Lulu now offers ePub conversion services to take your book into the future.  Get your book ready for the iPad, Sony Reader and other electronic devises with our ePub conversion service.  We offer three service packs depending on the number of pages  in your manuscript.

Our ePub service includes the following:

  1. Tagging and linking of the Table of Content (TOC)
  2. Proofing of the illustrations to make sure they’re resized properly
  3. Removal of the original page numbers and page headers (to prevent them from appearing in the middle of the page)
  4. Re-flowing of the text by chapter and re-pagination of the entire book

*Proofing and correction of your manuscript file beyond the beginning of the 1st chapter is NOT included in the service.

ePub conversion takes between 4-6 week.  In some cases, conversion may take longer at which point we will provide you with a time line for your file conversion.

Our service pricing is based on your book page count:

The Small Print: Only books published through Lulu are eligible for the service. There are no refunds on the ePub conversion service. In the case where the complexity of the manuscript file requires work outside the scope of our service, we reserve the right to decline to do the conversion with a minimum charge of $100 an hour.  A quote at a rate of $100 minimum will be provided to the customer if additional work and fees apply.   Creating an ePub version of your book will not guarantee distribution on 3rd party external e-readers.