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I don’t know about you, but my favorite price is always free. Love and ideas are some of the greatest things in life, and both are completely free. They are also the main components in creating a book. When you love what you’re writing and you come up with interesting and intriguing new ideas, you write great books. At Lulu, our goal is to empower you to do what you love and help you publish a great book.

To help you finish your next book we’re making it easier than ever by providing you with a free copy! If you publish something new between 2/16 and 3/16, we’ll send you a FREE proof copy.

Now, I know you may be thinking – “But Nick, I already published my book and I can’t write a new one in the next month!” Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some ideas we’ve come up with and I’m sure you can come up with a few of your own.

* Create a hardcover version of your book – If you haven’t done so already, it’s never too late to turn your paperback book into a hardcover. The process is simple, and if we don’t already offer a hardcover size of your paperback, you can always reformat it for the new version.

* Make a special version of your book. For example, you could add photos or illustrations to the book that help highlight the chapters.

* Challenge yourself. Who says you can’t finish your book by 3/16? Heck, who says you can’t write an entirely new book by then? Challenge yourself and your reward is a free copy of your brand new book. You can do it!

* Collaborate with a friend on a book. You can either write something new together or work on finishing up a book one of you has already started. Either way you get to create something together!

Whatever you decide, we want to help. So get started!

Terms and Conditions
Promotion runs from 2/16 – 3/16. Creators are eligible for a free proof copy of a newly published work at up to a value of $25. Photo books and calendars are not eligible for this offer. Shipping is not included in the offer. Creator will receive a coupon code by email once the new work is published.

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  1. […]HERE’S…… NICK!!

    [Loud Audience Applause as Nick walks out on stage][…]

    POD, Self-Publishing & Independent Publishing

  2. Lyndon

    How long should it take for the email to arrive?

  3. Freedom of expression is right and one should also pay for this bread and butter.I think that if we create products just for the fun of it and not beacuse we want to make a living the product will likely be sub standard a product for fun.And any comapny that pays peanut will one day have only monkeys working for it.Any way thats not what your version of freedom of expression but the ability to free writers and artistes fron the shackles of traditional publishing houses that have over the years kiled many talent. If i am right in this assertaion, i think i diont just like the concept but love it.
    carry on you rock

  4. Josh Murphy

    Hello, so bedsides the postage and package, the whole thing is free? will i not have to pay a penny more than the PAP?

  5. Nick Popio

    You should receive it once you’re done with the publishing process.

    That should be correct, yes. You get one book for free.

  6. BJRoth

    This is a really great offer and perfect timing, too, since I’m publishing a book March 1.

    I plan on publishing it as a paperback but I’d really like my free copy to be hardback. Would it be possible to do that – convert it to hardback AFTER I publish it as a paperback first or would the free copy have to be paperback?

    Also, is this a one-time offer? If I were to publish two books, would I get a free copy of both, or does this just apply to the first book I publish during the specified time period?


  7. Nick Popio

    Yes, you should be able to get a free copy of your hardcover version. If you publish more than one book, then I believe you’ll get more than one coupon.

  8. Curtis Simonson

    How do I get my coupon code for each book I publish by the deadline so I can use that code at the purchase screen

  9. BJRoth

    Wow, that’s great! Thanks Nick.

  10. Vadim Davydov


    I just publish the book but when I add it to the shopping cart I see it is not free! What shall I do to get the free copy?

    Thanks in advance!

  11. Priscilla Perez

    I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. PERFECT timing, since I am just about done with a revision of an OOP book I wrote in 1987, and I want it out by Passover — have even been advertising it on my storefront already! I’ll be uploading my files in a week or so, God willing πŸ™‚

  13. Lyndon

    Hey Nick,
    I actually published 2 books yesterday and haven’t received an email for either of them yet. I checked junk mail as well and no luck. They don’t have to be made public or anything do they?

  14. Zachary Gentry

    This sounds great, I’ve been meaning to get back to work. Problem is, I don’t really have anything new I want to publish, but I’d like to get a new copy of one of my books for personal use. I don’t really want to go hardback, is there any way I can revise or delete then re-publish my book and still receive the coupon?

  15. Nick Popio

    Can you tell me the Content IDs for both books? I will look into why you didn’t receive an email.

  16. Lyndon

    Thanks a bunch for looking in to it, much appreciated!
    The ID’s are: 8361375 and 8361029


  17. Hello Nick!

    I couldn’t see it specified if this is US-only or also an offer for your UK users?

    Best Wishes,


  18. Mike

    If i make a hardcover version of my book, will they automaticlly send me a free copy or do i have to order it with something

  19. Hi Nick,

    I have the same problem as Lyndon. My ID is

    Thanks a lot in advance!


  20. knychelle p

    i just published my first book a minute ago. but i forgot to look at this offer. how do i still recieve a free copy of my book?… if i even can.

