New Forum Platform is Live

Recently, I announced that we would be moving our forums and knowledge base to a new platform. In order to facilitate this transition, we will be making the forums read-only so that we can extract the data from the past 4 months and begin migrating them to our new system. We will be beginning this process soon, and we are currently targeting this Thursday morning, 2/11/10. We are currently planning for this downtime to be for only a few days, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We’re very excited about this new platform and can’t wait to share it with you!
Edit: The new platform is now live!

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  1. Thanks for the update Nick. My name is kip and have been writing poetry in Cafemom , I go by poemcollector. So where does one post now ? and are there any poetry contest going on right now? I would love to reccomend this site to some of my friends I have met at my Cafemom groups . They are a diverse group of talented mothers who write from the heart of experience and commaradity of spirit. Thanks , for reading this Nick and I do hope I hear more from you about this group. Sincerely , Kip

  2. veinglory

    It would have been nice if this notice had been post on the forum.

  3. I thought Lul had gone ‘down the tubes’. I’m pleased to see that it hasn’t.

  4. Nick Popio

    The forums will be back up in a few days. If you are interested in poetry contests, then I would recommend going to Lulu Poetry ( and entering the contest there.

    I posted the same announcement to the forums here:

    We’re really excited about this, and we want look forward to implementing even more features to help our authors.

  5. Marion

    “We’re really excited about this,”

    Bless you, Nick, you’re very easily excited. :)Let’s hope that Lulu isn’t using this ‘exciting’ change to slip some unpleasant surprise on Lulu users, as it so often does when it implements changes. God forbid that Lulu authors find themselves having to pay to use the forums, you know, a bit like the sneaky and rather disgusting base charge that Lulu slipped onto downloads without so much as a by your leave.

  6. Kevin

    So, the forums are back, but just what are they?!! What is this nonsense? Where is the total list now?

  7. Kevin…you never said a truer word. Just what IS this NONSENSE?!

  8. Well, I must be a bit dim, but I cannot work out this new forum. Can anyone tell me how I find recent posts by other people? All I can seem to access is a list of my own redundant posts. It’s ridiculous. I used to enjoy browsing the community forums, I often found answers and helpful tips just from reading the posts of other Lulu users and now I effectively feel cut off! What a stupid MESS. Just in case I’m not making my position clear: I utterly HATE, LOATHE and DESPISE this new community platform. I think it’s been purposely designed to make it difficult for Lulu authors to easily communicate with each other.


    and yes, at this moment in time I am absolutely FIZZING with angry frustration..hence the number of posts.

  9. According to my new forum profile. I’ve only been a member of LULU since 11th Feb 2010, when in fact I’ve been a member for several years. I’ve also apparently made 0 posts, again, untrue. So, I have a profile, can upload an image, but can’t find or access any of the community forums. What the heck is going on. What are subscriptions, do I have to pay to access the community? How do I subscribe, to what do I subscribe? This is such a MESS. I think I’ve been blocked from the forums, because I can access as a guest, but not when I sign in. It it because I write gay literature, is Lulu operating a homophobic policy?

  10. I’m going to keep posting here until I get some kind of answer from someone at this ghastly coropration. I have spent hours trying to find a way to work out how to use the new community platforms. Just when I think I’ve cracked it, all I get is this message:

    “The user has been deleted or you do not have the rights to view this user.”

    Again, I have to say it looks like I’ve been blocked for some reason.

  11. Nick Popio

    You are not being blocked, we’re looking into the issue. Can you tell me what country you’re located in as that may help us figure out the cause?

  12. veinglory

    I keep getting “The Helpstream server has encountered an error.
    java.lang.RuntimeException: The support portal is busy processing other requests. Please try again later. [1303]”

    Any chance of having a return to a standard forum format?

  13. Hi Nick,

    I’m in the UK and I hope you can get this problem solved soon because my blood pressure is hovering in the danger zone. I do not like this new forum format (just in case you’re in any doubt about that)

  14. Tracey Morait

    I’m in the UK as well; I can access the community page as a guest user (where Nick’s announcement is and where people have replied) but I can’t access it when logged in. I copied and pasted the link when I logged in and got this:

    ‘The discussion has been deleted or you do not have the rights to view the discussion details.

    If this is a broken link, or you think you should have view access, please report this error to a Content Administrator.
    Report missing or hidden content’

    I have reported it, because all I can see are the old threads I’ve posted and their replies, nothing else.

  15. Nick Popio

    veinglory & Fabian,
    Thank you so much for letting us know about these issues. We’re working on resolving both of them as quickly as possible.

  16. Oh my god, Lulu is opening the Collars and Coats Gala Ball this year!! Can’t wait to get my tickets.

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