on demand infrastructure set up by Lulu. One example is the ease by which I was able to release a new edition of the book with a back cover Waterstones review and a front cover quote/recommendation from fantasy author, James Barclay.

Through self-publishing I have pushed myself to do things, in terms of self-promotion and marketing, I would never have done otherwise (signings are not my strong point!). I have learnt a lot about what it takes to not only get your work out there but what to do once it is. It’s been a journey of hard work, disappointment, lesson learning and huge moments of sheer joy.

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Design Chat today!


Our first Design Chat is today at noon. If you are interested in participating in the live Design Chat, please send an email to: We will send the URL and password to the first 10 people who respond.

Lulu Lens – How Do You Plan To Use eBooks?


Last week we asked you, “What Features Do You Need To Make Your eBook a Success”, and you gave us lots of excellent feedback. This week we want to dig into eBooks even more, and focus on how you want to use eBooks. Is your primary goal to gain exposure and attract new customers for your print editions (offer free or near-free ebooks as a marketing tool)?  Or, do you plan to create a lucrative new revenue stream by selling your ebook at a competitive price? Do you plan to market them as a green alternative?

Please tell us how you plan to use eBooks so that as we look at options we can try to deliver the experience you are looking for.

Author Close-Up featuring Elisa Lorello

I first discovered Elisa Lorello when she wrote me asking to take part in the Weekly Author Q&A in the forums. When I realized that she taught freshmen academic writing down the street at NC State University, I had the idea to do a video interview with her. As you can tell by the video, Lorello is passionate about her work and puts a great deal of thought and effort into every word on the page.

In our very first Author Close-Up, Elisa Lorello talks with AJ about her book “Faking  It” and shares with us her inspirations for her characters and techniques.

Don’t forget, for a limited time Lorello is giving away the first few chapters of “Ordinary World,” the sequel to “Faking It.”

To win a free signed copy of Elisa Lorello’s book, “Faking It,” simply retweet the following message and ONE winner will be chosen at random:

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Design Chat: Tips and Tricks For Making The Most Out of Lulu Studio!


If you are interested in participating in the live Design Chat, please send an email to: We will send the URL and password to the first 10 people who respond.

You’ve been telling us you want us to return to Live Chat, and we’re working on doing just that. As part of the response to that request,  I’ll be hosting a weekly chat that focuses on using the Lulu Studio to create photo books, cookbooks, poetry books and calendars.  I am one of the Studio designers, so I’m looking forward to sharing my experience and expertise to help your projects be the best they can.

The chats will be every Wednesday from 12PM to 1 PM EST, and will cover a wide range of topics. Currently, we can only support 10 users, but I will be posting summaries here after the chat for everyone to review.

Some of the discussion topics I have planned are:
1. How to use the studio
2. how to create better projects
3. how to format text
4. how to optimize photos
5. tips and tricks
6. answer questions
7. new features