  21. Nick Popio

    UK users should qualify.

    After you have completed the publishing process you should receive an email with a coupon for your free book.

    I will try to follow up for you as well.

    You should receive an email with the coupon code.

  22. A wonderful offer. How soon after publishing do people get the e-mail?

  23. Luke Smith

    How do we qualify for the offer and how do we get the offer?

  24. hope you don’t mind I put a link to your site on my gateway page (above)hugs Linda

  25. This offer sounds amazing! One question: when you say EXCEPT photobooks, is this just books with only pictures? I plan on publishing my poetry book by March 4 and it contains some photos, does the offer apply to my book as well?

    Thanks Nick!

  26. Does this include books being revised with a new name and getting the lulu isbn? Let me know, we’ve several books we’d like to use this for.

  27. Hello Nick,

    do you have any news for us? I did not receive any coupon since our last “conversation”. πŸ™‚


  28. C.M. Quinn

    I’m confused, it’s been 24 hrs for me and I still haven’t received the email. At first I wasn’t sure if the book had to be made “available to the public” or just “published” so I tried both and still nothing. What’s going on?

  29. Zachary’s question above is related to mine: “I don’t really want to go hardback, is there any way I can revise or delete then re-publish my book and still receive the coupon?”
    Is the proof copy the only FREE part of this offer? Apparently the REVISION part is NOT free. Am I correct?

  30. Danette

    Hi Nick,
    I just published a book and haven’t received a coupon code via email. What do I do?

  31. Mike

    I found my coupon but I tried to use it and i got this message “Your cart does not contain the product associated with this coupon.”

    Why does it keep giving me this message?

  32. Carl Schoner

    I revised a copy of my book yesterday (2-18-2010) and was unaware of this program until just now. But looking in my mailbox, I don’t see any coupons. Do I need to request one?


  33. Carl Schoner

    By the way, my content ID is 7901524



  34. Nick Popio

    It shouldn’t take long. If you haven’t received one be sure to check your spam filter.

    Publish a paperback or hardcover book before 3/16 and you should qualify (check the T&Cs of course) and after you finish publishing you should be sent an email with the code.

    Not at all!

    It means the product photobook, so anything made with the photobook wizard. If you make a book of all photos using the standard wizard then you still qualify.

    We are working on that.

    We are looking into it for you. I hope to have an answer for you today. I will email you and Lyndon directly.

    The book is the only free part of this, correct.

    What is the content id of your book? I will take a look.

  35. Nick Popio

    C.M. and Danette,
    What is the content id for your book.

    Please check your spam filter, and in the meantime I will look into that for you.

  36. Mike

    8235302 or 8363513

  37. C.M. Quinn

    Thanks for getting back to me. The content ID is 6747546

  38. Melanie Marie Shiff

    How fabulous.
    Made my day as I got my Collector Series Book right up.
    A deal I could not pass on this time around.
    Can’t wait to get my Free Edition of this Book I created.
    Thank you Lulu.

  39. I have just published a new book and I didn’t receive a coupon in my email. Maybe it’s because I am based in Italy?

  40. Sarah Ince

    I have not yet received my coupon. It did not arrive immediately, and now a few hours have passed. I’m wondering when it will arrive. I have checked the spam box, and it is not in there either.

  41. Sarah Ince

    By the way, the content I.D. is 8367605

  42. Danette

    Hi Nick,

    My content ID is 8360798.


  43. Hi Nick,

    I am looking forwartd to get some news from you on Monday 22 Feb. Until now I did not receive any e-mails from Lulu.

    Thanks in advance,

  44. Neil Campbell

    Hi Nick, Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to get a proof for free. Unfortunately, when I attempt to put my purchase through, Lulu won’t accept the coupon code supplied with the email confirming publishing. I have tried over and over without result. Any ideas? Many thanks, Neil

  45. Anusha Rajwani

    I recently did a test publishing just to see how it works and the code came write when it was published to my inbox.

    I have a goal to finish my book by March 13

  46. Melanie M S Ridner

    There must be a problem with the site as I had to redo my book over and over yesterday and still no coupon for my hardback book and everything is there now right.
    Book ID # 8378754
    I emailed support of course because I did not want to miss out on this spectacular offer.
    It is really a great deal .
    Thank you

  47. hi nick, nick here lol! yea i took advantage of your cool offer by publishing my new book but me being me i did some of it in the wrong order lol. i ordered a proof copy of my book as usual and then saw your offer! and i entered the promo code but the system wouldnt take it?? anyhow i sent a msg on the help bit to see if they can sort it. so my order would be 1 book and a free one. so id want both. i must say lulu is the besty site on the web for this much better than iuniverse! nick.

  48. Jack

    Hi Nick,
    I’m having the same problem as all the rest: no coupons in my email.
    IDs are 8384353 and 8380663

  49. Carter

    I also haven’t received any coupons for the free book. I’ve checked my spam filter and it’s not there either.

