The only thing more difficult than getting started is finishing

I’m a Lulu team member responsible for the Lulu Publishing Services Division where we provide the publishing services you need to help make your book a reality. As a published author (courtesy of Lulu) I understand what it takes to produce a top-selling book and have very high hopes that this blog will help you in your quest to produce your own. Although I still love to write, I have discovered another passion, too: Helping others experience the wonderful feeling that comes with successfully becoming published.

When I began writing many years ago, I found that the complexities, trials and tribulations of publishing distracted from the joy of writing. Like most authors, I began my quest to get published long before I actually finished writing my first book. Cover design, editing, formatting, ISBNs were all new to me, and although they were essential topics, I often wished that the publishing system was simpler. I just wanted to finish my first book and get started on my second. I was fortunate to stumble across Lulu in my search for publishing help and still remain thankful. I was rescued from the deep abyss of “I’ll never get published.” Working with Lulu truly empowered me as an author by reducing frustration and minimizing distraction that consumed so much of my creative time. On a very practical level, Lulu also helped me get published much quicker and allowed me to sell quite a few books. In turn, this allowed me to eat something besides Ramen noodles and tomato soup. I so enjoyed the experience that I actually came to work at Lulu in August ’09 so that I could help others.

If you’re new to publishing or have published before and just need more information on the variety of services available, then you’re in the right place. In each of my upcoming posts, I’ll take an in-depth look at everything from editing and cover design, to finding an agent and marketing your book. As an author and publishing expert, my aim is to cover topics in a way that will provide a balance of valuable insight and knowledge to help you constantly improve your work — and minimize distractions.

My virtual door is always open, so please send me your thoughts and questions on publishing, marketing and anything book-related that you would be interested in reading. Right now, I am in search of a few authors that would be interested in sharing your “story behind the story.” If you’re interested, please post a link to your Lulu storefront in the comments section below, and I will get in touch.

You might have started your work alone, but Lulu is here to help you finish.

Happy Publishing!

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  1. Ifedayo

    Hello my name is Akintomide Ifedayo. I have written a book on lulu tittled Konga – The Beginning. I have been trying to create buzz about it but haven’t been that successful wit it.How do i create buzz about it when i don’t really have the cash to advertise.Is there anything else i can do? How can i get an agent? And secure a publishing contract?

  2. Dear Ms. Wilkolawski,
    thank you for blogging your interests with Lulu.
    I am also one of the people feeling a bit frustrated with Lulu. During a thre eyear period, the rules and format seemed to change so often.
    Something I would recommend is consistency in formatting.
    A good for instance is the sales or orders area on our account.
    I could see very well that there had been sales other than the one that was left on, and wrote several letters which included photos of the existing pages (before they were removed) to ask what was happening with the account and sales service. The one that ws not removed was a purchase made by my husband as a trial run. Of course, he had the purchase order number.
    At first, the orders ahd numbers of their own. After six months or so, they were liste as the specific number for the project, alone.
    Seeing that more than ten pages of distributors existed on Amazon, I also questioned: had these distributors actually purchased the works? They were actually marketing second hand works.
    It is a nightmare to see this kind of thing after so much labour and $ output of my own. When I first joined Amazon I was shown an account area where I could see my sales. That disappeared in record time.

    I was told that distributors could write up and market a book any way they wanted, with no suggestion that these distributors had marketed all over the world with copies.

    THat was the only explanation. Since cyber-publishing with Lulu is done on trust, there is little explanation as to the events that seem to be deterring the contributing author from gaining a fair perspective upon how sales work and what sales people are doing.

    And I wasn’t born yesterday- I can hear people reading my book. Where did they get it? I have never been sent any money in two years, and Lulu even has my first four dollar “profit”.

    They say that profit is not sent until it is twenty dollars, but I would say at elast send the first profit to ensure that the Paypal process is, in fact, workable.


  3. Quentin Kirk

    I wish someone could take a one minute look at my first book and tell me if there is anything important wrong.

    The Moon Straight Overhead

  4. I check my account every day and every day it reads zero. The only books I’ve sold is to myself. I don’t kniow how I can promote my books any more than I have. I have around 10 books published and havn’et sold any. What am I doinc wrong? I don’t want to be the richest writer ever, but I would like to sell enough to show that I’m out there. Help me before I decide that Lulu isn’t the best place for me.

