Ideas & Feedback

Picture 16As many of you are likely aware, last month we introduced a new section in our Community & Support area called Ideas & Feedback. The purpose of this area is simple – we want to hear from you. We want to know what you think would improve the Lulu experience. You can post your ideas and vote on existing ones. We’ll be constantly reviewing ideas and seeing what people suggest. We’re listening.

Two of the recent ideas that have received the most votes are things like improving the visibility of templates and allowing Lulu Creators to give out coupons & gift certificates to buyers. Be sure to check out the ideas that are already posted and share your own ideas with us. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Hi Nick

    The idea of allowing Lulu Creators to give out coupons & gift certificates to buyers has been kicking around for years, yes, years. And that idea has been ignored for years. (And I raised a problem with the publishing wizard in September ’09 – related to ISBNs and pricing for creators who want to enter an ISBN but don’t want a Lulu distribution plan – and I was told it was going to be fixed and am now being told it’s not going to be fixed as it was “not a Lulu policy”. Funny, as I was then told that the solution was to break another Lulu policy.)

    It might help us to know if we are being heard and the ideas are actually going to be acted upon.


  2. Mike Robbins

    Please, yes – what is the problem with this? It is essential to be able to offer discount codes to retailers so that they can place bulk orders online at a trade discount. Such discounts are the norm in the industry, and not being able to offer them easily, effectively shuts authors out of the in-store retail market. As Lulu already offers coupons now and then, it can’t possibly be that difficult.

  3. DavidLane

    Standard industry discounts for retail bulk orders are at 55%. Also, with a back back guarantee to the retailers there is little chance for a bulk sale.

  4. DavidLane

    That post had mis-spelled words. I meant to say without a buy back guarantee to the retail outlets it is difficult to sell in bulk. Discounts to retailers tend to average 55% off the list price. Direct internet sales from the author is a better plan.

  5. DavidLane

    LULU is providing free marketing classes by an internet marketing firm “Author Marketing Experts” which are excellent. Inbound marketing seems to be the thing these days and I am learning a lot. LULU sends emails to its authors regarding the free classes. That is how I learned of them. They are recorded as well so you can listen even if you missed the class. I strongly recommend them.

  6. Patricia Della-Piana

    I received one of those AME ‘lessons’, but since I hadn’t heard about it before-hand from Lulu, I presumed it was spam and I deleted it. So if it is readily available to pick up, where do I go to get a copy?

    In future, if Lulu is going to send me stuff, I’d appreciate a blog or email or SOMETHING letting me know it actually comes from them, so I don’t consider it garbage.

  7. Nick Popio

    Belinda and Julie,
    I will be taking the top ideas and reporting on them to the product managers. They will then be taking them into product planning. I cannot promise that everything will be implemented, but we will be seeing what can be implemented, and we will try to give you updates on what is being worked on from the list.