Lulu Studio: New fonts!


click for larger image

Exciting news for the Lulu Studio! In our efforts to continue to make improvements,  yesterday we released eight new fonts for you to use in your photo books, cookbooks, calendars and poetry books.

To see the fonts up close, click the small image to the left.

Keep checking for more new fonts in the future and let us know what you think!

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  1. appleton

    Nice fonts, here is would be a good place to find the next batch.

    A local business, guy from Minnesota who has been making fonts since the birth of the web, maybe earlier? ==> Chank fonts

  2. Caroline

    Actually some of the fonts we used are Chank fonts (Brubecks Cube in fact) through a larger distributor. I know his work and have been a fan for a while – thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Thank you Lulu,

    It is awesome to have more fonts to work with. We really appreciate the efforts your team puts in to make our work more appealing and interesting and give us this edge in the market place.

    Thank you Caroline for letting us know.