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It may be a little late in the holiday season, but there’s still time to create a personalized gift on Lulu. One of my favorites are our calendars. With our Flickr, Facebook, SmugMug and Photobucket photo integration you can easily find and add 12 photos your friend or family member will love. Add some custom dates like birthdays, anniversaries and the like, and you’re ready to go! Select one of our faster shipping options and you can probably get in time for the holidays. If not, then you can always use them as a belated gift.

This year, I imported a bunch of photos from Flickr to make a calendar for my Mom.  Shh…don’t tell my mom.

Get started before it’s too late!


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  1. Sam

    Today’s Dec. 12. A few minutes ago, at just before 11 p.m. pacific, I tried to use today’s promo code, which is still what shows on the daily coupon page. It said it was expired. How’s about you guys actually have the right one up for the right day? I know the coupon code doesn’t come up until midnight pacific, as I’ve been checking. If the first one expires at 9 pacific, or whatever, don’t’cha think the new one ought to show up at that time? Otherwise there’s three hours a day where there should be a coupon but isn’t.

  2. That’s really cute, Nick! I’m sure your Mom will love it. Happy holidays to your fam 🙂

  3. Nick Popio

    Thanks, Carol!

    We’re working on improving that. I apologize that you ran into that issue.

  4. Ann Cortina

    I took your advice and decided to use Lulu as a holiday fundraiser for my Academic Decathlon team. However, we have yet to receive any calendars (prepaid ~$2000.00) and school is out tomorrow for winter break. My kids can’t get the calendars they sold as holiday gifts – what now? No one at your company will reply to my requests for information on the status of my order. Maybe if I could tell my students something, I could salvage the fundraiser, but with no information to impart, they will probably have to return the money from the pre-sales and our program will suffer immensely.
    Thanks for you suggestion.

  5. Nick Popio

    Can you tell me the order number and the case number that customer service gave you? I will try to get you some answers.

  6. Ann Cortina

    The order number is 3754899 and the case number is
    Case 00353498.
    I will greatly appreciate some answers.

  7. Nick Popio

    I am very sorry about the delay. We’re doing everything we can to make sure that all of the orders placed before the holiday shipping deadlines posted on the site are delivered by Christmas, and will upgrade shipping in order to help get them there.

  8. I am a fan of photo editing..but I haven’t tried to make some calendar..I will try this time

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