    My content ID 8378886

  50. Apparently more than just a few authors are having problems getting their β€œso called” free proof copy.

    I too received an email with the β€œMAGIC CODE”, not once but twice (as I deleted the first book because when I tried to use my coupon I kept seeing this message β€œYour cart does not contain the product associated with this coupon.”)!!!!!!!!

  51. Hi ,

    Just wondering , will I get a proper full size hardback/paperback book , so I can see what the other customers will see and also be able to check each page before the final copy is complete?

  52. Mark Turner

    I already have a copy of my book as a hard cover could I convert it to a paperback with the same offer? I think that I also need to invest in some editing and layout as the layout is a bit erratic to say the least. Thanks for all the help so far though.

  53. Neil Campbell

    Hi Nick, Further to my query, my Product ID is: 8382457

  54. Sidney

    What if I am publishing a book that costs more than $25? Do I simply get a coupon for $25 off the price? Or must the total cost of the book not exceed $25?

    Also, am I entitled to one free copy of any books I publish between now and 3/16? Or is it just one free copy of ONE book?

    Thank you!

  55. How long does it take to receive that there e-mail for the free book? Do I have to contact support or are you awesome folks at going just send me a code to get a free copy of my book? That was actually why I created my last book, because I thought I would actually get one for free. Thanks for all that you do!!! Awesome website!!! Robbi

  56. l c bridgewater

    Just made a book – after a long final 3 hrs, looked forward to receiving it in hand, got to ordering/delivery and there was a big price lurking. have no email in inbox or junk folder – how long may it take? leanne

  57. Ruth

    Yes, how does one receive a coupon for a free book. Mine has not arrived either.

  58. Lost Treasure

    I discovered that neither editing the cover nor interior content was sufficient to give me a coupon; instead I had to re-create the book from scratch in order to get a proof of the new edition. Perhaps you ought to alert your readers that they actually have to publish a new work, not simply edit an old one. Or so it would seem, at least.

  59. Hi Nick!

    I need a coupon for my recently published book at Content ID: 8315525.


  60. Melanie M S Ridner

    Hello all.
    I did not recreate a old book but made a Brand New Book and all this is still not working correctly at all.
    My fear is that we will all loose out on this wonderful promotion if Lulu doesn’t check into it and remedy it all.
    The wizard is also keeping me from making my book the size I want as well.
    I do believe there is a glitch going on.
    So everyone yell “HELP”.

  61. Enola

    Hi Nick,

    I accepted your challenge..finished up and published 4 books that had been “near finished” for a long time. Your offer was just the kick in the butt I needed to finish them up. I received the coupons as promised.
    However, when I tried to order a 3 copies of each including the complimentary copy, there is only room for one coupon. If I order each of the books separately to take advantage of the coupon, the additional shipping costs are more than the coupon. See [ ref:00D56zQ6.50058ARgK:ref ] Case 00383425. Am I in a “too bad, so sad” situation or is there a work around available.

  62. Carole Robbins

    Is there anyone out there who has received this promised free copy? Yes, I too finally finished my revision last night (Feb 22) spurred on by this offer of a free proof copy. Just after I completed the revision, I got the ‘you have successfully published, now buy a proof copy’ page. But I have not received an email from Lulu with the promised free book code. My project ID is 7885650. If there is something else that I need to do to get this free copy (register somewhere?), please let me know.

  63. Melanie M S Ridner

    I am so out of my wits by now.
    I have Fully Republished “Faries Towne ” Parent Reading Edition For Children again the full course and still no coupon for this newly Published book which did not let me put it in 8.5 x 10.
    This is so aggrevating to me .
    I hope this all gets fixed soon so we know if we all get our coupons and copies.

  64. fred

    thanks, Nick! you are the best.

  65. Melanie M S Ridner

    The book # New is #8393584 and it was sent in an email it is now Published and is not at the site yet and no coupon.
    Oh my what a mess.
    Hopefully it will get worked out soon.
    A Great offer to miss on for sure.

  66. Sara Pope

    I revised my paperback to hardcover, but I got no email with the code. How long must I wait to get it?

  67. Nick Popio

    Mike, Andrea, Sarah, Danette, Vadim, Jack, Carter, Neil, James, and Carole,
    There appears to be an issue with the system where if you have an ISBN associated with your book, then it isn’t giving you the code. There are two workarounds. You can either publish the book without the ISBN and get the free book that way, or you can order a copy of the book and email me at with the order number. I will then refund you for the cost of the book. I apologize for the inconvenience.

    C.M., It looks like your book has been retired. That might be the issue, but I’m not sure.

    Melanie, I’m glad it made your day!

    Anusha, I’m glad it worked for you!

    Melanie, It looks like your book has been deleted. That might be the issue, but I’m not sure.

    Nick and Paul, What is the content id for your book?

