$5000 Winner of the Lulu Poetry Contest Announced

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At Lulu, we’re always attracted to any passionate group of authors with an urge to create and the Lulu Poetry community is definitely that. We love to see our authors succeed no matter what they like to make and we try to help as much as we can throughout the process. That said, we are proud to announce the $5,000 grand prize winner of the first ever Yearly Lulu Poetry Contest: Timothy Ivan Brumley for his poem Four Sisters. Lulu Poetry contests are ongoing with new winners selected each week through community ratings. Be sure to check out the Lulu Poetry blog for the full story and contest information; and keep checking in with Lulu.com for more ways to publish and inspire creativity.


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  1. Good poem. It gives a nice picture of each season.

  2. Could be this contest in Spanish too? This community is too big in Lulu. lulu.com/nyo

  3. Vincent Kersulec

    Shiva, the destroyer god,
    In idle worship example,
    Belong a thousand arms,
    Whereas her dance then,
    Causes no time existing,
    To proceed like activity,
    Upon follow for this art.

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