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We see success every day in the vibrant community of authors, artists, and creators that has gathered around Lulu.  Creators come together on our Facebook page, Twitter feed and blog to give advice and cheer on each other as they realize their dreams and ambitions.

We’re particularly excited by the strong response to our improved — and expanding — knowledge base. In the past seven weeks, more than 6,000 items have been added in six different languages and thousands of customers have used our tools to check out popular articles, add to the community discussion, and recommend ideas.

Just the other day I saw how author Keith Dixon helped a new author decide what her best print options would be for the project she has in mind.  It’s great to see that kind of support and encouragement from one passionate creator to another.

And we want to reward it.

From now through April 23rd, we will give away daily prizes to knowledge base users with the most posts, highest ranked posts, best questions, and best answers.  Daily winners will receive a coveted Lulu hat (you should see how fast these things go at conferences) and bragging rights.  Once a week, we’ll randomly select a winner for a grand prize ranging from an iPod Nano to a Book Lover’s Bonanza Service Pack (a $1,895 value), one of our newest service offerings.

We truly appreciate the Lulu community and all the ways you help us grow, adapt, and improve.  So join the conversation, or start one of your own.  Check out our knowledge base to share ideas, ask questions, make friends, and learn something new while inspiring creativity in your fellow creators.

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  1. Shirley Holladay

    I learn something new every day from Lulu, but I still have a lot to learn.
    My question: I wanted the pictures to go to the edge of the paper. We made the pictures a half an inch bigger but the books still have a white line top and bottom. How can we send you pictures without white in the bleed lines?

  2. AJ McDonald

    Winners for 3.24 are Belinda D’Alessandro and Elmore Hammes. Congratulations and thanks so much for your contributions!

  3. Brigtte Norris

    I like the ideal about wasys on sharing or createing knowledge

  4. veinglory

    I would sincerely suggest returning to the old forum format–people did not need prizes to answer questions there.

  5. Shirley – that is called “full bleed” – if you go to the main Support page and enter “full bleed” in the search box, several articles will come up that tell you how to get full bleed printing where the image goes all the way to the edges.

    And AJ, thanks – I didn’t know the contest was going on!


  7. AJ McDonald


    It’s easy! You just have to join the conversation in our new knowledge-base. We’re awarding people with the most posts, highest ranked posts, best questions, and best answers. Get to posting! 🙂

  8. Shirley Holladay

    Thanks for the answer Elmore! I’m glad you got a prize for it. I’m new here so I have lots of questions; but few answers. I want to help students at school publish books. I filled out the form; but what do I do next that is different from me publishing? I believe students get their first book free.

  9. AJ McDonald

    The winners for 3.26.10 are Valerie J Long for top posts and BDDesign for best ratings.

    The weekly grand prize winner is Keith Dixon for outstanding answers to numerous posters.

    Thank you all so much for your contributions and congratulations!

  10. AJ McDonald


    I love that you are helping school students publish books. Check out this article about a college professor inspiring his students to write and publish their own books: It is very interesting and his students have called it a “challenging and incredible learning experience.” I have passed on your questions to one of our services staff and they should be in touch with you about your education questions.

  11. Shirley Holladay

    Thanks. The first book is on the scanner now; so I hope that I get information soon. I’ve got a whole list of students that want to be next. I’m having trouble finding what I want on Lulu. I almost gave up finding this contest today. I did bookmark it when I finally found it. Is there anything like a book index on Lulu?

  12. Shirley Holladay

    I got lots of people to come over Saturday at a book signing for my children’s book GAIL THE SNAIL by making little stick puppets to hand out. I copied pages of Gail the Snails, put order information on the back, laminated them, cut them out, and taped a coffee stirrer on each. One child told his mom that he wanted the book to match his snail.

  13. Today’s *Ask. Answer. Win* winners are Tammys_books and Beafrey! Congrats, Lulus! You will be notified by email soon.

  14. Shirley Holladay

    Has there been any research on what kind of books sell best online? What makes the difference? Is it a colorful cover, a catchy name, thick books, hard-cover books, books with a cute picture on the cover, or something else?

  15. The *Ask. Answer. Win* winners for 3/30/2010 are Ron Miller & Larstonovich! Congrats, Lulus! You will be notified by email soon.

  16. musinguzi link

    actually lulu have helped many people its the best web site which is helping those with their knowlegde but can not extract it.
    so lulu is the supreme logos,hilios and archtype of the knowlegde.

  17. Shirley Holladay

    Is there a way that we can see the posts of the winners?

  18. AJ McDonald

    Today’s winner for most posts is Julie Ann Dawson and the winner for best over-all ratings is themillerfamily. Way to go guys!

  19. AJ McDonald


    In regards to your question about maximizing selling potential for online books, check out my article about that very thing here:

    Lulu has one of the world’s largest distribution channels out there, and our authors have books on Amazon, and in brick and mortar stores like Barnes and Noble as well. We’re partnered with weRead which has over 3 million registered readers that you can recommend your work to. Lulu is a great way to get your content in front of that many more people.

    We just got back from the Baltimore Innovation conference which was centered around educational solutions. Check out our new education portal ( for great ideas on how to get your students up and rolling. You could even set up a partnered landing page where all of your school’s/student’s books are listed so they can check out what everybody is doing similar to your book index idea. You could even set up a common account for all of your students to mass contribute to if you wanted to compile all of their work in one anthology. The possibilities are pretty endless.

  20. Miss Dawson, I heart you.

  21. AJ McDonald

    Today’s winner for most posts is veinglory and the best ranked is marley78. Thanks so much guys!

  22. AJ McDonald

    Todays winner for most posts is theresa_moore and for highest ranked post is zoeharcombe. The weekly grand prize winner of One Free Book Fair of Choice (a $150 value) is Belinda D’Alessandro! Way to go everyone!!!!

