Talking about the Lulu Community


by PinkMoose

We’ve recently revealed our shiny new forums and support platform for all to see. Now, while we’re actively tweaking them and improving them to be the best based on your feedback, I’d like to highlight a few conversations you might be interested in.

Waiting Room Copies – Has Anyone tried This Yet? – This discussion is focused around a particularly creative approach to marketing your work. EelKat says “On the table along side the usual stacks of magazines was a book. On the Cover of the book was a large round sticker which read: ‘Waiting Room Copy – to Order Your Own Copy Please Go to www—–‘”

Participants Wanted – Julie Dawson is requesting submissions to benefit Doctors Without Borders. Julie states, “As many of you know, each year I sponsor a charity writing contest.  I mentioned in a previous post that I was thinking about giving away an Amazon Kindle for the grand prize this year.  After reviewing everything, I have decided that we will definitely be doing this.”

So… where’s the line? – In this discussion, Elmore Hammes asks, “When do you call it “literature” – is it just when the book doesn’t fit firmly in a genre such as science fiction or romance? Or does it have to elevate to a higher level of writing to be deemed such?”

How do I make something available as a free download? – The title says it all!

So, head on over to the forums and get to know other Lulus!

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  1. kev

    Ok, I recently moaned that I could only view the new forums for a total of a whole day, but now all I see is a blank page. I was asked what browser I am using and I replied that that should have nothing to do with it because I could see the new (note – new)forums, then I could not! So that means it did work with the 2 browers I often use (IE and AOL’s own) but then it did not! It does work with Firefox, but that is not the point. There is no reason it should have been viewable in common browers and then suddenly stopped working with those very very common browsers and only suddenly be seeable in one other! I have no idea if this is now a common problem because I cannot see the forums …

  2. Quote:”So, head on over to the forums and get to know other Lulus!”

    Perhaps if I type ‘Lulu Forums’ into Google it will provide a map and instructions on how to get there and once there how to navigate around them. Sorry, Carol, but the new forums are a dead loss. Lulu should have left well alone.

  3. @ Kev – I’m sorry you’re having such a strange issue. I’ve asked Nick if he can shed some light on the issues you’re having. It’s the first I’ve heard of such problems.

    @Gil – The new forums are much slicker and intuitive. Don’t be afraid to click around. As a tip, from the Support tab ( click on the Language icon of your choice. This will guide you to the main page for your language. There is also a sitemap here that may help you:

    Basically, it’s important to understand that anything new will take some getting used to. The old forums were riddled with bugs and issues that couldn’t be fixed because the software was, in internet terms, prehistoric. The new set up has streamlined support with the forums, allowing for a more intuitive experience. But you’ll have to approach it without any preconceived ideas of where things *should* be, because the old forums were *not* intuitive at all – people just learned their way around by trial and error. It’s a different way of thinking.

  4. Graham B

    Sorry Carol but the forum link doesn’t work for me either. It displays an error box that says “o.find is not a function” and that’s all.

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