  5. Sam Troutman

    I would like to put my ebook on a cd to sell on Ebay. As you probably know Ebay does not allow sales of any book other than a physical book ie. book with printed pages or a book on a cd.

    My question: Is there any software out there that would make the book secure on a cd. I would like the cd to not allow any copying, printing or distributing of the book. Is there any software that will achieve this?

    Thanks–Sam Troutman

  6. Hi Sherrie,
    I see from some of the comments that things look a bit negative for Lulu. This wasn’t what I wanted to see fron the first blog that I read, but will look past it for now. I’ve just gotten started on Lulu and hope it will be a positive experience. I know that things take time. (I’ve found this out from starting a website. Finally the hits are rising. I’m glad about that).

    So, I read you are looking for stories behind the stories? I have worked with horses for over 40 years. I have stories. 🙂
    I’ve worked with poetry for quite a few years too…and songwriting…and children’s books. I don’t know quite what your interested in hearing from this farm girl, but your welcome to contact me.
    Hope you have a happy day.

  7. Hi,

    I have been trying to publish my very first book in lulu titled Sonoma Valley Wineries but still cant get enough buzz with it.

  8. Blaga

    Why does everybody ask for money for something that it hasn’t even started yet,is my question here?I don’t have any books published,but I write small stories and poems which my friends I know for sure adore very much!Because of them /my friends/ I tried to show my work here and there and get an opinion about it… and okay I was very pleased people in the field liked my writing, but immediately after that all it comes to the money issue!Do you people think if we all here using these sites,if we all had money we will be here?Well I doubt that!!! And isn’t is somehow supposed when someone who is looking for a good book,or a new talent in writing …isn’t it supposed the first priority to be selling the talent or the book,making it popular to the audience and then ask for money ..which you will get anyway …???
    I’m sure there are so many talented people being not published just because they have no money or no connections …as I am sure if someone is really good at writing he/she should not pay a dime to anyone …but should be given a chance,should be respected for the words that will make someone’s day brighter and happier …
    As for the new story-teller you are looking for here …I do write stories …stories for simple people,people who appreciate the small things in life,small gestures but with great and fulfilling meaning …

  9. Hi Quentin,
    Thank you for inviting me to take a look at your book. Here are my initial comments. First, I can see that you are passionate about what you’re writing, which is wonderful. That is so very important when publishing…being passionate about your topic.

    Let’s talk about the book cover. You’ve invested in an illustrated cover and I think you’re off to a good start, but I would carry through one of the colors from the front cover image on to the back. The white background doesn’t flow. I might tweak the title layout a little bit, perhaps changing the font and relocating the title. Great job utilizing your back cover to market your book and tell us a little bit about yourself…nicely done!

    Regarding the manuscript. I see that you’ve incorporated a good deal of your poetry in with your main text. I think you might want to consider taking a second look at how you’re using the poetry relative to the rest of the story. I think using less poetry inside the book and using it to make specific point in the story, or to move the reader at just the right moment. You should also consider publish the poetry in a separate book.

    The book does need work on the formatting, as the chapters do not all fall as a right page read. If you have plans to market the book I would recommend first getting a professional edit, I think you can cut down on some of the copy to better enhance the story and then you’ll need to reformat.

    This story seems to be drawn from a very personal place and if it is just something for you, your wife, and family and friends to enjoy…then I would recommend simply cleaning up the format and tweak the cover. It needs fine-tuning.

    I do think you’re off to a great start, there is a good story deep in those pages…needs some more to get it to really shine. Keep me posted on your progress!

  10. Hi Romana Holliday!!! You have a great author name.

    Let’s talk about your books. From a marketing standpoint you have a leg-up on most authors because you have more than one book to market to a potential reader. So you can really stretch your marketing dollars. If a reader likes one book, they’ll come back for more.

    I can see you’re frustrated, so I’ll be happy to help. Get your pen and paper out…I have quite a few things for you to work on.

    1. Pricing. Your type of book is priced to high. I see that you have set a high royalty, and they are also hard covers. Sell paperback versions of your books, (in addition to the hard covers) and you can drop your pricing drastically. It will make it more affordable for potential readers to purchase and you will be in a position to sell more books and make some money.