    Alexander, yes it will be the same quality as what your customers receive.

    Mark, yes, you can convert it to a paperback and have it be eligible.

    Sid, it should take $25 off the cost, and is valid for each new book.

    Robbi, You should receive the email with the code in it pretty quickly. If you have not, then please let me know what the content id for the book is.

    l c, what is the content id for your book?

    Ruth, you should receive an email. What is the content id for your book?

    Lost Treasure, Thank you, I will clarify that.

    Enola, First of all, congratulations! I will see if there’s anything we can do about that issue for you.

    Fred, You’re welcome!

    Sara, what is your content id?

  68. Carole Robbins

    Nick —

    The book I revised is an edition without the ISBN (id# 7885650). I do have a book with an ISBN, but that is id# 1053216.

    Thanks for looking into this for us.

  69. I would like to receive my coupon please…. I don’t like being misled… Grrrrrrrrr!

    Thank you, Robbi

    My Content ID is: 8383265

  70. Sorry for a dumb question. Does creating a hardcover version of my book mean that the original softcover will still be available? And does it mean getting a new ISBN?

  71. A.J.

    I haven’t gotten an email either.
    Content ID 8398893
    pls help cos this is an awesome deal.

  72. Melanie M S Ridner

    My book has not been deleted now and yes I would like my copy and we should not have to give our copy up as we all need our ISBN to our books on it as well.
    Why can they not just send us our coupons through the email as many like me cannot afford to purchase them and then wait for a refund?This is very misleading and the offer should be honared with an ISBN.
    Please let us all know something as this is not right .
    It is so unfair .I have put another up and done all the footwork . Please try to get us our coupons as the glitch is totally wrong and not our fault.
    #8393584 is my Id to the New book.

  73. Melanie M S Ridner

    Hello again,
    I got both books redone with two titles and got them ordered and my coupons finally. But after my pruchase I went back and tried to put ISBN’s to my books and #8400205 would not let me keep the book as 8.25×10.75 after I added the ISBN and went haywire and tried to make it also a 6×9 copy and I am now stuck in Revisison till support can hopefully help me.
    Yes you can not add ISBN’s to everything here at Lulu.

  74. Adam Harmon

    It still wants me to pay $14 at the checkout? What else do I need to do?

  75. Yona Quinn

    I have received the code to receive my free proof copy. When I entered the code, I received a message stating:
    “Your cart does not contain the product associated with this coupon.” I noticed that there were 2 revisions on this book. I remember clicking the “Create New Revision” button while editing my project. Can you please help. Thanks so much!

  76. adena

    Nick, I have recently published 2 books just because of this great offer and I have not recieved an email about a free copy. What steps should I take to resolve this?

  77. where is my promotional code? As of date I have not received my email with it. I see others have not either. I am concerned this is a publicity scam to get people to publish their book and will never receive their free book.
    My book ID:8383729 Title: Riding with amanda
    Please send my promotional code asap, I’ve been waiting a long time. I sure would hate to have to file a report with BBB. thx Robin

  78. Thanks Nick and everyone for the informative statements. Mae

  79. Lost Treasure

    QUESTION: If we get our free book code on March 16th, and the coupon lasts for 14 days, does that mean that we can use it until March 30th?

  80. I was just curious as to how long it takes to process the code so I can receive the free book. I’ve applied for the ISBN for my book and just published it over the weekend and would like to sign up for the extended marketing package – which means purchasing a book – and use the code to do so. Obviously the sooner this happens the better – so can you tell me when I’ll see the code.

    Thank you

  81. Melanie M S Ridner

    Horayyyy, LULU straightened the glitch out for me and both are up and running and I am finally thrilled and worn out.
    Thanks LUlU and I got my ISBN’s as well to both.
    Melanie Marie Shifflett Ridner
    A Patsy Cousin
    Thank you Lulu.

  82. I published a book on 2/15 but then revised it completely (cover, interior & title changed). ID number is 8341243. I didn’t get any email coupon — do I need to order and pay for a copy of the revised book first, then get a refund with the coupon? Thanks!

  83. Claudia

    I didn’t get a coupon code ither.

    My content ID number is: 8404595

  84. Nick Popio

    Everyone should be receiving an email with a code today. We’ve also fixed the issue that was preventing books with ISBNs from receiving the code. If you do not receive the email, or if you have already ordered a copy and need it refunded, let me know.

  85. Christopher

    Nick, I also have not received any coupons. However, I wonder if there was a complication, as I ordered and paid for proof copies before I knew about the promotion. The project numbers are:

    Thank you for your time and attention.

  86. Elizabeth

    Hi there, I just published a second version of my book and have not received a coupon.

    My project is: 8339101

    thank you!


