How To Build Your Author Brand With A weRead Author Profile

I talk to authors everyday through Lulu’s blog, Twitter account, Facebook, forums and email. You’re a passionate, driven group, and you should be. You create great work — powerful work that you put heart and soul into. You deserve access to a large audience, but getting noticed is often among the biggest challenges.

One of the solutions to the issue of finding your audience is weRead. That’s the book discovery tool Lulu acquired last year that makes use of social networks to help authors find new readers and readers find new authors. More than 3 million people already use the site to rate and review the books they read, and the number keeps growing. Just this week, Yahoo! made weRead the only book application accessible from its revamped home page. That means more than 100 million more users could discover weRead. It’s a powerful tool, one that we’ll be doing even more with over the coming months, and can help you find new readers and develop stronger connections to them.

One of the features that you can already use to help build your personal brand as an author is weRead’s author profile. I want to walk you through the some of the steps of setting up a profile of your own, but first I want to highlight some of the benefits of having one. With a weRead author profile you:


As you can see, you then have the option to claim the profile associated with your book(s). Once you’ve claimed your profile you can add a profile picture, biography, choose what information gets shown, add details to your profile, and view your stats. Below is a screenshot of my profile:


To me, the most exciting part of the author profile is the stats section and how easily you can connect with your fans. As you can see from my page, I have no readers, no fans and no discussions. However, if you’re a fan of my work, if I have a profile, then you can easily become a fan, or start a discussion about one of my books. For authors, this is invaluable.

The ability to easily participate in discussion with their readers, get feedback on their work, and reach out to fans when they release a new project (and to do so across multiple platforms), is priceless. This kind of connection is why social media is such an important part of self-publishing, and publishing in general. Most of us have to do our own marketing and publicity, and tools like weRead’s author profiles allow us to easily connect directly with our fans.

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  1. Just a quick question; will we be seeing greater interplay between weRead and in the future? It’d be nice to have my author profile on weRead available to those browsing for more information about me on Lulu as well. The free exchange of information can be a beautiful thing when it works well.

  2. Hi Nick, the whole weRead concept and website look great. However it seems to have some teething problems and appears to be still in development – the FAQ says a lot of things are still not ready yet. My own profile says I have 1 book but lists 4, when I actually have 3. Two of them, including the duplicate, have been imported from Amazon rather than Lulu and have no information.
    I’m not writing a support request – just giving an illustration. My main question is when can we expect these issues to be ironed out?

  3. Help me publish my novel, please

  4. Nick Popio

    Yes, we are already working on some features that will bring Lulu and weRead a little closer together, and we intend to continue in that direction.

    I really appreciate the feedback. I will let the engineers know so that such issues can be looked into.

    Have you checked out our video tutorial on how to publish a book?

  5. Odd. I can list my book as ‘read’ or ‘reading’ etc, but I can’t add it as a book I have written. The screen won’t find it by author, ISBN, or Title.

  6. Nick Popio

    That’s strange. Can you tell me the title of your book?

  7. Nick Popio Maybe you could help me out with something. Over a period of 4 years I wrote over 400 poems. I understand when LULU poetry bought poets could get their poems back. I saw them once on lulu .I know that they are there but I have been unable to pull them back up. Can you find them for me. I would like Lulu poetry to publish my books.I went as high as I could go with poetry .com won many awards.I would like you to contact me if you would, please to help me with this matter. I am listed on LULU as well. Thank you

  8. Nick I have letters and lists of my poetry if that would help you. It could be a simple computer clitch. I like LULUS poetry and would like to get into my poetry to finish my books. I have some of the poems as well if this will help.Please let me know if you have any ideas how to solve this me please and I will send you the information. Thank you Betty

  9. Nick Popio

    I’m sorry you’re having trouble searching for your work. With over 14 million poems on Lulu Poetry, our search obviously gives you wide range of results. We do want readers to be able to find lots of poems on Lulu Poetry, but of course we want it to be simple to find specific poems too. This is just the first step in our new search, and we will be refining and improving it over the coming weeks.

    I am happy to help you find your poetry. I was able to find the following poems under your name. I hope this helps.

  10. Julius Jatau Jatson

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