  23. AJ McDonald

    Today’s winner for most posts is john_jenatcomcastdotnet and for highest ranked posts, esop. Thanks so much guys!

  24. Shirley Holladay

    Sure do wish I could figure out how to win a prize on this site. I’ve tried questions and comments. Wish I had some answers to try.

  25. SoHo Books

    @shirley holladay.

    It’s NOT about answering or commenting HERE on this blog post, nor on That way you’ll never win nothing…
    You have to help, answer, and contribute on the Lulu support forum site, which you can find here:

    This blog post here was just the announcement and the place where the winners will be announced.

    Hope that helps…
    Best of luck.

  26. AJ McDonald

    Thanks SoHo Books!

    Today’s winner for most posts to the knowledge-base is Ken Anderson and for highest ranked posts is basicfantasy. Super job guys. You’ll receive a notification email soon.

  27. AJ McDonald

    Today’s winner for most posts to the knowledge-base is Mad Dog Wilson and for highest ranked posts is store_apitchlyn. Thanks for contributing. You’ll receive an email notification soon.

  28. AJ McDonald

    Today’s winner for most posts to the knowledge-base is GiuseppeFurnari and for highest ranked posts is thegreenweb. Thanks for contributing. You’ll receive an email notification soon.

  29. AJ McDonald

    Today’s winner for most posts to the knowledge-base is holesinthehills and for highest ranked posts is Faith Carroll. Yayyyy!!! You’ll receive an email notification soon.

  30. AJ McDonald

    The Grand Prize Winner of an Apple iPod Nano for April 9th is Valerie J Long! Way to go!

    Be sure to check back next Friday (4.16) for another Grand Prize Winner announcement!

  31. AJ McDonald

    Today’s winner for most posts to the knowledge-base is Jean-Charles and for highest ranked posts is mk4cyben. Thanks so much for contributing.

  32. AJ McDonald

    Today’s winner for most posts to the knowledge-base is tony_hawken and for highest ranked posts is Frances Pawley. Be sure to check in on Friday for another Grand Prize Winner!

  33. AJ McDonald

    Today’s winner for most posts to the knowledge-base is mirco_graetz and for highest ranked posts is ericbt. Nice job!

  34. AJ McDonald

    Winners for April 15th are giuliodonato and Roger Cave. Congratulations!

    Winners for Friday April 16th are the hairymob and cwjk. Thank you all so much!

    You’ll be notified via email soon.

  35. AJ McDonald

    The Grand Prize Winner of a Primer Publishing Pack (a $369 value) is beafrey. Way to go! You’ll be notified of how to claim your prize soon.

  36. AJ McDonald

    Today’s winners knowledge-base contributions are moranatwfudotedu and ianruxton. Much appreciated guys!

  37. AJ McDonald

    Today’s knowledge-base winners are AlexS2008 and Jan Berinstein. Thank you both so much!

  38. AJ McDonald

    Winners for 4.21 are JeaneTrend-Hill and Gary Gaigon.

    Winners for 4.22 are pcdazero and lodiablo2000.

    Tomorrow we’ll announce the final grand prize winner of the Book Lover’s Bonanza (an $1895 value). Don’t miss it!

  39. AJ McDonald

    Alright, here it is, what you’ve all been waiting for. The Final Grand Prize Winner of an $1895 Book Lover’s Bonanza for the “Ask. Answer. Win.” Contest is Elmore Hammes. Way to go Elmore, and thanks to everyone that made this contest and our knowledge-base great!

  40. Alison DeMaio

    Lulu is a great way to create and show creativity and to get your story out there. This would have been virtually impossible just a few years ago.

  41. Just want to thank lulu for every opputunity that they have given to me a a writer. Love how the site is exspanding

  42. Tony Hawken

    I started using the help forums when I had problems uploading my first book. I did contact Lulu support by email but they were unable to help.

    When I found out how to solve the problem myself, and I could not find the required information on the Lulu site, I looked for people experiencing similar problems – embedding fonts within a PDF, and replied to their questions.

  43. AJ McDonald

    Tony Hawken,

    Thanks Tony, your help is much appreciated. Great job! And for anyone else having trouble with correctly embedding fonts, here is a link to some handy directions:

  44. AJ McDonald


    No worries, I honestly had to double check this one myself. Any .zip file is able to store multiple files and compression is optional in a zip archive. If compression is used, it is applied on a per-file basis. So you can literally drag and drop your uncompressed mimetype file into the .zip file you create and it will stay that way. Then compress the rest of your files (right click on the file you want to compress and select “compress” from the menu that appears) and drag those into your .zip file. Hope this helps!

  45. Thanks so much for the Grand Prize – I look forward to seeing how the Book Lover’s Bonanza will expand readership for my book!

  46. AJ M – Sorry in being so late to reply, family caught up in the Icelandic Volcano troubles, so your email 19th April was a very nice surprise upon my return. It has given a spark of added cheer and encouragement to my efforts. If my small contribution in helping fellow writers raise their game to new heights or just show appreciation to the problems they and many of us have to overcome, then that’s a reward in its self.
    Many thanks.

  47. I received a advice from the Lulu support that led to a mis-format issue. At first I was upset because the first 20 books were issued as promotional copies to VIPs. All the VIP’s understood, and then after I returned to complain through the Lulu support site, they made good on all the mis-formated copies. I am pleased to inform everyone that the Lulu help support group resolves issues and answers questions well.
    Sometimes chat support agents fail to resolve problems, but is the exception to this rule.

  48. Its so impressive and great that one author helped another author in creating.My question is can we join in this ? How can I participate in this contest? Can I see the list of winners?

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