Lulu Studio: more new fonts and themes

NewFonts2SmallIt keeps getting better! Yesterday we added two new photo book themes and eight new fonts to the Studio.  These new fonts will definitely enhance your ability to create stunning projects that are unique to your vision and personality.

To see the fonts up close, click the small image to the left.NewThemes2

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  1. Great stuff!

    On question though – when are “mini books” coming to the UK, please?

    Cheers, Mark (Author of “Pig Nonsense” on

  2. Caroline

    Thanks Mark! We are actively pursuing a relationship with a printer in Europe that will allow customers to order mini books. We’ll keep everyone updated and once they’re available we’ll make an announcement.

    I agree – they’re a very cool product and we’re looking forward to being able to offer them, as well as our square photo books, to our non-US creators.

  3. olga

    I can’t make the book because you don’t have the Russian language, I want to write the text in Russian, I have no such opportunity

  4. Good Stuff….
    Photo book as well as fonts are looks cools…

  5. Patricia Della-Piana

    Are these fonts available for both the inside and the cover?

    I also have questions regarding the cover art gallery – and don’t know who to direct my questions to – help???

  6. Caroline

    Yes – the inside of your photo book, cookbook, poetry books, calendars and their covers. Also for the covers in the wizard when you are publishing a print book. Any questions can always be directed to customer service.

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