A Thank You from Lulu

Over the past several days I’ve received messages from many of our customers about the joy their creations brought to friends and family over the holidays.

Messages like this one from Keri in Washington: “I just wanted to say THANK YOU for such an easy and fantastic service! I made a photo album using your downloadable template. The process of setting everything into the template, uploading it, and selecting the cover art was all so simple. They were printed and delivered within a matter of days – just in time for Christmas! My family LOVED them. They were definitely the hit of the evening. Everyone kept commenting about how professional they look.”

And this one from John, a services customer in Wisconsin: “I just received the books and they are perfect!! … Thank you very much! Your close attention to my book was greatly appreciated!”

Messages like those inspire us and humble us. We know that your book is so much more than words, pictures and paper. It’s the embodiment of a memory. A life goal. A dream made real. And we very much appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

As the year draws to a close, I just wanted to say Thank You for choosing us and share my commitment to making Lulu even better in 2010. I’ll leave you with a video of a Lulu customer that came to our attention a few weeks back. We often wish we could be at the door when your books arrive. This got us close. And as it made its way around the office, I’ve got to tell you more than a few of us had goose bumps.

All the best for a prosperous — and creative! — New Year!

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  1. LB

    “Over the past several days I’ve received messages from many of our customers about the joy their creations brought to friends and family over the holidays.”

    And I’m sure you’ve received many, many more messages from folk you’ve let down, but have chosen to ignore. Lulu customer support is an insult and a disgrace. I hope 2010 sees you paying a bit more respect to customers the world over. The surcharge you dumped on downloads is also a disgrace. The way you operate is distasteful, behind people’s backs without prior consultation. You’ve captured your audience and now you’re holding them to ransom. Lulu set out to be a saviour for writers, but has turned into a betrayer. I’m utterly disillusioned with you.

  2. I want to put lulu badge/ widget/ gadget on my blog

  3. Now THAT’s a reaction!

    The video, I mean…not the comment from LB.

    Cheers, Mark (UK).


  4. My experience as an author and publisher with Lulu has been wonderful. My students from all over the world have downloaded or bought books from Lulu and they are fully satisfied.
    However, I feel that just one improvement is needed.There should be a separate support team for the publishers who could write their inquiries and get responses immediately. Something must be done in this regard.
    Posting on forum does not help much.
    Kindly see that something constructive is done in this regard to fully support the authors and publishers.
    My good wishes are with Lulu and all the staff.
    May 2010 bring more prosperity and many more successful writers and publishers along with millions of buyers from all over the world.

    Kind regards
    Raja Sharma

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