Black Friday Sales Preview

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This Friday morning at 8am (EST), right here on the Lulu Blog, we’ll be posting a limited number of discount codes good for big savings on a wide variety of Lulu products.

Although we can’t give away too many details on our Back Friday sale until the big day, I can tell you that, with a wide variety of savings on a number of different published products, there is something for just about everyone. In addition, a few lucky users who are the first to use their codes will be eligible to take advantage of savings of up to 70% off a select purchase.

Again, as is typical of Black Friday sales, discount codes are limited and on a few come, first use basis. So come back to the Lulu blog this Friday morning at 8am (EST) sharp and be the first to get one of our limited door-buster discounts.


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  1. Tara

    That is wonderful news! Thanks for helping in this economy!

  2. What are the limitations on the 25% discount offer that Lulu has just advertised (UK) I read the terms and understood it to mean that I could claim 25% discount off ANY order, regardless of value, and yet when I quote the code in order to get the discount off a book I am trying to order, I get a message to say that my order doesn’t qualify, but it doesn’t elaborate?

  3. I have a LuLu account that I forgot the password for, yet that account is closed, so I can’t access information on my book “Pain n The Sex Organ,” even though I opened another LuLu account in a different e-mail. How can I receive the password so that I can go into my LuLu account and change the e-mail address?

    RahLeeCoh Ishakarah

  4. Priscilla Clements

    I sure hope you allow us to purchase one or two copies of books we’ve published at a great discount on Black Friday.

  5. Sam

    Sounds very cool. Except for one thing: telling us there will be sales is not a preview.

  6. Great news, but not really fair to us on the West Coast! 8 am ET is 5 am for us! Perhaps I’ll just stay up all night drinking hot cocoa, camping in front of my home……

  7. It’s getting bad when your customers have to request assistance through your published updates. Your customer service sucks so bad that soon a competitor will come along and your toast. No telephone numbers, most emails don’t get answered, it’s just about as bad as it can be…. Pride comes before the fall and with your lousy service and FU attitude, a fall is sure to come.

  8. Which date is black Friday – I have no idea in Australia.

  9. Nick Popio

    I’m sorry you’ve had a negative experience. If you’ll tell me the case number customer customer service gave you, and a summary of the issue, I’ll try to get you some answers as soon as possible.

  10. My experience as a publisher and author with has been fantastic. I have never faced any problems regarding marketing, links,sales, and revenues.
    Good luck
    Raja Sharma

  11. Chillie

    Ooooo Cal,

    You’re toast buddy not “your toast”.

    Always proof read your rants carefully or folks think you’re a dork.

  12. Discount codes should be unlimited… All day sale otherwise it will just be a frustration. For our folks outside the USA I apologize. The LULU people should know better… Black Friday is what we call it here in the US when it is the day after Thanksgiving and the stores put out huge discounts nation wide to kick off the holiday shopping season… Hopefully it puts merchants in the black ink instead of red. Many depend a great deal on the gift giving season.

  13. Karen Hemmelgarn

    Not all countries celebrate Thanksgiving Day. That is a United States holiday. Nice explanation about the meaning of the fiscal day, but you never said it was Nov.27.

  14. Jim

    Your black friday promotion appeared on my ‘Down Under’ desktop today – 26/11/09 @ 1600 hrs.

  15. Jim

    Having now read the previous postings I must add to mine –
    Friday thirteenth for me is BLACK FRIDAY.
    In addition, this year it celebrated the day of my birth.

  16. Not to complain (too much), but 5 a.m. is awfully early for those of us on the west coast.

  17. My apologies to Ilene for plagiarizing her comment regarding the ridiculously early hour out west. Please, no lawsuits, okay? I got enough trouble as it is! 😉

    Happy Thanksgiving to all Luluites!

  18. We host a prison ministry that sends inspirational books to prisoners, twelve steppers and the physically challenged. If a list of names and address are supplied to LuLu can they send quantities of the books to these address’ as prison facilities only allow mail direct from the publisher. Thank you.

  19. Graham B

    Hi Adam

    Please can you clarify?

    Are the Black Friday saving codes for the US only? (I’m in the UK)

    I’ve had an e-mail about the CYBERUK code which I intend to take full advantage of. It says valid “through” 30/11/2009. “Through” is a transatlantic term that I’m not sure the meaning of. Does it mean

    valid from now until 11:59 GMT 30/11?

    or valid only on the 30/11?

