Design Chat: Photo Books and Calendars

designchat1Now that Halloween is behind us it seems like holiday decorations are already going up! If you’re thinking of getting a jump on your holiday gift giving and want to keep to a budget, why not a photo book or a calendar that you can personalize for those special individuals in your life. If you’ve never used the Lulu Studio tool before, or just have questions about how to make your projects even better, then join me for Design Chat this Wednesday at noon (EST).  We’ll go over how to use the Studio in general as well as “tricks” on how to customize your project with your own fonts and designs.

Send an email to: and the first 10 people will be sent the URL and password to participate in the chat. Looking forward to helping you making beautiful books!

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  1. howdy, Is there a known issue with the Lulu website? It is not responging, ping times out….

  2. Nick Popio

    Are you still having trouble connecting?

  3. Tim

    Hello, I created a 136-page 6×9 soft cover photobook, and would like to place a new order, but have it printed with a hard cover instead. Can that be done? And, how much extra will it cost?

  4. Caroline

    Hey Tim

    What you are referring to is a feature that we’re working on, but currently the only way to create a paperback version is to make the photo book again from scratch. The upside to this is that we just released a brand new version of the Lulu Studio that is visually more appealing and easier to navigate through. You should not have to upload your photos again – they’ll be in your “My Files” section. Good luck!

  5. J. R. Fleagle

    I have an 8 1/2 x 11 photo book 99% done. However every time I try put my text on the spine the cover rotates, then zooms in really big. When I try to position it, it rolls back to the starting position. I have a Mac and I’ve used both the Firefox and Safari which gives me the same results. What can I do?

  6. Caroline

    Hi JR. Is there not already text on the spine? Do you just want to change it somehow? Usually what I do is highlight the text or use the key command for select all. Then make your changes to the text / color / weight. Click off the text so that nothing is highlighted. then click OK and that should do it


  7. Sarah

    I created a calendar today and when I tried to preview it after dowloading it, the dates in the calendar are wrong. It started with the wrong month. 🙁 In the studio format, the dates are correct. Is there any way to fix it? It times out when I try to get to the save and download step.

  8. Beverly

    I’ve had a similar problem with the website. I’ve been having an awful time trying to revise a calendar – I cannot get the studio to load – this morning I let it churn for an HOUR before giving up. I saw in one of the discussions that you can upload a pdf to make a calendar, which would be a snap – but I can’t find that option anywhere on the site.

  9. Rob


    Can you be more specific as to what you mean when you say the dates in the calendar are wrong and it started with the wrong month? Are those two seperate issues or the same issue. Also, was your calendar a Standard Calendar or a Premium Calendar?

    If it was a Standard Calendars, there are 2 PDF files. The first contains the front cover, the top half of the January page, the December date grid, and the “back cover” which is blank. The second PDF contains the January date grid, all of the Feb. – Nov. months, and the top half of the December page.

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