Help us create new Studio Themes

As Nuno mentioned in his recent post, we like to keep things fresh here at Lulu. And we also like to know what you’re thinking.

We are continually creating new themes for the Studio which includes Photo Books, Cookbooks, Poetry Books and Calendars. We value your opinion and we’d like to know what you want.  I’m not talking about functionality – that’s a whole different discussion!  What I am talking about is backgrounds, colors, layouts—the basic look and feel of things.

So if you have some ideas, bring them on!  We have many new fonts and recently added 2 new themes but we want to do more and we’d like your help. Thanks for sharing.

p.s. new cookbook theme – it’s called Savory  Savory_Cookbook

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  1. Patricia Della-Piana

    I’d like to know why ALL the backgrounds aren’t available for ALL the book sizes? My first book showed all the backgrounds in the gallery, and I couldn’t use them all, but chose the first one I liked. Since then, I only get one or two backgrounds, depending upon the size of the book, and those are ultra modern backgrounds with swirls and shapes. Gone are the choices of green leaves, etc. WHY?

  2. Caroline Okun

    Patricia – not sure what you mean, can you specify where in the studio you were looking at backgrounds? There are different themes and each one has backgrounds specific to that theme which, at this time, are not interchangeable.

  3. What about something patriotic for the books. I ordered a book for my sons time in Iraq and there was nothing patriotic to pick from. Don’t get me wrong I love my book!!!