    Does it just apply to me, an existing customer/author or can I advertise the CYBERUK code on my storefront for potential buyers of my books to use?


  20. Ann Wilson

    There is not enough personal contact.
    There isn’t a telephone number.
    Most e-mails go unanswered.
    Customer service is not helpful.
    Although I keep a cool head, I do share the anger and frustration that Cal Norton has posted. I am considering deleting you today.
    Black Friday will now have another meaning.

  21. I thoroughly applaud the marketing efforts of to promote material and enhance sales. I have been pleased to see the increasing use of promotions and other events. The “Black Friday” sales are a good example of that.

    However, I might add two things: Firstly, that a more international approach is necessary, even if it is only explaining US terms which sound positively strange to international users. Secondly, that perhaps consideration might be given to starting the sales earlier than 8am, possibly as early as the “early morning” as indicated at US sites of major retailers such as ‘Walmart’, or possibly do something like what ‘’ is doing with their “Black Friday Deals Week.”

  22. Joao Carlos Leal

    I live in Brazil and I hava an account with Lulu. I wish to publish some poetry of mine and I would like to know if I will have the chance of those discounts. Thanks.

  23. Arlene H

    I’m afraid I agree with Cal. I want to buy 2 books but can’t get beyond ‘no valid address’ in the check out process. I’ve sent two requests for help with no reply from Lulu- first request was early September. I can’t believe you ignore requests for help when the solution would result in a sale for you.

  24. Kathryn Dyken

    Sure hope I can purchase the book I published at great discount.

  25. Marlene

    I looking to purchase a book package will that be on discount on friday?

  26. Samantha L. Heart

    I agree that Lulu should have a phone number listed for customer service help. Emails are not enough to handle a big problem that needs to be solved STAT.

  27. Technically, a “Black Friday” is a Friday which falls on the 13th of a month, so Friday 27th is technically “Ordinary Friday”.

  28. Nick Popio

    Ann and Arlene,
    Please let me know if I can help. Can you provide me with the case numbers customer service gave you and a summary of your issue? I will try to get you some answers.

  29. Violet Berry

    This is good news. I need to order books. Thanks.

  30. Violet Berry

    There is not enough personal contact.
    There isn’t a telephone number.
    Most e-mails go unanswered.
    Customer service is not helpful.

    I like you as a publisher very much. But the above comment is also true. I needed to make a correction on an order and found it imposible to do. Two bookstore that wanted to order from you found it so hard and in these cases impossible to place an order. So I lost two bookstores over your VERY USER UNFRIENDLY system. You need to do something about it.

  31. Jeanne

    Hey “Tango”,
    Apparently you’ve never worked in retail before (where I’ve spent 30 years). Black Friday is, in fact, the day after Thanksgiving. It is termed so because most retailers run “in the red” all year and finally start running a profit or “in the black” the day after Thanksgiving.

  32. Yeaaa for discounts of any kind and Yeaaa I am not the only one getting no response from customer service — only my situation is one better: “Gary P” ( contacted ME eight days ago with publishing issues (Global Reach package) and now does not respond to my emails. I filled out the form on the (dare I say it?)”Quick Help” page and got the automated response promising contact within 48 hours. I am now approaching 96 hours with no contact.

  33. Gerben

    Hello Fabian, can you share this 25% discount code. Perhaps you can help other people with this code

  34. Michele L. Hinton

    Happy Thanksgiving! This was my first experience with publishing in print. On a positive note, printing and delivery was fairly quick and my book looks good. However, not being able to talk to someone personally about my work is a problem (I don’t believe it is fair to have to pay for a more expensive package for the privilege of talking to a person)There was a mistake in my novel that you corrected, but when I ordered 25 books I was unaware that it wasn’t loaded up in the new version. When I e-mailed the afterthought, I didn’t get a response until the next day and it was too late to cancel, they had already been printed. If I’d had a phone number to call, the problem could have been resolved. Consider adding a personal touch for your customers with out having to pay for it. (By the way, I found a creative way to correct mistake in the 25 books I ordered by covering the mistake with a fold out.Those that purchase said they liked it.)

  35. Sandy

    I too have had difficulty getting simple questions answered. I do not know why you have an email address if all do is send out forms directing us to help.

