Trick or Treat Sale


Weekend sales are also running this weekend in the UK and France. Check out the French and UK homepages for more information!

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  1. Ahoy Nick,

    Geesh, my luck again…

    I made a bulk order of a book on 10/22 in the afternoon. If I had waited 12 hours I could have gotten the 15% off.

    It never seems to fail for me. I wait and wait and wait, hoping for a “deal” then as soon as I place my order, bingo, there is a deal, but it is too late for me… Sigh.


  2. emily

    I’ve been trying to use this coupon since last night and it doesn’t work!! I keep getting the comment “This coupon is not applicable in your currency.” What is going on>>? Can someone help me out?

  3. emily

    It’s me again. I just noticed that I was probably using the UK code Witch instead of the US code Trick though it says nothing on the homepage about it being valid for the UK only. But now…it says that the coupon code has expired?? It’s still Sunday- 10/25/2009, 10:38pm California time. Can I please still get this discount? :T I’ve been trying all weekend!!

  4. Nick Popio

    I’m sorry this was confusing for you. The reason it had expired was that it was valid until midnight EST, which was not made clear. If you place an order (or have placed an order), then send me the order number and I will refund 15%.

  5. Nick, I would like to buy Bill Misner’s book “What Should I Eat? A Food-Endowed Prescription For Well Being”, how can I find when a sale is on.
    I have asked before but nobody responded.
    thanks and good day.

  6. Hey, when is the offer going to be valid until? I don’t see it!! Is it already over? I want to buy something for my daughter..

  7. Nick Popio

    All of our sales are announced on the homepage, and typically will be announced here as well.

    Google Sniper,
    As noted in the text on the above image, the sale was only valid until 10/25.

    We will likely be doing a new sale this weekend, so check back later in the week! You can also follow us on Twitter ( and we will post information there as well.