    2. Provide an ebook version of ALL of your books. Not all of your books have an ebook option. Keep the price low and preferably FREE. You have one ebook priced at $25…that is too high. ebooks sell best under $10 and even better $5 and under. I would recommend giving your ebooks away for FREE to help drive some interest. You can always log back into your account and change the pricing on your ebook anytime you like.

    3. Reformat your books. I looked at three different books. In each, the formatting is not consistent. There are chapters that start in the middle of a page and some of your paragraphs are misaligned. I know formatting is tedious and no fun…but it needs to be done.

    4. Your cover designs. One of the great things about having a series of books, is that you can use your cover to help market your other books! Keep them somewhat uniform in style on the front, so they have your own signature on them. You have some covers that look great, but some are mismatched. Something to consider if your books are part of series of any sort. On your back cover, you can cross-promote other books in your series.

    5. Marketing. You didn’t mention what you’re doing to market your book. What have you done so far to market your book? I would recommend making some of the changes above BEFORE investing in marketing. Have you sent out an email campaign to your friends and family to promote your books? What are you doing when you launch a new book? Do you have a website? Again, I would give away your ebooks for free until you have a marketing budget. You need a plan of attack. Get your book in front of as many potential readers as possible. Take your best book and give away to a reading group interested in your book genre and see what kind of feedback you get.

    Ramona, I think you’ve got huge potential. Take some time to fine-tune each book and then move to marketing. You’ll be on your way to books sales before you know it!

  11. Hi Mary Beth!
    Things at Lulu are VERY positive! Publishing can be an overwhelming process and anyone can get frustrated…even me. Believe me, I have my days, as does everyone.

    I’m glad to hear from you and hope that you’ll be stopping back to my blog, it is intended to provide a resource to answer your publishing questions and give you some insight into what is involved in the publishing process.

    How exciting to see your website traffic increase! That is wonderful. You mentioned my search for author stories…yes, I would be interested in hearing your farm-girl stories and what drives your writing.

    You mentioned you’re just getting started on the process, so I’m not sure if you’re just starting to write your book or if you’re just getting started on the publishing process. Either way, let me know what I can do to help! 🙂

  12. Hi Deanne,
    I did not see your book is published, so I could not comment on style or content, but I can provide some insight on marketing this type of book.

    Your website is the perfect vehicle for promoting this book. You shouldn’t have any issues selling it. The book should be listed for sale on your website. You need to do an email marketing campaign to your current list of customers. Contact the other wineries in the valley and offer them discounts on the retail pricing. To keep things simple for yourself when you want to sell your book to local retailers…do this. Create another version of your book in your Lulu account, discount the price and then (this is the important part), select Direct Access as the purchase option. It will not be available for sale to the general public, only to those people you send the direct link purchase the book.

    When you’re doing wine tours, up the prices and include a copy of the book in your winery package. Every person that goes on a tour…should get a copy of the book!

    I know there are plenty of gift shops in your area that would jump at the chance to carry a book of a local author. Contact some of the local winery touring companies…they could include it in their tour packages.

    Start thinking outside the box and you’re bound to find marketing opportunities to promote your book in Sonoma (and Napa).


  13. Rosanne Barnett

    Thanks for your help. You’re right, (or should I say write). The writing was easier than the technical aspects for me. I read on Lulu that if you have a 1 piece cover, you can’t put on an ISBN number. I’m planning to be listed as the publisher, and purchase my own ISBN, so I don’t know what to do. I also don’t know the difference between a 1 piece and a 2 piece cover. The more I read, the more confused I get. Also, in the author field, I put my first name and middle initial as asked, but I’d rather publish using my first initial and middle name. Is there any place I can do that? Thank you.

  14. Sherrie,

    Hello. My name is Terron Cook and I recently began reading the Lulu Blog. I also recently published my first book through Lulu. What an amazing company Lulu is, not only for assisting authors to achieve their dreams, but also for making the process so user-friendly. My book is non-fiction and definitely more on the “in-depth” side of things. I have queried various agencies seeking representation, only to be turned down. I will stop at nothing to grab the attention of the masses, as I feel my very compelling story truly needs to be heard. I invite you to view my storefront at

    I also have my own website, which is I am sure you are a very busy person, however, it would mean so much to me if you would take the time to hear/read my story. I would be more than happy to send you a copy of my work.

