Lulu Downtime Alert

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We wanted to let you know that we’re scheduling some site maintenance tonight starting at 10 PM EST. Thank you for your patience while we improve the  performance of our site!

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  1. Lucille Ryan

    I ordered and paid for 5 calendars of Lake Attitash, Amesbury, MA on Dec. 16. I an anxiously waiting for them. Please let me know when they were shipped.

  2. Can you help us PLEASE? We have some revenue that we are trying to get to PayPal but it’s not working…..there is no one to talk to or help us…I have sent emails to purchase order folks but they bounce back. My book is A Practical Handbook of Disability Sensitivity. Thank you Linda Fitzpatrick 845 353 4470 we want to order more but are afraid of this black hole

  3. The site is down again tonight. There have been serious performance problems lately. I hope you’re working on them, since they have made getting any work done next to impossible.

  4. Nick Popio

    What is your order number?

    Are you still having trouble?

    We had another period of downtime last night for maintenance. Thank you for you patience.

  5. Nejat Karabakal

    I made a photo book just before Christmas, expedited the shipment, but I received somebody else’s photo book instead. Any ideas of how to swap them? I sent an email to Lulu support but no response so far.

  6. Nick Popio

    We should be able to help. Can you tell me the case number you received from customer service?

  7. Nejat Karabakal

    Case 00357815: User-submitted Case from Web Form: Orders Problem


  8. Nejat Karabakal

    Nick, it has been a week after you posted that you should be able to help. I haven’t heard anything from you nor the customer service (many emails remain unanswered). I still don’t have the photo book that I ordered 3 weeks ago (with expedited shipment!) If you cannot fix the shipment, please credit my account.

  9. Nick Popio

    I spoke with customer service and they should have responded to you by now. Please let me know if they have not.

  10. Hi, Linda! About paypal- I had to use it a few months back and noticed changes there. Most of them were related to security, authenticity and card verification. Still, by reading the menus carefully and trying how it worked, the payment processing was successful. If it hadn’t been, my domain would not be on line any more!

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