Design Chat: Start your holiday calendars now!

designchat1Join us again tomorrow (Wednesday October 5th) from 12 noon until 1pm (NY time)  if you would like to discuss photo books and calendars – simple questions or in depth inquiries into how to create successful projects.

Please send an email if you’d like to join and I’ll send you the URL and password for the chat.

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  1. Jan Berinstein

    Will Lulu be posting either a transcript of the chat or a summary of the key points? It would be helpful to disseminate the information to the entire Lulu community, especially in view of the fact that many of us aren’t available during the workday to participate in chats.

    Thanks for considering my views.


    Author, “Formatting Legal Documents With Microsoft Office Word 2007″

    Author and photographer, “Lyon, France 2010″ calendar

  2. Caroline

    Hey Jan

    I understand what you’re saying and initially I thought it would be easy and helpful to post the chat transcripts. Unfortunately the way things have transpired it wouldn’t make sense because they are very individualized and wouldn’t help others.

    What I will consider is having a chat once a week in the evenings. I would be doing this on my own time, so I’m not making any promises, but I understand that not everyone can chat during normal work hours!


  3. Jan Berinstein

    Thanks, Caroline. I didn’t realize that the chats turned out to be so specific to individual cases / problems. Obviously, there wouldn’t be much point in posting the transcripts under the circumstances.

    I’m not sure how many people who look at or post in the forums also look at (or post in) the blog. If you’re not currently doing so, would you consider putting a sticky at the top of the Calendar and Photo Book forums a few days in advance of the chats so that people who might not see the announcement in the blog have a chance to participate in the chats?

    Just a thought. (And if you’re already doing that, just ignore the suggestion…)


  4. Roman

    I investigated options LULU creations of calendars. LULU has match problems of the edition of calendars. They are not solved years.
    The first problem, with ‘Background’ tab calendar. Not beck cover. What becomes of the back page of the calendar? Fonts are limited. Can it be used for text? Opportunities of accommodation of inscriptions are limited. Greater problems with editing. The choice of windows is limited. Technical support during work is not carried out.
    If I am mistaken, please send me email a full management on creation of calendars. Why the stroke ISBNs is not for calendars? I wish to use LULU in the big international business and to work with photographers of the several countries, including with the Russian photographers.
    I shall be grateful for the answer.

    Best regards,

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