    Thank You for your time and attention. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Make it a great day!


    Mr. Terron J. Cook

  15. Ryan Smith

    Hi Sherrie,

    Thank you for starting this blog. After 7 years I am finally almost ready to publish my book with LuLu and have meticulously been going through the details of formatting, cover design, etc. I am not sure about ISBNs. Is there any benefit to buying my own ISBN rather than just using the free ISBN through LuLu? Many thanks!


  16. Hi Akintomide Ifedayo,
    I have taken a look at your book Kongo, the Beginning.

    The cover looks good. The only minor edit I would have made to the back cover was separating the last paragraph from the first, leaving a little space, nothing to worry about, just my personal choice. I would have also listed the title at the top of the back cover, along with your name.

    The inside of the book looks like you had it professionally formatted, it looks great. I did read a little bit of the book and at first glance, it looks like you have a solid product.

    In response to your questions about getting exposure and potentially an agent, first we need to address your ISBN. You have an ISBN, but you have not yet finished the distribution process, so right now it is only selling at Log into your account, order your proof and then once you get your proof copy, you’ll need to approve your book from your Lulu account and then it will be on it’s way.

    Before doing that you may want to consider the size of your book. I think a 6×9 is a much better size for your book genre. Something to consider, I know that would mean you would have to do a reformat. The beauty of publishing with Lulu is that you have the flexibility to offer more than one version of your book.

    You’ve taken a great first step in marketing your book, simply by posting the book title in this blog…I hope that helps to get you some interest in the book. What else have you done to promote the book? The book will not sell simply because it is published, you need to be actively marketing it.

    I see you also have a book of poems, should be cross-promoting that book with “Kongo”. You need to upload a preview of that book so potential readers can get a taste of your work.

    Finding an agent takes time. You’ll need to diligent and organized. Your book has a very target demographic, so you need to be realistic about being picked up by a traditional publisher. I recommend, it is a great resource and you can find an agent by book genre.

    Good luck and keep me posted on your success!

  17. Lulu publishing is accessible by anyone, but there’s a difference between having your book printed/bound, and having it published. As much as I think the subject of your blog will address the many issues involved in turning out a quality product, it most often will come after the fact. My book was available for a month before I discovered the forums and the helpful people that helped me get my book into shape, and it was at least another month after that before I discovered the blogs. In addition to the help files that concentrate on the mechanics of using the wizard, there needs to be help files on properly sizing and formatting your document before uploading to make it as presentable as possible before it goes public and perpetuates the negative perception of “self-publishers”.

  18. Hi Sherrie –

    What a relief to have found this blog! My head is spinning with all the publishing information so I feel like I’ve hit a gold mine where I can learn only what I absolutely need to know.

    From reading some of the questions, it appears that others may have already published their book in order for you to comment on it. Sherrie, are you able to provide feedback on a book that is still ‘in the works’? I have uploaded my book on Lulu, but have not yet published it, or created my website. In addition to the site I create, I will be selling the book on my husband’s financial planning website, listed above.

    So can I get feedback while still in that stage, or do I need to publish first?

    Thanks for being here!

  19. Nikki

    Hi Sherrie

    I am 23, full-time student and currently starting to write my first book. It’s a memoir of my life story. I was sexually abused by my father as a child and have been raped 3 times. I have gone through many hurdles in my life and I have been inspired by the author named Erin Merryn. We shared the same childhood. Her website is

    I guess my question to you is do you have any adivce for me to getting started and do you feel that a memoir will sell?? I just need some guidance on how to get things going here. I have an inner voice deep inside that is yearning to be expressed onto paper. I am determined to make a difference in others life by sharing my story.

    Thank You!


  20. Katherine Baer

    I’d love for you to take a look at my first book, Who’s the Old Broad at the Bar?, on my storefront.
    Does Lulu ever hire editing consultants for Internet work (not being located in Raleigh)?
    I was an English Department Chair for years, a Curriculum Specialist, and now present workshops to English teachers all over the U.S. for The College Board. I was also a journalism teacher, so I understand formatting as well as editing. I would enjoy a chance to edit potential books for other writers.