  87. OK well that is a challenge… to finish Half-Light: Battle for Earth by March 16th… it’s a challenge! I’m up for that! πŸ˜€

  88. Hello Nick,

    I just finished my very first,
    and very small book of poems
    called ‘Untitleds’ … I’m stoked
    about the whole ‘FREE’ book thing,
    but when I entered my coupon code,
    etc when I was @ checkout, it was
    still asking for credit card info
    or your PapPal account? Why? Am
    I doing something wrong after this step?
    … because it says my total is: $3.99?

    Help me please? … πŸ™‚

    – FaheemJ.(The Poet)

  89. Hi Nick

    Published “The Thigh is the Limit” no.8383104
    Yet have received no email for free book.


  90. Carole Robbins

    Hi Nick!

    Still no little free book code in my email box today (Feb 26). Is my book the only one that is jinxed? This is not the book with the ISBN, but maybe there is an issue if the book is only Direct Access. Anyway, I’m going to try revising again and see if that will jog the Lulu system into emailing me my free book code.

    Thanks for your efforts,

  91. Nick Popio

    I apologize for the inconvenience. Would you be willing to order a copy and have me refund it for you? You can email me the order number at if that works for you. If that doesn’t work, email me and we can try to figure something out.

  92. Nick Popio

    Can you tell me the order number(s)?

    Elizabeth and John Charles,
    Would you be willing to order a copy and have me refund it for you?

    I’m glad to hear it!

    The $3.99 is for shipping. You will need to pay for that using a credit card or paypal.

  93. O geez… Well, I don’t have either
    a PAYPAL or CC — Is their a way
    to cancel my order. If I had either
    a PAYPAL or CC — I would def. have
    ordered it… So, is there a way
    to cancel this order?

  94. Nick Popio

    If you didn’t pay for the order (the shipping cost) then the order was never placed, so it does not need to be canceled.

  95. Thanks Nick… Wish I could have
    ordered it! Well, maybe if I get
    a PAYPAL or CC sooner or later!

  96. Christopher


    The order number is 3985226.


  97. Sarah Ince

    Hi Nick,
    I sent the message below on the 25th Feb, but have not heard from you, so am pasting it here for you:-
    Thank you for your message regarding the free proof book. How does it work for publishing 4 books that have all been given different “free codes” – to send off for them at the same time?

    Thank you


  98. Hi Nick, great idea. I have a new book I have been working on which I want to publish on Lulu, and I would love to get a free copy, but I live in Australia. I see below that UK publishers are included, does that mean all international publishers can get a free copy too?

  99. Betsy

    Do you pay for one book and then I pay for all the rest, is that how this works? Do I let you do one book and then I have to sign a contact to do the rest????????

  100. Hello:
    I’ve just released my novel with the ISBN, but i haven’t released the hardback version yet. My local library wants a copy of my novel, so i was thinking about getting them a hardback version. Would i still be entitled to a free hardback even if my novel is already on my store front page???

  101. Nick,

    I have just finished the third rewrite of a book entitled “Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death” with a subtitle of “One Woman’s Heroic Battle with Ovarian Cancer” which is the story of my wife’s 20 month battle with ovarian cancer. It is not only a personal history but it records our experience with and exploration of numerous alternative cancer treatments. One of them was producing results at the end but it was too late and the cancer had a head start and my wife died on October 12, 2009. It aslo is stronly Christian as a subtheme. I have been working on the book ever since. It is 260 pages with 30 pages of Appendices.

    I am initerested in finding a major publisher for this book. If I were to submit this to you for a free copy, does it preclude me from going with a more well-known publisher if I find one? If I ask you to assign a ISBN number, is that a number that stays with it even with another publisher? What if any conditions are attached to this free offer? If I want to market it to a large audience do I have to do that through LULU? Appreciate your response.

  102. Cheyenne Preston

    Wow, about time us authors get a free copy. πŸ˜€

  103. Hi Nick
    How do we submit new content for the free proof copy book offer?

  104. Nick Popio

    I have taken care of your order.

    Unfortunately, only one coupon can be used at a time. So in order to redeem four coupons you would need to check out four times. I apologize for the inconvenience.

  105. Christopher

    Thanks, Nick. But what exactly does that mean? I haven’t seen anything in my email and I’d like to order new proofs with the coupons from the old proofs.

  106. Nick Popio

    I refunded the order for the cost of the books since you did not receive the coupons.

  107. Nick Popio

    I believe so.

    You don’t have to purchase any books. We handle distribution for you. The free book can be used as a proof copy and/or a copy for your personal use. As for contracts, we have a membership agreement, but that is non-exclusive.

    If you publish the hardcover before 3/16, then yes.

    As I mentioned above, our agreement is non-exclusive, which means that you can always take it to a more traditional publisher if you so choose. You would not be able to use a Lulu assigned ISBN with them though. The only conditions are that you have to pay for shipping.

    By uploading a book using our publishing process.

