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One of the most important things to any company is their community of users. If anything, this is even more true for Lulu. We believe that if we don’t do a good job listening to our users and improving our offerings, then we are not helping you succeed. Currently on Lulu we have a Community section that highlights our Blog, our social networking presence, the Newsletter, Community Services Marketplace, and of course our Forums. As part of our belief in continuous improvement and providing the best customer experience to our users, we are moving our forums and help to a new, unified platform in early February.

As a result of these changes, you will be able to easily find articles, discussions, and more for anything you are searching for. We will be migrating all of the data from Help, as well as the last three months of data from the forums to ensure that as much relevant information as possible is preserved. That said, if there are particular forum threads you want to make sure you have a record of, please copy them into a text document before February to make sure that it does not get lost in the shuffle. In addition, there will be limited access to the forums in the days before we make the transition. We will announce this time period in advance, and we will keep you informed of our progress. We hope this will cause a minimum of disruption and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience it does cause.

Some of the new features that we are very excited about adding to the community are:

  • Ideas & Feedback – You will be able to submit your recommendations for how we can improve the Lulu experience and vote on ideas you like that others have submitted.
  • Announcements – We will be adding a section for announcements for scheduled site maintenance, release notes, guidelines and more. All of this will be hosted externally from Lulu, so if Lulu is down you can still get information about what’s going on.
  • You will have the ability to see your open support cases.
  • You can see new articles and discussions that have been added, as well as the most popular ones.
  • You will be able to rate users, articles, discussions, and anything that you like.

As we roll out these new features and integrate them into Lulu we will be asking you for your feedback. We want to do everything we can to improve the experience based on your responses. We hope you’re excited as we are about the opportunity for us to improve the Lulu community.

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  1. Mike Robbins

    I found the Community pages really helpful for problem-solving when doing my first publication; many thanks to everyone who has posted useful info in the forums.

    However, some of the posts are quite old, and it would help if search results could be ranked by date.

  2. Lulu are looking to continue in 2010 where they left off last year with a sustained attempt to address and improve all facets of their website and publishing services, and perhaps gain back some ground they lost to their rival competitor CreateSpace. Though […]Lulu did strengthen their marketplace in-house and with outside affiliations, as well as their much improved online book design software, CreateSpace’s improved Pro-Plan has left little to choose between the two. If anything, CreateSpace edge this one on the strength of authors being able to set more competitive retail prices for their books.[…]

  3. I have a total of 21 publications and six calendars online at Lulu. Because they are in 4 different genres, I have had to create 4 user IDs so my Lulu storefronts aren’t cluttered with stuff a potential buyer isn’t interested in. A little more flexibility in storefront design and the ability for an author to have multiple storefronts would make my life easier.

  4. I concur with Jan Young. I’m facing that now as I am about to add a fiction book to my existing 4 non-fiction. They really have two distinct audiences. Having them on the same storefront, as the storefronts currently exist, doesn’t really make sense – or good marketing.

  5. kevin

    this is all very well and nice Nick, but it would be even better of lulu employed more staff to read and reply to the forums. I would say that 60% of the posts in there are to do with lulu’s lack of response to anything at all. The forums are far more active and viewed more often than the staff blogs are, but the staff ignore them.

  6. Nick Popio

    Thank you for the feedback. One of the things we are looking at improving are the search results.

    Jan and Bill,
    I appreciate the feedback, and I will make sure that our product managers hear it.

    I try to post fairly regularly to the forums, but I certainly appreciate the feedback, and I recognize that there is always room for improvement.

  7. Jeff Tikari

    What a lovely idea to incorporate epub in your publishing options. It puts Lulu right up there with the best in the industry.

  8. Jan Berinstein

    Hey, Nick,

    As Lulu works on making the site more user-friendly, are you planning to make it easier for potential buyers to find the current discount coupons? It would be very helpful to have a separate page that lists current promotions — perhaps there’s one now, but I have a terrible time finding it — and/or information about coupons in a prominent place on the Buy page(s).

    Lulu has reiterated its commitment to helping its authors sell books. I’m fairly certain that more people would buy my book directly from Lulu if they could cut costs by locating and using any applicable coupon.

    Thanks in advance,

  9. Hi Nick!

    With this new system, do members have the option to vote on Power-Poster nominees, or make recommendations based on certain traits the seal requires?

    Faith Carroll

  10. Nick Popio

    Great feedback, and I will make sure the Product Managers hear it.

    There will be two ratings that everyone in the community will have, Expertise and Collaboration. These ratings will be a major influence in our selection of community leaders. These scores only increase when posts you make are liked by other community members or when you help community members and they rate you. This should give the community a significant voice in who would make a good community leader.

  11. Kevin

    The forums seem the be broken …

  12. Nick Popio

    Are you still having trouble connecting to the forums? What browser are you using?

  13. In the last six years I have published over 40 books using lulu. I never expect to write the Great American Novel,l but the writing experience has helped me cope with a severe case of depression brought on by an extensive heart attack. I write; I do not waste my time worrying abut publishing. Lulu has made that possible at a cost I can afford. I have been using lulu covers for my books and would like to know how to create my own. Comments would be appreciated.

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