  21. Found your article very interesting. I am retired and of limited means but enjoy writing children’s books and the research involved in some cases. I have had a lot of success locally having had two book signing sessions, but would like a larger audience however finances preclude this occurring. i also wish that i had used a pseudonym as John Kennedy does have its pitfalls for being individually noticed.

  22. Robert Lynn

    Dear Sherrie,

    I self-published a book on It’s called “The Cartesian State” and it has been stored in the system for months. Yet, I have never been able to find it in a search.

    Also, how do I receive money if the book sells?

    Bob Lynn

  23. Hi Pat Chiappa,
    Yes, I can review books before or after they have been published. I prefer taking a look before it goes to print, not that you cannot always make changes once you have published. It is easy to make those adjustments when you go POD.

    The subject is a good one. I think you’ll want to consider marketing this hard at the end of this year, to bring in the next, as it is a seasonal type of book, that can actually be purchase year after year. Great thinking!

    Here are my recommendations…

    1. The cover. It doesn’t cut it. It needs some work. I’m not sure if it is a book on relationships or finances. Decide what the book is and have the cover reflect that. I would also repeat the title at the top of the back cover and highlight three key words, as it relates to the book…like “finance”, “relationships” and “organization”. That will help set the tone for the book.

    Since you are talking financial, the cover doesn’t speak to a reason that shows the author is a financial expert. Honestly, I would recommend investing $80 in our basic cover design to get the exterior wrapping done right.

    2. Interior. I think inside the book is done very well, as far as the layout. Make sure your table of contents is .5″ from the edge of the book to meet ISBN distribution requirements…it was hard to tell with your layout.

    Where are your chapters? The book is well thought out, but I would reformat to include actual chapters that start all on the right page. It is a little overwhelming with everything blended together.

    I think you’re off to a great start. Be sure to capitalize on your ability to resell this to the same customers every year…get it right with this first edition.

    Let me know if you need help with marketing!

    Good luck!

  24. Robert Lynn…your book IS available!

    I took a look at your book, first it is available, just enter in your book title in the search box and select “books”.

    Every author at Lulu gets a free online storefront to promote their books, you can click on My Storefront in your account to edit the marketing copy if you like. Here is a link to your storefront.

    Let’s talk about the book.

    1. You have not set a royalty on your book…so if you sell it right now…you will not make any money on it. Log into your account, click on My Projects, then click on Un-publish and then re-set your pricing to include a royalty. Your book is worth it.

    2. Where is your book cover? It looks like you’ve put a great deal of time and effort into the content, however you need a book cover to better promote it.

    3. Your formatting. You have some great images inside the book, however you need to be consistent with the layout and keep your diagrams all vertical, some are currently horizontal and I think it disrupts the read.

    3. Distribution. Your margins do not qualify for ISBN distribution. You should be looking at marketing it to your targeted demographic.

    Another thing while you’re reformatting…change the book size to 6″x 9″ so that it is more marketable.

    Robert, you have what a lot of other authors do not have, some great content. Invest in getting this book more marketable from the inside out. You can make the changes yourself or if you need our professional publishing services help, I would recommend our Classic Pack. Not only will it give you the cover design and formatting you need…it includes an Editor’s Analysis.

    Good luck to you!

  25. I currently have five books (The Hamster- Britain Stories) published with Lulu at
    Although I have a faithful following on my web sites, so far only six copies have sold. Having discussed the topic of my books with several people, it seems the consensus is that they would be far more willing to buy my work if they didn’t have to become members of Lulu. They simply feel uncomfortable with it. They just wish to order the book, pay with either paypal or credit card, and be done with it. It seems that your rules are hampering sales. I wonder how many other authors are suffering from this.
    I offer two free downloads of sample books – Niblets vols 1 & 2, and I know that at least two were downloaded. I wonder if it is possible to show how many have been downloaded upon my account.
    Any thoughts?

  26. Katherine Estrada

    Hi Sherrie ~
    I finally finished my book and is in the Editorial Analysis stages so I have not uploaded my work yet. However, I am a little concerned about the royalty revenue, which seems much less than I expected. After all my work in 1 year’s time, it seems that my book would only bring me $1.00 per book sold, based on the LuLu’s calculator. That doesn’t seem right since I have 100% rights to my book. My book is 6×9 hardcover casewrap with 224 pages. I’m I mistaken? or do you have a recommendation on getting the best value in $ for my book?