    I chalk it up to the great price and benefit of being able to publish our books. Something that could never happen before. But your cover design sucks. If you don’t want us to bother you, you should keep it simple so we can do our own

  36. Icilda

    Thanks for the feedback. I’m thinking of publishing with Lulu because I know of 2 others who did and they didn’t have a problem but I did notice no phone number and I got no response to my email. I agree their customer service needs a rival on the scene. I got a call right back from Aventine Press. What is the advantage of Lulu over the others with better customer service?

  37. carlos cuttler

    yes, sir,
    i am very interested in publishing my novel now, could someone get in touch with me?
    thank you,
    carlos cuttler

  38. Problems with Lulu.
    There are service issues at Lulu. There are many great features with Lulu but when a problem does occur, there should be a voice to hear our concerns.

  39. Julie

    Jeanne, Black Friday is a Friday 13th in the rest of the world. Only in the US is it the fourth Friday in November.

    I’m sure Lulu will learn from this and be less US-centric next time.

  40. Happy Thanksgiving Day! God bless you all at Thank you for the opportunities, I am sure many will appreciate the savings. Aloha!

  41. I have been an author and published many books with; since 2002; and I have been very pleased with customer service, feedback, and the quality of the final product is very professional, and my customers love buying my books. They email me and tell me “they love their books”. Thank you, your company just keeps coming up with better ideas all the time! My website is check it out.

  42. Will there be discount codes for as to buy are owen books?

  43. rayona

    i agree with Cal Norton
    i had to fill out the little email on the side and they said they’ll call me…it’s been 3 weeks, and still nothing…i love the publishing, i jus wish there was a way to get a hold of you all. all other services are great

  44. David McCrae

    Whatever happened to the live help chat? That helped me so much with not only the publishing process, but several other issues I had INCLUDING one small customer service discrepancy. Bring back live help chat!

    Oh…and…um…Sale! YAY!

  45. dan

    frustrating waste of time. don’t know if i’ll be back.

  46. I am sort of pee’ved because I was one of the first to enter the code, I updated my cart, and it showed the price reflection, and then I went tot pay for it, and it kicked me out saying the promotion had been used by someone else, after it had already granted it to me. at 6:02 am

    I did it again with the second promotion code and the same thing, and then again with the third code and finally it went through, I went from getting 50% off to 25% off all because your system was too slow, not my computer or connection.

    completely because I am up specifically at 6am to do this and was apparently one of the first, but because of your system being too slow I went from saving 145.oo to only 60 .oo all because of your system! I buy about 300-400 books a year and I use your coupon codes all the time, and this is the only time that it has ever happen to me, making be think that all lulu’s intention was to offer the 25% off to everybody …

    like the system was set up to do that automatically.
    very frustrating!!!

  47. Mike McNesby

    You sent out a flippin email to PROMOTE a big Black Friday special???? I got the BFBULK4 discount of 15% …. A pretty nice value until realize that YOU knuckleheads max it at $15.00!!!!! Are you kidding me?????? I’m seriously considering going to another POD.

  48. Ruta Sevo

    By mistake, I submitted an order with a prior-used shipping address. Your help system said: too late, cannot correct this mistake. But your customer service rep tried and succeeded. I found the experience very kind and more help than I should have expected.

  49. I was a Forensic Ballistics Expert for 50 years, 26years with Police and the rest in private practice. I am writing a book which is a Police story using cases I solved. All the technical data is real. I am on my 4th writing. how can I publish this book at a reasonable price. I will also be writing more of the same on other cases. Any help or advice will be appreciated. Any one else writing a book involving firearms use and homicide, I will help if I can…..Rammo

  50. Jerry

    I am very upset with lulu at the present time. Their system would not accept the savings codes offered. Their printing costs are so high that I cannot afford to sell my books unless I get a discount. Now in this Holiday season they are holding us up and only offering discounts to a few people. I am not at all pleased and will probably be looking for another publisher after this black Friday fiasco.

  51. Jerry

    I then tried to use the code SAVE10 to purchase just 5 hardback books and it would not work, this is ignorant, it kept coming back invalid code. this is no way to do business, I would probably have ordered 25 to 50 books if I could have got a 25% off, but now it is apparent that the system is rigged against me. I am just terribly frustrated at this point.

  52. dan

    but my earlier comment was just a moment’s frustration. haveing seen a few similar companies, Lulu seems like the most likely choice. so, no doubt, i will be back.

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