  108. Carole Robbins

    Turned my paper back into a hardback and got my free proof book code by email in a matter of minutes. Thank you, Nick and Lulu!

  109. Christopher


    I really hate to be a bother, but what should be the turnaround time before I see the refund? Both Lulu and PayPal are still showing the charge for the order.


  110. Nick Popio

    You’re welcome! I’m glad everything went smoothly for you!

    Unfortunately because there is still a charge for shipping the Lulu order won’t show as refunded. I’m not sure how long it takes the refund to show up in paypal.

  111. Christopher

    It came through, Nick! Thanks!

  112. Doug Scott

    I’m writing a children’s book with my granddaughter. We want to have pictures, but you said no pictures. Does this include artwork? Doug

  113. Nick Popio

    I’m glad to hear it!

    Pictures inside the book are fine, it just can’t be the product type “Photo Book”. If you click on the Publish tab you will see that as one of the options on the left hand side. Those are not eligible.

  114. Sarah Mooney

    Hey Nick,

    this is a great offer, but sadly I have school and in Year 12 so my time is pretty full. I write when ever i can, and I am hoping to have it fulled edited by october the 1st, do you think that this offer will come back again this year?


  115. Sarah Mooney

    Oh, and I haven’t been able to set up a paypal account yet, as i am not of age, but i turn 18 in 23 days! πŸ™‚ (26th of march) so ill be able to get one then, but that doesnt solve my problem…

  116. Yi Bing

    erm…is there any limitations? Example: which country you live in.

  117. Sarah Mooney

    hey Nick,

    I am from Australia, does the offer count for me too?


  118. Amy

    I teach 25 4th graders. Would it be possible to somehow use this free offer for each of them to publish a short narrative with illustrations? I have 5 computers in my classroom and could rotate the children through them. Just think, 25 new customers!

  119. Can I get the free proof on an 8.5 x 8.5 square book?

  120. I would like to upload an 8.5 x 8.5 size page in Word. Since I have read that files must remain set on portrait, where should I position the page to make it lulu pagination friendly? This is my first lulu book and I’m trying to make the March 16 deadline!


  121. Carl Schoner

    Hi Nick,

    Well, I still haven’t received the coupon for the revision of my project ID 7901524. I have checked my email many times. Is it possible you can check my revision and send me a coupon code if it qualifies? I don’t want to run out of time!



  122. Sarah Mooney

    Hey Nick,
    Does this offer also include Australia?

  123. Nick Popio

    Yes, you should be able to get a free proof with an 8.5×8.5. As long as you center the file and take into account the margin, then you should be fine. You can always use the 8.5×8.5 template here if you want to make sure everything is set up correctly.

    It may be easiest for you to order a copy and send me the order number. I will then refund the order for the cost of the book. Does that work for you?

  124. Nick Popio

    It should be valid in Australia. I’m sorry you won’t be done in time to be eligible, but I’m hoping that if this is successful, we’ll be able to do similar offers again.

    If they created individual books, then yes, absolutely.

    Your country should not matter. The only terms and conditions are the ones mentioned in the post.

  125. Hi Nick,

    I am new here. About to publish my first book. I like the way you think. The book I am about to publish literally wrote itself in about an hour and it is about that very thing; allowing things to flow.

    Thank you,

  126. Hello Nick,

    I’m finally gonna order
    my first free copy of my
    book w/ the coupon…

    Remember when I said could
    I cancel my order? … Well
    my book is listed as being in
    MY RECENT ORDER and I want to
    order and pay the $3.99, but the
    payment method says PAYPAL and I
    want to change it to CREDIT CARD,
    but I can’t seem to change it?

    Could you help me so that I can
    change the payment method to CREDIT CARD?

  127. … I may need a new FREECOUPON code
    in order to get my ‘first copy’ because
    the old coupon code is listed as in my recent order WAITING ON FUNDS, and I
    can’t seem to change that pending order’s
    payment method from PAYPAL to CREDIT CARD
    because it doesn’t seem to let you modify
    or change your pending order…

  128. Nick Popio

    That’s great! Congratulations!

    What is your order number? I will see what can be done.

  129. I GOT MY FREE BOOK!!!! All I had to do was pay for the shipping. It took a couple days to get the coupon and it is ONLY GOOD FOR 2-DAYS, so don’t mess around once you get it.

  130. Hi there! Im new to this. I write childrens books and am hoping this will be a good break for me, as all the self publishing companys are asking for thousands!!! Im guessing i can create childrens stories on here?
    And is really all free!?! Will it just be the 20% taken from my books??

    Will be really greatful for a reply and some advice πŸ™‚

    Thank you.

  131. Hello Nick,

    I recently saw that
    my ‘order’ from before
    is gone! So does that mean,
    I can use my first coupon code
    to correctly order the book and
    pay shipping using my CREDIT CARD?