  27. Trent


    I’m in the pre-publishing stage, and have a few questions to help me along:

    1. Does Lulu also provide fulfillment services? If yes, where can I read more about these services? If no, what do you recommend on how I am to stock and ship inventory, while awaiting orders to come in?

    2. I see I am to secure a ‘license’ prior to publishing. What is this ‘license’ and how do I obtain one?

    3. In addition to designing the jacket cover, can I also design the page layout for my book (within your printing guidelines, of course)?

    4. In addition to selling my book via Lulu, can I also promote and sell my book outside of Lulu? Or, is selling outside of Lulu a violation of Terms?

    Thank you for your time Sherrie, it’s greatly appreciated!

  28. Hi Katherine Estrada,
    What great news to hear you’re in the Editorial Analysis process! It sounds like you’ve put a lot of work into your book, so I can understand your concern on the royalty.

    Let’s break this down for you. First, I want to address your book size. You’ve noted you’re publishing a hard cover, 6×9 and that is great. You should also publish the same book as a paperback, you’ll get better pricing and those will sell more. It’s nice to have the hardcover option, but I recommend doing both. It will be easy for you to publish both versions once the book is in it’s final format.

    Now when you calculate the price of your book, you’ll get the manufacturing price. You can expect to double that for the retail pricing.

    When you’re in the final publishing phase, you’ll be asked to price your book and one aspect of that is your royalty. This is what you will earn when your book is sold via Amazon or another retailer. You can increase your royalty option, I would stay in the $1 range. The retailers need to make their money when they sell your book. They will probably be buying in multiple quantities, so if that is the case…that $1 turns into $5 or $10 because you’re selling more than one. That is the goal, right?

    Now here is the good news you are looking for…you get a free online storefront at and when you sell your book directly from your Lulu storefront YOU are the retailer, so you not only get your $1 royalty, you also get 80% of the retail mark-up. For simplicity sake, let’s say your retail mark-up is $10…you’ll get your royalty AND the $8 (80% of the retail mark-up). My numbers are just for example sake, but you make more money selling directly from your Lulu storefront, so be sure to market your book there.

    You can also purchase your book directly at the manufacturing cost and sell them on your own…you then make the full difference from what you paid and what you’re retailing it for.

    Market your book directly and do your own sales…you’ll make a great profit!

    Good luck and let me know when the book is published, I would love to take a look.


  29. Hi Trent,
    I’ll be happy to answer your questions…

    1. Lulu is print-on-demand, which means we print a book only once the order has been placed for it. We do not have fulfillment services. You are welcome to buy in bulk and do your own fulfillment.

    2. You can select the type of license you want for your book during the publishing process. Enter in license into the search tab and it will give you more details. It is not anything you need to purchase, you just click a button.

    3. You can do your own cover design and interior formatting if you like. Make sure you follow all distribution formatting guidelines to ensure your book qualifies for distribution.

    4. At Lulu, you’re self publishing so you are the publisher…you can promote it any where you like. Just be sure when you’re doing your online marketing you direct people to your Lulu storefront…you make more than selling on Amazon. 🙂

    Good luck!

  30. Curtis Glassberg

    I published a childeren’s guide book about Taekwondo here on Lulu. I used the Lulu template on the Lulu cover corator for my book cover. I would like you to know what you think of the book. The name of the book is called Taekwondo for Kids and Adults.By any chance could you tell all of your friends and your family about my book to help permote the book? I would appreciate it. heres the URL to my store front


  31. Curtis Glassberg

    I enterd the URL wrong to my store front here’s the link to my store front

  32. Six years ago I started writing to alleviate the problem of depression caused by a major heart attack. I have published over 40 books with LULU. Nothing professional, or even close. Just a lot of fun. Whether I sell or not doesn’t enter into my writing, giving me free reign to write or not. I love to write–anything! (My last was a historical romance!)Being shackled by a need to sell would diminish the writing, in my view. LULU gives me that freedom and yet allows me to see every book in print! Thank you!

    Robert Morrison

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