Help Lulu Reorganize Our Help Pages

Lulu is getting ready to reorganize our help pages, and we would appreciate your help. To make sure that the new organization works for our users we have created an online card-sorting exercise. Please take a few minutes to tellĀ  us how you would organize help topics, and give our development team some valuable feedback.

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  1. Hillary

    First let me say that I am so excited to have found you!!! I have dreamed for a long time of holding a copy of my book in my hands and Lulu has helped make that dream come true for me. Not only am I excited about holding it and reading it, so are many others…which leads me to my question. WHERE IS MY BOOK??? LOL. I have been going to the “Buy” link all morning and trying to pull it up as a general reader might…and nothing comes up. “0 matches” is what I get every time no matter how I search. But the copies I bought/ordered, take me to the link. I’m so confused. Can you please advise. There are two people who have tried this morning to order their very own copy and called me to say it is not there.

  2. Nick Popio

    I am sorry you are having trouble locating your book. Can you tell me the title and your full name?

  3. Nick, I think you folks should spend more time on your customer service rather than reorganizing your help section. You wouldn’t have to send out half of the auto-marketing e-mails you are sending out. Check out my Facebook page for more info about my experience with LuLu so far.

    By the way, the LuLu fan page does not come up in searches in Facebook.


  4. Nick Popio

    I appreciate the feedback. Did you get my reply on Twitter? I’m not sure why the fan page isn’t showing up for you in search. It shows up immediately for me. I will look into it.

  5. Please increase the size of your instructional fonts and/or keep the line length half as wide (long) as you have — it appears to be 45 picas or greater. Long lines of type are difficult to follow to the next lines because your eyes must re-find the beginning of the topic. This is why newspapers and magazines use type in columns.

  6. Jan Berinstein

    Peripherally related to this topic: It seems to me that reorganizing the help forums would be useful, too. Right now, they are something of a mish-mash. To my mind, it makes sense to divide them by project type, but also by function. For instance, rather than having an umbrella forum for Paperback, Hardcover, Ebook, & Brochure publishing (where people post on every conceivable topic), why not have separate subforums within that general forum for specific topics such as Distribution Options, Formatting, Using the Wizard(s), Pricing, Ordering, Revisions, etc.?

    Dividing the forums by function might help in several ways. Among other things, it might make it easier for people to locate prior threads that provide solutions for problems they’ve encountered (so that folks don’t have to reinvent the wheel).

    It also might reduce the need for a “Miscellaneous” forum.

    Of course, I recognize that Lulu staff probably would have to monitor the forums more closely and try to move misplaced threads, but perhaps the Power Posters could be recruited to help with that task.

    That change, together with a vastly improved search engine for the forums, could be very beneficial.


  7. Wray HARRISON

    Help pages do not matter if you never respomd to requestd for assistance. No one has EVER once reponded to me and the issues I have had… so fix your HELP pages all you want… it’ll make no difference.

  8. Nick Popio

    Great idea.

    We’re actually evaluating that right now, so I definitely appreciate the feedback and ideas.

    I’m sorry you have had such a negative experience. Can you email me the reference id and case number customer service gave you? I will try to get you some answers as quickly as possible.

  9. Henry Jones

    re yor post 11-2-09,10:37 answering Wray. His post was perhaps a little harsh. Mine may be harsher and for the same reason. After reading how easy ir is to publish a book on your web site, I’ve spent whole days reading your directions and FAQs in an attempt to discover what I must do to get my manuscript ready for print. On 11-15-09 I sent some questions on formatting with Word, as directed by Customer Service, but have heard nothing. I’m now totally overcome by the overbearing complexity of the whole process.
    ref. #00D56ZQ650057bDHz:ref, Case00336621

  10. Nick Popio

    Can you tell me the questions you have? I will try to answer them for you.