  132. Melanie M S Ridner

    Hello all.
    My Free Books “Fairies Towne” “Parent Reading Collector Edition For Children” Book #1 & #2 yesterday in the mail and let me tell you ev3eryone they were awsome. They were perfect and I so Loved them.They were perfect in every way. Thank you,Thank you
    Melanie Marie Shifflett Ridner

  133. Nick Popio

    I had your original order canceled, so you should be able to try again.

    I’m so glad to hear it!

  134. Bill Ward

    Try as I might, I cannot find anyplace where it tells me how to get the free book coupon. Any hints?

  135. Hello Nick, I my order is
    cancelled, but when I try
    to use my coupon code doesn’t
    work anymore. It says it’s usuage
    has been exceeded, – i.e. I’ve used
    it too many times, but in reality,
    as you know, I’ve never used it…

    Is it possible to get another coupon
    code since this one won’t work?

  136. Nick Popio

    The publishing wizard is completely free. You only pay us money if you purchase books or some of our optional services.

    You should be emailed a coupon after you complete the publishing process.

    Would you be willing to order a copy and send me the order number? I can then refund your order for the cost of the book.

  137. Fritz O'Skennick

    Hi there,
    I’d very much like to take the opportunity you’ve presented here…
    I’ve just finished my manuscript as a word document and am pretty much ready to post it…
    I just need to know if you guys will be adding chapter page numbers to the contents page? I only ask as you did when I published via the Primer Pack and also noticed that the word doc manuscript page size conflicted with the formatted manuscript page size…
    Many thanks,

  138. I ordered the book Nick.
    Order # is: 4006142 — so
    in place of the coupon, what
    will I receive again? …

  139. Mae Powers

    Dear Nick,
    I haven’t received a cupon code either, hate to bother you, know you are busy. The order number is 6219109. Also I read a posting here about if you have more than one book to publish you need to check out each time separately, that’s fine. My question is, you can still do this with the ISBN books and is there a limit to the free books we can get as long as we are paying the shipping? Thanks for your help.

  140. Maura M.

    Hi, Nick,

    I published a book and ordered a preview copy yesterday. I didn’t know about this offer at the time. Will I receive a coupon or is there anything I need to do?

    Thank you,


  141. Sarah Mooney

    Im splitting my book into two parts so i should have it done, however if i apply for it on the last day and it has like a week before it runs out can it be used after the 16th?

  142. This has been one of Lulu’s better promotions. I’d love for it to be repeated at some time in the future. Paperbacks are great, but there’s something special about a hardcover. I decided to give the offer a go and re-published one of my personal favorite books. I was a bit staggered by the postage cost, but went ahead. It finally arrived today and it’s beautiful. I love it. It’s sitting proudly on my bookshelf. The post charge was vindicated in this instance because my book came beautifully packaged in quality materials. In fact I’m so delighted by my book that I’m considering re-formatting other titles. Now I’ve seen the product I think it will be worth the extra cost. A great offer that has brought this customer a great deal of pleasure.

  143. Nick Popio

    Typically you will need to add your own page numbers to the manuscript.

    I have refunded your order for the cost of your book in our admin system.

    It looks like the number you gave Can you place an order for the book and send the order number to me? As for your second number, there is no limit as long as it is a new book and you pay the shipping and handling costs.

    I believe I emailed you yesterday about this, please let me know the order number you received and I will refund it for the cost of the book.

    Yes, it can be used after the 16th.

    I’m so glad this has been a positive experience for you! I hope we can repeat the promotion again as well.

  144. Hi Nick

    No Book No comment from YOU
    What’s happening about free books we get for publishing!

  145. Nick Popio

    John Charles,
    I apologize. I responded to you and Elizabeth at the same time earlier in the thread. Would you be willing to order a copy of the book and send me the order number? I will then refund the order for the cost of the book.

  146. Mae Powers

    Hi Nick, you’ve been a big help. Thank you. Here’s the order number again. 6219109. I’ll be putting up other new books too within a few days, they’ll also have Lulu ISBNs on them. Should I just order the books then, singly or all together and send order/product number to you for a refund on the books? You are appreciated. Mae

  147. Nick Popio

    I have emailed you regarding the refund. Hopefully when you publish your new books, the coupons will work for you. If they don’t, please email me and let me know.

  148. Mae Powers

    Thank you Nick. I haven’t gotten an email for the first book I tried, yet. So should I just go ahead and do each book separately and let Lulu refund for each book’s amount through paypal? I know I have to pay for shipping, not a problem. Just let me know. I can send the date I made and ordered them, which will be within the next day or so, before the 16th. Appreciate you and Lulus. Mae

  149. Mae Powers

    PS, sorry Nick, but no email came through to my personal email from you or Lulu’s for the coupon.

  150. Nick Popio

    Mae, yes if you could do each order separately and send me the order numbers I will help you.

  151. Mae Powers

    Let me know where to email the order numbers please, here or another email. Thank you, Nick. Mae

  152. Sarah Mooney

    Thanks a heaps, Just trying to do my own cover now πŸ™‚

  153. Nick Popio

    You can post the order number here.

    I’m glad to help.

  154. Fritz O'Skennick

    Hi Nick,
    I published 2 books today, one coupon worked the other didn’t, should I buy & email you the order number or will you send me another coupon?
    Many thanks,
    Take care,

    PS: Loving this deal… πŸ™‚ Will there be more opportunities like this in the future?

  155. Mona

    People… the code is in the email you get that say you just published your book successfully. Also, you still have to pay shipping so when you check out, your total will not equal “0”.

    My question is this – I published 3 new books this month (1 brandnew book and a hardcover version of each of my two published books). Is there any way to use all 3 coupons at once? I would really prefer to not have to pay shipping 3 different times as it kind of nixes the point of getting a free book. Thus far the shopping cart only allows me to enter one coupon. Thanks for your help, Nick!


  156. Melanie M S Ridner

    I re-did all my Books into hardback books and the downfall was when I ordered them with coupons I got charged $4.99 shipping and handeling per book a piece and that just wasn’t quite right as I had to pay by credit card and all.But these books were so well made I needed them in hard back as well.
    The pits I guess.
    Melanie Marie Shifflett Ridner

  157. Sarah Mooney

    Thanks so much, I have it on order now itching for it to come in the mail πŸ™‚

  158. Mona

    Hi Nick –

    I decided to go ahead and order all of versions of my new books separately but as it turned out only one of the coupon codes worked. So, if possible I’d love to get a working code for #8470606. And I had already ordered copies of #8441809 and #8365822 so if I could either get reimbursed for those or get coupons that will actually work to get free copies of those, I’ll order them again. Thank you so much for your help! Much appreciated! Sorry this has obviously been such an issue!


  159. Nick Popio

    Yes, please send me the order number and I will take care of it for you.

    I’m sorry about that, but I’m glad you were pleased with the quality.

    Can you tell me the order numbers involved? I will try to take care of them for you.

    Hopefully it will get to you soon!

  160. Fritz O'Skennick

    Thanks Nick, much appreciated… πŸ™‚
    The order number is- Order Number: 4058637
    Many thanks,
    Take care,

  161. Mona

    Thanks, Nick! My order number was 3979061 for 2 different softcover versions of the same title. Both published within the past month. I have not ordered a hardcover version yet (which I did create) but I would like to and my coupon code will not work for some reason. That job number is 8470606. Thanks again!!!

  162. Nick Popio

    Fritz and Mona,
    I have refunded the orders.

  163. Dear Nick, I think I definitely need your help.


    Hi dear Support Team,

    I have the following PROBLEM.

    On 6 March 2010 I published the book ID 8458552 and got a coupon for free purchase with the code FREEBOOK6450054. The coupon expires in 14 days e. g. on 20 March. Today is only 17 March, but when I try to enter the coupon I get the error message “no product is assotiated with this coupon”. Could you please help me?!

    Thanks a lot in advance,



    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting Lulu support.

    I understand your query regarding the special offer.

    I am sorry that, the validity for the offer is over by 03-16-2010.

    Please contact us if you have any other queries.

    Thank you,

    Balaji Balaji
    Lulu Enterprises, Inc


    Hi Balaji,

    may be you did not understand me correctly.

    1. I published the book BEFORE the offer expires, e. g. on March 6.

    2. I got the coupon which is GOOD FOR FOURTEEN DAYS, no matter if the offer expires or not.

    I see the situation as following.

    Example 1. A person publishes a book 20 days before the offer expires and get a coupon that is good for 14 days. If the person tries to get the published book for free later than 14 days of coupon validity but still in the time of the offer, she/he has to get new coupon because the old one is “out of order” while the offer still valid.

    Example 2. A person publishes a book 10 days before the offer expires and get a coupon that is good for 14 days. If the person tries to get the published book for free earlier than 14 days of coupon validity, she/he has to get the published book for free, no matter if the offer expires or not, because the coupon is STILL VALID.

    So please do the appropriate actions to let me receive my free book because my coupon is still valid. We have not so much time, the coupon expires in TWO days! πŸ™‚


  164. Nick Popio

    I responded to you in the forums as well. I’m sorry you’re having difficulty with the code. Would you be willing to order a copy and then send me the order number? I will refund the order for the cost of the book.

  165. Fritz O'Skennick

    Thanks Nick, much appreciated…
    Take care,

  166. Nora B.

    Last night I tried to order my free proof copy of my book (6×9 with dustjacket) and the system refused to take my code. Can you help?

    The reference number is 14453178.

  167. Nora B.

    I should have been more clear. My attempt was for the NaNoWriMo 2013 offer of a free First Edition Hardcover with code via email, which I did receive. I’m in Germany, if that matters.

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